Music Industry: On The Night Of The Gig


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Music Industry: On The Night Of The Gig

  1. 1. On The Night Gig Preparation
  2. 2. Handy Tips  Do you have wristbands ready?  Pack a nikko/black marker  Have spare paper ready  Have a mailing list up for your business  Have spare tickets read to go  Have your merch area ready  Have a torch/maglight-mini one  Create signs for merch/laminate to avoid spills  Have rider ready and prepped to go out to each band or all at once.
  3. 3.  Photographers  Guest lists  Door sheet  Pens  White out  Blue tac  Gaffa tape  Stage Plots  Sound Engineer  Merchandise  Volunteers
  4. 4. Payment: Bands and Venue  Guard the $ with your life. Nightclubs are dark and even a drunk can smell cold hard cash!  Either get the venue to hold it til the next week or you take it with you. Pro’s venue should be covered with insurance for possible theft. Negatives- who knows what could happen. OR take the cash and drive straight home and hide it somewhere. Story of band who left it in car, left it backstage, put it in wrong guitar case.  Bank it. Earn the interest!  Make sure you document everything. I.e. How much you took from the venue  Pay bands via the net. Get them to send you an invoice.  Never pay bands when they are drunk. Can claim that you never gave it to them. Tell story of band I paid then claimed never paid…lost $ backstage through being knobs.