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Computer basics #3


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Published in: Technology
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Computer basics #3

  1. 1. For wi-fi connect to "Library-downstairs" and open your browser.Then choose "Continue" and then "Try it for Free" Whats the Internet? Computer Basics Class 3 of 3Bryan Boettcher,
  2. 2. URL is the "address"a URL is the location textit is where we might find "www." or ".com"Did you know?.com is a commercial is primarily for is always government is always an accredited school siteTo know where you should enter the URL in the browser,just look for the "http" or "https"
  3. 3. A pop quiz!1. Can you go to your "desktop"?2. Can you open "Windows Explorer" and view your files and folders? (hint: look for the file folder icon)3. Can you find a folder called "Downloads"?Extra time? Explore your folders and seewhat files you might have :-)
  4. 4. Make your computer easier to use! ● go to the start button ● choose "Control Panel" ● look for "Ease of access" or "accessibility" ● Explore options by clicking ○ to go back, push the back button on the top left of the control panel
  5. 5. What do you want to know about? Google Search? Facebook? Shopping? Banking?Smart phones?