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Nbc culture


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A Look at NBC and the Culture within their company

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Nbc culture

  2. 2. What Does Their Culture Look Like When looking at a company's Culture, we need to look at a few things. For this we will look at Deal and Kennedy’s “Strong Culture” components. 1. Values & Beliefs 2. Hero's in the company 3. Rites and Rituals 4. Communication System
  3. 3. Values And Beliefs. Values and Beliefs are a major part Of any company. They tell you what the company stands for. This is their Creed or Motto.
  4. 4. NBC’S CREDO Our Credo - We are in business to create and deliver content so compelling it entertains, informs and shapes our world. .We believe that the talent, creativity and diversity of our people are our greatest resources. We emphasize teamwork because we are smarter, more dynamic and better together. .We believe in doing the right thing and treating people the right way. We think integrity and honesty are the foundation of a productive working environment. We take our business seriously, but do not take ourselves too seriously. .We are passionate about what we do and take pride in what we create. We have a pioneering spirit and are willing to take risks and embrace new technologies. We like to keep score and win. .As we grow our businesses together, we will not just anticipate the future, but rather create, invent and deliver it. NBCUniversal
  5. 5. HEROS Deal and Kennedy also say Any strong culture needs Hero's within the company We are going to look at 3 in NBC
  6. 6. David Sarnoff & Carl Laemmll David Sarnoff- Founder of NBC. Carl Laemmle- Founder of universal In 2004, the companies that these two created came together to form NBCuniversal.
  7. 7. David Sarnoff & Carl Laemmle SO WHY ARE THEY COMPANY HEROS? Aside from just creating the company, they are heros because of the beliefs they founded the company on. NBC’s home page states NBC was: “founded by men of modest origins who were propelled by their visions of a new industry—movies, broadcasting, and cable distribution—and enthusiastic about the possibilities they represented for commerce and for the common good.”
  8. 8. David Sarnoff & Carl Laemmle The main part of that we see live on in NBC’s culture is “enthusiastic about the possibilities they represented for commerce and for the common good.” We can see that their vision for being the best they can be lives on today in the beliefs of their newest hero Steve Burke.
  9. 9. Steve Burke Who is Steve Burke? -Steve Burke is NBC’s current Chief executive. Since taking Over, the way he runs things Have been controversial but He has saved NBC according to Many people.
  10. 10. WHY HE’S A HERO? -According to the L.A Times, Before he took over, NBC was hemorrhaging 600 million a year! - NBC employees refer to him as a bit of a task master who’s ideas are not as feel good as they are task oriented. His game
  11. 11. Saving Tonight, Saving tomorrow Also according to this article, Saving the tonight show was his greatest move. When talking about Jimmy Fallon taking over for Leno, the company told him they would ruin the demographic by loosing their older viewers. Actually, this move brought in a younger demographic and Fallon got more views than Conan and Jimmy Kimmel combined.
  12. 12. Saving Tonight, Saving tomorrow Even though everyone was aginst him, he did what he thought was best and he came out on top. He also moved the show to burbank which helped. These actions make him a hero. We will also see his other ideas coming up.
  13. 13. Rites and Rituals This is were we see why people Might get angry with Burke. As A ritual, he does the same thing Every Christmas, but its not A party, it has everything to Do with a Christmas tree.
  14. 14. Rites and Rituals Every year, Burke puts up a Christmas tree with Green and Red. He told the employees that green meant things that went right in the company and red was disappointments like failed television and box-office bombs. According to employees, the tree was covered in red.
  15. 15. Communication style Finally, To see how strong Nbc is in Culture, Deal and Kennedy say that a company Needs to have some form of Communication among their Employees around the world.
  16. 16. Company Wide Broadcasts NBC is a company known for broadcasting so its not surprise that they have a company wide broadcasting meeting. This is when Burke will address everyone but their not in the same spot.
  17. 17. TOWN HALL MEETINGS Town hall meetings are nothing new to NBC but they usually consist of presidential candidates. This Town Hall meeting is when Burke has everyone together. Now this is were employees say he really comes out and talks about what needs to be fixed.
  18. 18. Town Hall Meetings According to the article on how Burke is turning NBC around, They talk about the town hall meetings. • “Burke's town hall meetings take the form of lessons, rather than a rousing pep talk. And in his three years as CEO, Burke has earned a reputation among his underlings for pointing out the company's shortcomings.”
  19. 19. Burkes Responses As we can see, Burke takes a lot of lash back for his ways, but he has two major responses to them. "I've had people accuse me of being too tough of a grader," Burke told his employees during Friday's town hall. "But my job is to paint reality versus telling people what they want to hear.” "People would say, 'You can't say negative things about the company,'" Burke said later during an interview. "But you have no credibility if you can't tell people that they need to do better."
  20. 20. Recap: Do they have Culture Finally lets look to see if NBC has strong culture according to Deal and Kennedy. They need: Values & Beliefs- NBC’s motto Hero's- David Sarnoff, Carl Laemmle, Steve Burke Rites & Rituals- Christmas Tree/ Town Hall Communication- Town Hall/ Broadcast meetings They meet all the requirements!
  21. 21. conclusion Looking back, we see how NBC’s culture is set up. For the most part its like any normal corporation but here we have Burke who is really pushing the envelope and doing what he can to improve the company. So far, Burkes methods have raised the company profits by at least 3 billion.
  22. 22. Work Cited James, Meg. “CEO Steve Burke brings turnaround at NBCUniversal” LA. Times, 5/20/14 NBCuniversal Carrier page.