Final presantation Professional Learning Networks


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these can help teachers to increase their teaching methods, by sharing what they know with other teachers. my slde explain futher what is pln is.

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Final presantation Professional Learning Networks

  1. 1. PRESANTATIONINTODUCTIONMy presentation will be based onProfessional Learning Networks / PersonalLearning Networks and personal learningenvironment.
  2. 2. Personal Learning Networks(PLN)Is an informal learning network thatconsists of the people.A person makes a connection withanother person with the specific intentionthat some type of learning will occurbecause of that connection.
  3. 3. Personal LearningNetworks…Teachers are nodes, students are nodes Both teaching and learning consists ofsending and receiving communications toother nodes.
  4. 4. Typical teacher network
  5. 5. Connectivism UnderpinningsPeople learnthrough their connectionsto other people,places and ideas. Knowledge exists in themultiple connections wemake. Weak connectionsvs. strong connections
  6. 6. Personal Learning Networks…The application providesmechanisms to input, process, anddistribute content.
  7. 7. Professional NetworkOrganizing
  8. 8. Professional NetworkOrganizingPLE as part of Personal Learning Network andProfessional Learning NetworkPersonal LearningEnvironment PersonalLearningNetworkProfessionalLearningNetworkReceiveprofessionalnetwork servicesSelf-arrangementof networkservices
  9. 9. Sharing what you knowWrite a blogContribute to a wikiTeach an online course for teachersCreate an online course for teachersCreate a NING for your disciplineTweet
  10. 10. Developing professional learningnetworks The significant thing that you need to developprofessional learning networks are tools
  11. 11. Information tool (twitter)
  12. 12. So how does a network helpme?
  13. 13. So how does a network helpme?..Connect with othersStay current in your areas of interestShare and collect resourcesGet spontaneous responses from your networkDirectly access experts and well known peoplein your field
  14. 14. personal learningenvironments(PLEs) PLEs are not another substantiation ofeducational technology but a new approach tolearning.PLE are based on the idea that learning willtake place in different contexts and situationsand will not be provided by a single learningprovider
  15. 15. personal learningenvironments(PLEs)…The idea of a Personal Learning Environmentrecognizes that learning is continuing andseeks to provide tools to support that learning.It also recognises the role of the individual inorganising their own learning.PLEs can also help in the recognition ofinformal learning.
  16. 16. Building PLE on start pages1. learning is an ongoing process and tools tosupport this learning are needed2. the role of the individual in self-organizinglearning is important3. learning can take place in different contextsand situations and cannot be provided by asingle learning provider.
  17. 17. Building PLE on start pages…iGoogle, Netvibes, Pageflakes
  18. 18. A model of PLE Building
  19. 19. Conclusion
  20. 20. Conclusion…Respond to Blog PostsSharing LinksSetting Up
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