Social Media Yelp Campaign - Case Study


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The following is a recent case study for a dynamic and strategic online to offline campaign Sociallybuzz executed using Yelp for a new restaurant, MLT Cheesesteak and Grilled Cheese.

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Social Media Yelp Campaign - Case Study

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA “Yelp” CAMPAIGN – CASE STUDYSouth Beach Local Restaurant – MLT
  2. 2. WhoMLT -Opening its doors December 11th, 2011, MLT serves homemade authenticPhilly cheesesteaks for South Beach customers to enjoy. The traditional cheesesteakwith thinly sliced rib eye steak; melted cheese of your choice, fresh Amarosa bread andgrilled onions is just how Genos makes it.  The menu also includes some other delicioushomemade comfort foods such as grilled cheese sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, braisedshort-rib sliders, fried chicken and fresh waffles. What is Yelp?Yelp is an online city guide that helps people find cool places to eat, shop, drink, relaxand play, based on the informed opinions of a vibrant and active community of localsin the know. Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about whats great —and not so great — in your world.Sociallybuzz –Sociallybuzz provides social media management, marketing, fan-page app developmentand social media consultation to various clienteles.  The company is designed to helpcompanies, brands and businesses develop a firm foundation in social media andmarketing while delivering the greatest number of options in how they define or reachtheir relevant audiences.
  3. 3. Campaign Overview

At Sociallybuzz, we understand that social network review websites are very important for growth and customer acquisition of any restaurant. Millions of consumers use Yelp to review potential restaurants and make final buying decisions on where they will spend their hard earned money to dine at. Consumers are also constantly looking for restaurants to call their own, take their friends and brag about to their family. The difference between a bad review and a great review online can really make or break a restaurant reputation. 
  4. 4. Campaign OverviewSince MLT Cheesesteak was a fairly newrestaurant, we decided to do a campaign ona social platform that would build up itsreputation by having actual customers raveabout their amazing experience and food.This would trigger genuine word-of-mouth,build customer loyalty and increase repeatwalk-up customers as well as sales before,prior and after the contest. 
  5. 5. Campaign OverviewThe Sociallybuzz team developed a fun andcompelling YELP competition to drive eliteYelpers and influential foodies as a way ofincreasing social and brand awareness of MLT.We specifically chose Yelp to tap into theirmost influential users, the Yelp Elites, whocompeted in a strategic eating contestfeaturing one of MLTs most popularcheesesteak sandwich. Ten Yelp Elitesengaged in an eating contest with the MLT“Miami Heat” Cheese Steak. After 3 rounds, 3cheesesteaks and lots of peppers, 2 semi-finalwinners were picked to go head to head for achance to win a $50 MLT gift card based onwho ate the most spicy Cheese Steak thefastest.
  6. 6. The Contest
  7. 7. Objectives/ObstaclesObjective:To activate the following for MLT Cheesesteak; -  Local Brand Awareness-  Consumer Loyalty-  Loyalty Tracking-  Positive Word-of-Mouth-  Increase Sales-  Increase Facebook Fans-  Increase Twitter followers Obstacles:- Would foodies & Yelp elites be interested in participating in an eating contest at a restaurant they know very little about-  On the day of the eating contest, it started raining with a chance of thunderstorm
  8. 8. Results

We successfully achieved and executed all of our goals and objectives.1 - The localized online chatter about the MLT brand have increased dramatically since announcing the eating competition
  9. 9. Results2 - We significantly increased their consumer loyalty
  10. 10. Results 3 - They gained positive word-of-mouth and reviews onYelp as well as other social networks
  11. 11. Results 4 - Sales increased even before the eating contest tookplace
  12. 12. Results 5 - We increased MLTs Facebook fans and Twitterfollowers to consumers who lived or worked within a 5 to10 mile radius, who are grilled cheese and cheesesteakenthusiasts
  13. 13. Results 6 - The restaurant & contest was trending on Yelp weeksbefore it happened
  14. 14. ConclusionAll contestants and attendees took home an experienceof a lifetime and the winner left with a $50 MLT gift card.When anyone searches for MLT on Yelp, they are greetedwith great reviews from satisfied customers.  Therefore, thenumber of authentic reviews in which MLT received fromcompleting such a campaign remains priceless.
  15. 15. The Buzz!Photos by PhotoBokeh. To See more Photos:
  16. 16. What We Do!Sociallybuzz build campaigns that deliver a compelling message and dynamicexperience for your customers. We create buzz-worthy online and offline campaignsto help brands, franchises, restaurants, nightclubs, and retail stores build an ongoingconversation and relationship with their customers.We assist businesses in developing and executing creative and effective strategiccampaigns for Online Growth, Social Media Engagement, New Product Release,New Location-Grand Opening, Special Events, and Customer Awareness.Implementing a campaign as part of your social media and marketing efforts canincrease your customer engagement, expand your social presence and build socialawareness. Contact us to learn more about our Social Media Campaign Services 888.354.1867 |info@Sociallybuzz |