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Western Civilization Term Paper


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Western Civilization Term Paper

  1. 1. Western CivilizationMr. Mike BeardFall 2011 TERM PAPERPaper Topic:In this term paper you will explore the influences of Greek and Roman culture in Hanoi.Investigate Hanoi’s entertainment, art, architecture, music, political system, city infrastructure,etc..,. The object of your paper will be to cite at least three examples of Greek/Romaninfluence in Hanoi. Please include digital photos of your examples in your paper.Warning: Mr. Mike checks each paper to see if it has been copied or downloaded from theInternet. This is known as academic plagiarism and will result in a “0” mark for the term paperwhich accounts for 20% of your total course mark. In addition, students who have plagiarizeda term paper will not be given an opportunity to submit another paper.Length:600 words (minimum) – 900 words (maximum).Format:Please type your paper and save it as a Word document (.doc).Use double-space paragraph format.Font size: 12.Font style: Times or Arial (please do not use any decorative fonts as they are difficult to read).No handwritten papers will be accepted.Please include a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. See the following websites formore information about how to write a Works Cited page: Example: Instructions: Date:Please email your paper to on or before 25 October 2011. Please be sure to write your name and student number on the top of your paper.