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Titanfall Document


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Titanfall Document

  1. 1. Product, Price, Place & Promotion - Titanfall ! The standard product for Titanfall is the actual game on the Xbox One platform. The Xbox One is Microsoft's latest console and Titanfall is the one of the first major games to be released on the Xbox One since the console was released late 2013, it will then be released in April for Microsofts famous but older Xbox 360. Titanfall is only available on Microsoft hardware so it is available on PC along with the two Xbox’s. ! Xbox One - Microsofts flagship product ‘Titanfall’ will aimed at Microsofts flagship console ‘Xbox One’ almost a month before it will be released on the 360 which the majority Xbox fans have. The game along price which is the main product is retailed at £42.99 which is average for all popular games and especially for first person shooters. Exclusive for the Xbox One you also have: •Xbox One Console with Titanfall download : £389.99 - This works out cheaper to buy this bundle than to actually buy the bundle without Titanfall. •Titanfall Collectors Edition : £249.99 - Comes with the game, a huge detailed Titan statue with extras, art book and schematics poster. •Titanfall Season Pass : £20 - Saves you money by purchasing the season pass for a one off payment, as opposed to buying each DLC pack separately. •Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller : £54.99 - Titanfall decorated controller with features to enhance gaming experience. •Xbox One Titanfall Wireless Controller & Titanfall Game : £92.99 - The bundle works out cheaper to buy than if you were going to buy them both separately. ! ! Xbox 360 - Titanfall will be released on Xbox 360 on 11/04/14 instead of being released when it was on the Xbox One. The price is £41.99 which is good for a big Xbox game; it is slightly cheaper than the average retail price of a standard Call Of Duty game which is £44.99. Exclusive for the Xbox 360 you have: • Titanfall Collectors Edition : £249.99 - Comes with the game, a huge detailed Titan statue with extras, art book and schematics poster. • Titanfall Season Pass : £20 - Saves you money by purchasing the season pass for a one off payment, as opposed to buying each DLC pack separately. ! PC - The PC version of Titanfall was released along with the Xbox One version as they wanted to hit the computer gamer market straight away instead of launching it later; computer gamers will generally stay on computers but Xbox gamers will upgrade so this gives them another reason to get the Xbox One. The PC version is retailed at £39.99 and a downloadable version at £37.99; this is exactly like other PC first person shooters such as Call Of Duty. Exclusive for PC you have: • Titanfall R.A.T 3 Mouse : £69.99 - A Titanfall styled gaming mouse with customisation and custom settings. • Titanfall S.T.R.I.K.E 3 UK Keyboard : £109.99 - A Titanfall styled gaming keyboard with customisation and custom key settings.
  2. 2. • Titanfall Season Pass : £19.99 - Saves you money by purchasing the season pass for a one off payment, as opposed to buying each DLC pack separately. ! ! There are many extra Titanfall merchandise which promotes the game: •Xbox Live 12 & 24 month memberships with Titanfall graphics - Reduced price & marketed at playing Titanfall online. •Titanfall Official Prima Game Guide : £12.99 - Standard game strategy guide to help you throughout. •The Art of Titanfall : £24.99 - Book on the artistic design development of Titanfall. •Titanfall Earforce Atlas Gaming Headset for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC : £119.99 - All round gaming headphones that is compatible with any console. •Titanfall branded apparel : T-shirts, beanies, wristbands, bags & hoodies - Lifts the game making it look professional, also walking advertisement. •Titanfall Toy K’Nex Sets - Get collectors and people from a younger age involved. •Titanfall 5 Hour Energy Drinks - Branding fits in with everyday life, some could want a drink and see a Titanfall advertisement. •Solider Dog Tags. ! Download - The download version of Titanfall came out when the Xbox One and PC hardcopy came out. It gives computer gamers an easier way of getting the game as they can have it downloaded straight in front of them. The company ‘Origin’ (which is owned by EA) has teamed up with Respawn to offer there computer gamers another way to get Titanfall. Downloads vary from: • Titanfall Digital Deluxe Game : £59.99 - It includes the game and a season pass, season pass is a upfront payment of all 3 DLC’s. • Titanfall Game : £44.99 - Standard game download, it’s more costly than a hardcopy. ! The pricing for Titanfall is surprisingly cheaper than most first person shooters or block buster games and with rising game development costs you would wonder why they wouldn't be rising the costs. Seeing how there is no 10 hour campaign or anything like that, the development cost is most likely compared to a game like Tomb Raider ($100,000,000); and the fact that customers are charged around £43 for the standard game means they are probably making some good money from the game, even if it doesn't sell like a GTA or COD. Respawn studio head Vince Zampella said “It takes a separate team months to create a campaign, and if virtually no one will finish it, there’s no point. But people spend endless hours in the multiplayer experience, so why not put all the resources there?”. Respawn is trying to bring a new unique style of a first person shooter to the gaming market by offering quality over quantity which is why the price is slightly less but still similar than most games; it’s a risk. ! Respawn will need help launching the game, which is where EA comes in; EA has links of places to sell the game in so they will contact websites, supermarkets and game stores; out of those
