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Internet of Things


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Ajay has a fascinating take on the future that he visualizes for IoT. He says that he wants to develop a search engine for searching real objects using IoT devices.

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. Name: Ajay Singh Negi E-mail: Twitter Id: Ajay567negi University: Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College Pauri Garhwal Year/Semester: 3rd year/ 6th sem Branch: MCA <THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT)>
  2. 2. Introduction  Internet of things is a network of smart objects or things connected by wireless networks.  The concept behind IoT is to turn things into smarter objects so that one object can communicate with another object or with human being.  E.g. Connecting all the household appliances using wireless network and controlling them remotely.
  3. 3. Introduction  Controlling anything from anywhere and at any time is the main idea of IOT.  Key components of IoT  Unique ID for every object in the network.  Wireless Network  Sensor  IPV6 address
  4. 4. Current IoT technology
  5. 5. Trends  What I think is cloudification and service digitization will have major impact on the IOT in next 5 years.  it is necessary to automate all the services in order to make them available 24*7 so that services can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.  Since cloud is managed and scalable technology so it is best suited to accommodate the data and services of trillions of devices in IOT.
  6. 6. Interest Areas  I am fascinated by following interest areas of IoT.  Services and application development support  Resolving Privacy security and trust issues.  if given an internship in services and application development in IoT then I would like to work on Services and application development .  I think it would be really fascinating to develop a search engine that can search the real things in the world. Like searching your pets location or searching your other belongings.
  7. 7. Thank you