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Responsive: From Design to Philosophy


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Join Mozu and Brand Labs as they discuss the challenges behind responsive design and solutions for a future-ready website.

Published in: Design
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Responsive: From Design to Philosophy

  1. 1. Is Your Responsive Design Responsive Enough? James Zetlen • Software Architect • Mozu Dane Downer • Cofounder/Vice-President • Brand Labs
  2. 2. The “One Size Fits All” Philosophy!   Plato focused on perfect “forms”, meaning:   Physical objects only resemble the ideal   The simplest definition is the correct one   To Plato, humans were “featherless bipeds”   Then…Diogenes threw a plucked chicken at him! Chicken Thrower
  3. 3. Responsive Development! Problems!   Responsive development should be about responding to users’ needs   Not simply “mobile readiness”   Responsive is a specific style   Your project / users might require a different approach
  4. 4. Purpose-Driven Web Philosophy!   What are your goals? Assess. Then adopt.   Responsive is only ONE tool. Consider:   Progressive Enhancement   Graceful Degradation   Adaptive Design   Predictive Development: using a build process, one set of assets becomes many
  5. 5. What is Predictive! Development?!   Avoids the poor performance of carelessly developed responsive sites   Provides faster load times to billions of people with slow broadband access   It’s developer-friendly!   Just as convenient, quick and " elegant as responsive
  6. 6. When Responsive Works Best!   Content is more important than interactions   Interactions present, but secondary   Spatial relationships are few and consistent   Client begins with a mobile vision   Long-form writing, presentations, galleries, portfolios
  7. 7. Content First means Responsive!
  8. 8. When Predictive Works Better!   “Web app”, not web site!   Complex interactions!   Spatial relationships are important! !   Image-focused site, or site with other heavy assets !   Large navigation hierarchy!
  9. 9. Interactions First means Predictive!
  10. 10. Different Strokes!   The Future-Friendly Web needs all we’ve got   Even powerful techniques don’t work for all   Opposing philosophies can work together   Purpose-driven Web philosophy
 uses many schools of thought, 
 just like us. “All the good are friends of one another.” – Zeno of Citium
  11. 11. THANK YOU!