  3. 3. they will often pick out flagship stores to really promote the game. Retail shops are still important, and the publishers like it that way. ! Retail is a by-the-numbers business. It’s perfect for established systems to flow smoothly from one SKU to the next. Publishers such as EA, like that retailers represent stability and that they offer a competitive advantage over smaller stores and websites. Titanfall’s flagship store in the UK is ‘Game’; Game offers deals and merchandise that no other store offers which is why it is popular among Brits. America is a much bigger place and it is where the game was made so on the Titanfall official website they offer many places to buy the game in store. ! Retails good but the web is just as good but even better; every retail store will have a website in which you can buy the game on. You can also see all the Titanfall related products there on one page as they may not have that stock in stores. Customers can browse through endless prices of the game game but on different websties as well; these websites will go to directly to Respawn, Microsoft or EA to order in Titanfall. Titanfall’s flagship online store is ‘Amazon’ as it is a huge company and just like ‘Game’ they can dominate the smaller business with sales which is good for Respawn and EA. ! ! ! Promotion is the last main thing Titanfall needs to hit. Respawn will promote Titanfall separately through their website but the main promoters are EA and Microsoft. Brands like EA and Microsoft are already connected to lots of consumers already, e.g. people who own an Xbox or PC; which will end with a large percentage of sales. Also these companies already have account on all the top social media sites so they will be posting alongside Respawn to get the message out as much as possible. ! Social networks are Titanfall’s biggest promotion. They have the ability to show millions of people they key aspects of the game through a click of button. Titanfall has it’s own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & Google account to present Titanfall content such as images, videos & status’s out to they huge network of internet users. So far the Official Titanfall YouTube page has got over 90,000 subscribers and along with their efforts, a lot of the YouTube gaming community has got involved with Titanfall too such as the gaming company “Machinima” which created an Obama parody video. ! !
  4. 4. Titanfall has also taken up a playlist on the “Game” YouTube page which was released 5 months before the game came out which got British people from the game scene involved. YouTube hasn't just been used to post videos of Titanfall; it has been used as a video advertisement too, so someone could be watching any other video on YouTube and would have to watch the Titanfall TV trailer before hand. If Titanfall gets the attention of frequent internet surfers and regular social media users then the ‘word of mouth’ starts to take off in and off the screen which is good for Titanfall as consumers trust the opinions of their friends more than they do advertisement. ! Titanfall’s mass market advertising still matters, even while social media creates and distributes cultural and entertainment hits. Social networks are becoming mass-market machines as opposed to people-power. EA are figuring out how to connect with people in the real world. This is where TV ads, magazine and newspaper adds, game reviews, posters and displays make their key part. EA and Microsoft are hitting consumer connectivity on a massive scale. Titanfall’s huge milestone in promotion will be releasing the game at ‘E3’ which the worlds biggest gaming conference; the audience varies from the biggest heads in the gaming industry to game testers to journalists to customers. After the game has been shown there, popularity will then start to rise with the game. ! Microsoft will give ‘Titanfall’ a big space on the Xbox One & 360 home screen/dashboard which will cross the eyes on hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of game players. They would display a trailer of the game, information, screen shots and most importantly a beta. The beta will give players the ability to play the game early in order for Respawn to see if it words properly and that there is no bugs or glitches within the levels. Word will get around and videos will be made of this experience which will boost the game massively.