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In this presentation, Ghansham introduces SMAC and associated trends. Having learnt nosql databases, his interest area is Big Data Analytics. He is interested to work on influencer identification and Visualization of Temporal Big Data.

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  1. 1. Name: Ghansham S Deshmukh E-mail: Twitter Id: @harshad2592 University: Mumbai University / R.A.I.T. Navi Mumbai Year/Semester: 4th Year / 8th sem Branch: Computer Engineering Social Mobile Analysis Cloud… Unveiling Routes To FUTURE…
  2. 2. Introduction • SMAC - Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud is one integrated stack, where each function enables another to maximize their effect • The social media is a creative tension generated by the mingling of people from different fields, different backgrounds, and different expectations makes a critical contribution to collective experience. • Mobile technologies is used to change the way people communicate, shop and work • Mobile phones provides data mobility and the idea of safe and secure data transfer at any time, any place, on any device. • Analytics uses the exponential growth in available data to perform analytics that model and control processes, identify deep trends and make better business decisions. • Analytics refers to the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing large sets of data to discover patterns and other useful information ,example Big Data Analytics • Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications • Cloud is an utility model of computing-computing resources delivered over the network in much the same way that electricity or telephone service reaches our homes and offices today
  3. 3. SMAC Working
  4. 4. Latest Trend • As highlighted by NASSCOM, IDC estimates that Indian IT vendors could generate $225 billion in SMAC related revenue by 2020 • The social commerce market is forecast to reach USD 30 billion by 2015 • Nearly 90 percent of top global banks use social networking to achieve customer engagement • Mobile technologies can be used to cut the cost of a financial transaction by up to 80 percent
  5. 5. Latest Trend • According to Biswajeet Mahapatra, research director at Gartner , Social media with analytics and cloud computing are the latest trend • Research Industries such as Gartner consider that Big Data and Mobile Computing have big impact on latest technologies • Ecommerce is fastest growing industry in the world ,we can Use Big data analytics to increase profit of E-commerce market • We can integrate Big Data and Mobile Computing To e- commerce as well as social media to fulfilled customers need • For processing large data sets we can use Big data ,big data also provide operations analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and information privacy.
  6. 6. Interest Areas • I have lots of interest in Big data analytics, ERP software and Web Development technologies • Recentaly I research on open source ERP i.e. OpenERP 7.0 • In past few days, I learned Big data and Nosql database • If Mphasis gives me this wonderful opportunity to work with senior leaders, I wish to work on projects which are related to big data analytics • I observe all the projects which are given on Mphasis intern website, I want to work on Influencer identification in Social Networks or Visualizing Temporal Big Data • In above both the project there is need of data analysis that is use of big data analysis . • I also like to work for Mobile augmented reality project , in last semester I present a seminar on topic Facial Emotion Recognition System and Augmented Reality Application
  7. 7. THANK YOU