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SocialBungy Product Deck - Lead Capture Tool & Engagement Platform


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A tool for the savvy peer-to-peer marketer, who looks to the latest technology to capture leads at events, trade shows, or any experiential marketing campaign. SocialBungy is a lead capture tool for the iPad. Used to run contests, sweepstakes, and sign-ups forms at kiosks, event booths, or out in the field. Unlike other similar tools, our product focuses on deep analytics and is built for single users or large teams alike.

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SocialBungy Product Deck - Lead Capture Tool & Engagement Platform

  2. 2. | A TOOL FOR THE SAVVY PEER-TO-PEER MARKETER SocialBungy is a Lead Capture and Engagement Tool for the iPad (or any tablet & PC) used to run contests, sweepstakes, and sign-up forms. Perfect for in-store promotions, kiosks, event booths, or even out in the field. Unlike other similar tools, our product focuses on deep analytics and is built for single users and large teams alike.
  3. 3. | GIVE PEOPLE A REASON TO VISIT YOUR EVENT BOOTH OR KIOSK 44% VISIT BECAUSE OF AN ENHANCED GIVEAWAY OR PROMOTION Source: Marketech, Inc. 32% 13% 11% Visit to view Product Info Visit to view Interactive Content Visit to view a Product Demo
  4. 4. | REGARDLESS OF YOUR LOCATION - WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED EVENT BOOTHS & KIOSKS IN-STORE / RETAIL Convert those booth visitors, guests at the door, or interactions your brand encounters throughout your event with a contest, sign-up form, or any other promotion you can cough up! Your retail space is an opportunity to engage your customers by bridging the gap between your physical and online marketing strategies. Run engaging in-store promotions that convert! TRADE SHOWS EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING Clipboards and raffle boxes are a thing of the past. Give your Trade Show booth an upgrade and stand out of the crowd. Use your tablet device (or computer) to run a promotion to capture leads directly at your booth. Your team has never been this effective! Use an iPad to convert your team’s peer-to-peer interactions into tangible sales leads. Even add staff, track their individual hours, and monitor the number of entries each collects.
  5. 5. | NO DEVELOPER OR DESIGN SKILLS REQUIRED. CUSTOM FORMS COMPLETE BRAND CONTROL UPLOAD IMAGES Design your form the way you want it. Select from our pre-defined list or create your own. Absolutely no limits. Have a favorite color? Use it. Have Privacy & Terms? Enter them. Your brand, in your hands. Let your brand’s personality shine by uploading images that best highlights your vibrant campaign.
  6. 6. | FACT: TEAM MEMBERS ARE 14% MORE PRODUCTIVE WHEN GOALS ARE SET AND THEY’RE RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR ACHIEVEMENTS ADD STAFF AND BUILD A MORE PRODUCTIVE TEAM TRACK HOURS SET GOALS REWARD Track team hours up to the second, in real-time. View and export an individual’s sign-ins and total hours in one simple click. Set goals to measure how your campaign and team are performing. Set team or campaign goals with ease. Don’t be shy - recognize and reward your top performing staff members using our own ‘Employee Performance Tracker’. Source: Bersin & Associates
  8. 8. | ACCESS YOUR CAMPAIGN ON OUR SECURE & DEDICATED WEB APP Run your campaign via our private and secure web app on your iPad, tablet, and even your Computer! Simply login to our password-protected area, select the campaign you wish to launch, and start collecting those valuable leads.
  9. 9. PRICING MADE REALLY SIMPLE. FREE * For a Limited Time |