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Computer basics #2


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Computer basics #2

  1. 1. For wi-fi connect to "Library-downstairs" and open your browser.Then choose "Continue" and then "Try it for Free" Files and Programs Computer Basics Class 2 of 3Bryan Boettcher,
  2. 2. Computer Basics in 3 classesPart 1 - Hardware and SoftwarePart 2 - Files and ProgramsPart 3 - The InternetWhat is a computer made to do?The personal computer (or the PC) is forcreating and reading files using differentprograms.
  3. 3. What to remember from class 1?The computer has a brain that can receiveinformation (input) and give information (output)Computers have memories called files that areread by programs.Files can be stored on your computer, theinternet, or on a device that is plugged into yourcomputer like a flash drive or camera.Can you find your USB plug(s)?
  4. 4. Programs installed on your computer● Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome )● E-mail programs (like Outlook ) (note that some e-mail is read in a browser)● Document editors (like Word , or Excel )
  5. 5. File Types: a brief guideAll files must be coded so we can determinewhich program will read them. This code isfound in the 3 or 4 letters or numbers after adot.Examples:.doc is a Word document.jpeg is a picture (so is .gif, .png, .bmp).avi is a video (so is .flv, .mov, .mp4).PDF is a common file (portable document format)
  6. 6. Where are your files?They are organized in a filestructure and can be viewed in"Windows Explorer", also knownas the file system browser.Right click on the start button toopen Windows ExplorerFiles are organized on thecomputer on "drives". Drives canhave folders, and folders infolders. Your "hard drive" is storedon your computer, but a flashdrive or thumb drive can beopened on any computer with aUSB.
  7. 7. Where are my pictures?When you attach a camerato your computer it isrecognized as a "drive" inthe file structure.You can view the files inWindows Explorer and byfinding the folder "DCIM" for"Digital Camera IMages"
  8. 8. Saving and Attaching Files to E-mailIn an e-mail I am writing I should see the optionto "Attach a file":Then this happens... This is the "Open Dialog" window, it is a "mini windows explorer" to help you locate the file you want to attach. Do you know where it is?
  9. 9. Lets download a file!Go to a web browser and go to my website: on the link and a "save dialog" willask you where to Folderssave the file. Makenote of the folderand give it a uniquefile name.Do you notice the File name"file type"
  10. 10. Can you find it?Your final exam for class 2 is to locate the fileyou saved by opening the "Windows Explorer"program.