Student Management ERP 15.5


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Student Management ERP 15.5

  1. 1. A Customized Solution…
  2. 2. Agenda Overview Chart of Student Management ERP 15.5.  Overall Structure  Features in brief
  3. 3. Overview Chart of Student Management ERP 15.5. Student Management ERP 15.5. Office Administration Accounts Payroll & HR Parent’s Interface Enquiry / New Students Fees Entry Add Staff Student Dashboard Admission Funds Entry Attendance Attendance Review Promote Old Students Stock Purchase/Voucher Lectures Schedule Results Review Assign Accessories Bank Account Pay Structure Suggestions/feedback Fees Management Capital Account Leave Management Make Complaint Attendance Cash Management PF & ESI Report Request of Updations Assignments/Homework Profit & Loss Task Assignment Change Password Tests/Exams Assets/Stock Account Professional Tax Form Other Administration Timetable Liabilities Account Appointment Letter Library Expenses Account Print ID Card Unlimited Serial Keys Report Card Accounts Statement Termination Letter Session-wise Interface SMS/Email Interface Salary Account Experience Letter Browser Based Online Print ID Card Balance Sheet Assign Privileges for ERP SMS Panel Interface Print Admission Form Active/Inactive Employee Timetable Report Print Leaving Certificate Stock Management Staff’s Interface Conveyance Report Dashboard Apply for Leave Assigned Task Lectures Schedule Change Password
  4. 4. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefOffice Administration : - Enquiry / New Enquiring new students through walk-in, Students telephonic and online application form. Admission All the data will be fetched from enquiry, one should to only enter admission date. Promote Old Can easily promote old students single or Students multiple class wise. Assign Card, bag, uniform etc assigning interface Accessories with multiple/single options. Fees Directly fees assignment like admission fee, Management tution fee etc. to the admitted student. Attendance Daily attendance interface by ticking classwise/all or by UHF/RFID. Assignments/ Can give festival or daily task to students Homework through assignment module. Tests/Exams Unit Test, Annual Exam etc. entry and automatic mark sheet/result generation.
  5. 5. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefOffice Administration : - Timetable Create timetables for classes and manages teachers schedules. Library Issue/Return Book Interface for students, Missing Book Report, Staff Issued Report. Report Card Final Report card as per Institute format including all attendance, test marks etc. SMS/ Interactive communications SMS/Email Email Interface option with students or staff or other. Print ID Card Automatically ID Card printout right from student admission. Print Admission You can directly print admission form from Form the software. Print Leaving If any student leaves the Institute, you can Certificate easily print his/her LC from the software. Active/Inactive Management of Inactive students for old Students records.
  6. 6. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefAccounts : - Fees Entry Easy fees entry form for any accountant /cashier, directly it will show how much amount to collect. Funds Entry Any donation/funds entry to the Institute. Stock Purchase From Debitor’s form you can make any type / Voucher of voucher entry or stock purchase entry. Bank Account Can manage different bank accounts, money transfer from One bank to other, withdrawl etc. Capital Account Capital Account Report irrespective to your stock. Cash Flow of cash you can measure – daily, Management monthly, yearly. Profit & Loss P & L statement. Assets/Stock Complete Assets account report and Account statement – debits & credits.
  7. 7. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefAccounts : - Liabilities Complete Liabilities account report and Account statement – debits & credits. Expenses Complete Expenses account report and Account statement – debits & credits. Accounts Account Statement for CA or for any other Statement legal proceeding. Salary Account Salary account report. Balance Sheet Overall account balance sheet transaction including daily/monthly/weekly report.
  8. 8. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefPayroll & HR : - Add Staff Add your employees with their personal/educational details. Attendance Daily attendance interface by ticking department wise/all or by UHF/RFID. Lectures Manages teacher staff schedules with backup Schedule teacher option. Pay Structure Salary pay structure for each employee. Leave Manages Paid Leave/Medical Leave and Management generate salary according to that. PF & ESI Provident Fund & Employee State Insurance Report Report Task Can assign task to employee’s, and see the Management status/progress according to deadline Professional Inbuilt Professional Tax Form to print. Tax Form
  9. 9. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefHR & Payroll : - Appointment Once a employee is added automatically Letter appointment letter will be printed according to Institute format. Print ID Card ID card printout option for staff single/multiple. Termination Can print inbuilt termination letter. Letter Experience If anyone inactive one employee, Letter automatically his/her experience letter will be generated. Assign To handle the software you can create Privileges for multiple user with secure privileges option. ERP Active/Inactive Inactive employees report for record. Employee
  10. 10. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefStaff’s Interface : - Dashboard Overall Staff Dashboard, to see their current proceedings like attendance, earning, task, profile etc. Apply for Leave Staff can apply for leave directly to their department head, only if they have PL/EL in their account. Assigned Tasks Can see assigned tasks from their authority and reply/complete according to deadline. Lectures Teachers can see their lectures schedule or Schedule send a request to change any schedule. Change They can change their password. Password
  11. 11. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefParent’s Interface : - Student Can see complete student report of Dashboard attendance, mark sheet, library etc. Attendance Parent’s can see students attendance report Review month wise, session wise. Results Review Overall result report test wise, subject wise, complete report card. Suggestions/ Parent’s/Student’s can give suggestions/ Feedback feedback. Make They can make complaints about Complaint management, teacher, office staff etc. Request for They can edit their profile contact no., Updations address etc. by sending request to admin. Change They can change their password. Password
  12. 12. Features : Category/ Module Features Explanation in BriefOther Administration : - Unlimited To maintain from different branches Serial Keys Session-wise You can set privileges for user to login in Interface particular session database. Browser Based No need of any additional software only Online internet connection. SMS Panel SMS Panel interface to send other sms. Interface Timetable Lectures reports. Report Stock Inventory management for every inwards Management and outwards. Conveyance Basic pick and drop conveyance report of Report students.
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