50 Free Online Tools for Small Businesses


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This is a quick introduction to some of the online tools available for small businesses - although not graphically beautiful it is chock full of good information.

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    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :            www.goo.gl/i7K0s4
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  • Going through these and checking them out slide by slide took a good hour of my time! Some of them I won't use, and a lot I'd seen before or I think they've changed since you did the presentation. Some were like finding a diamond though. Monkey on your back, for example.
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  • this is cool, I also summarized some online printing services for you:
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50 Free Online Tools for Small Businesses

  1. 1. 50 Free Online Tools Eureka Springs Downtown Network
  2. 2.  Brainstorming & Mind Maps Bubble.us 1
  3. 3.  Organizing, improving and collaborating ideas Wridea.com 2
  4. 4.  Online resource for sharing and exploring presentations Slideshare.net 3
  5. 5.  An easy to use, online to-do list. Toodledo.com 4
  6. 6.  Free money management & budgeting. Mint.com 5
  7. 7.  Free fax sending from your computer. Faxzero.com 6
  8. 8.  Webnote is a tool for taking notes on your computer. Webnote - http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/ 7
  9. 9.  readbag is a nifty tool to store links you find, but want to read later. Readbag.com 8
  10. 10.  Free stock photography for your blog or site. Stock.xchng - http://www.sxc.hu/ 9
  11. 11.  Send, receive and track large and important files. YouSendIt.com 10
  12. 12.  Everything you need to know about copyright. Copyright.gov 11
  13. 13.  Track delayed flights – fly smarter. Flystats.com 12
  14. 14.  Create a website just by adding content – low cost and easy to use. Sitekreator.com 13
  15. 15.  Build online forms instantly. Icebrrg.com 14
  16. 16.  Create, buy and manage advertising. Spotrunner.com 15
  17. 17.  A to-do list for things that you want other people to do. Monkeyon.com 16
  18. 18.  Calculate your hourly rate – for freelancers. Freelanceswitch.com 17
  19. 19.  Picnik - Picnikmakes your photos fabulous with easy to use yet powerful editing tools. Tweak to your heart's content, then get creative with oodles of effects, fonts, shapes, and frames.  Splashup– A ppowerfulediting tool and photo manager. With all the features professionals use and novices want, it's easy to use, works in real-time, and allows you to edit many images at once.  FotoFlexer - FotoFlexer bills itself as quot;the world's most advanced online image editor.”  Pixlr-- quot;Pixlr is a free online photo editor; jump in and start: edit, adjust, filter. It's just what you imagine!”  flauntR-- flauntR is a suite that includes the ability to edit images, add effects, add text, and print the results on everything from mugs to posters.  Photoshop Express-- Adobe's Photoshop was really the first image editor of its kind to herald in the age of digital photography, though it was designed for professionals and its endless options could be daunting (and bank- breakingly expensive) for the layman.  PiZap - PiZap'stagline is quot;fun with photos made easy.quot; It's another flavor of photo editor/storage center that, like flauntR, allows you to print the results to mugs, bags, and t-shirts.  Aviary- Aviary lets you: quot;edit images, create mind-blowing effects, design logos, find colors, collaborate, and more. All you need is a Web browser.” 18-27  DrPic - DrPic says it's quot;the easiest free online picture editor”  Cameroid-- Cameroid lets you quot;take crazy (or not) snaps with your webcam straight from your browser. 10 Online Digital Photo Tools
  20. 20.  Blogger users can create and customize their own blogs using a drag-and-drop editor, and have them hosted for free on Google's massive server arrays. Blogger 28
  21. 21.  Business to Business Networking Linkedin 29
  22. 22.  Share about your business in 140 characters. twitter 30
  23. 23.  Flickr is a popular photo-sharing and hosting service owned by Yahoo. flickr 31
  24. 24.  Work together without the hassles of attachments – Coworkers can share the same online copy of each doc, spreadsheet or presentation. All revisions are saved and recoverable.  Similar in format to Word & Excel. Google Docs 32
  25. 25. Why businesses manage their time with Google Calendar  Get people together easily – Just pick a time (based on when people are free) and enter meeting details. Google Calendar will send invitations and keep track of RSVPs. Schedule a meeting  Share project calendars – Share whole calendars company- wide or with specific people. Coworkers can have editing rights and see shared events alongside their own schedules. Share a calendar  Show event information in context – Embed an internal calendar in Google Sites or publicly on your website, no programming required Google Calendar 33
  26. 26.  Create charts online to add to your site or next presentation – graph your data. Chartle.net 34
  27. 27.  With TinyChat you can create your own chatroom and invite people through one simple link. You can also embed your chatroom on your blog, myspace, personal site and many other portals. TinyChat 35
  28. 28.  To Do’s with a Twist TaskFive 36
  29. 29.  An elegant and easy to use RSS reader for your blogs – share, star, and save your favorite pieces. Google Reader 37
  30. 30.  Need to receive a message by email, but can't (or don't want to) give out your email address? whspr! gives you a URL to share instead. whspr 38
  31. 31.  WobZip is an online tool which lets you uncompress compressed files online. It supports many formats including the major ones as Zip, RAR, 7Z, Gzip, TAR, ISO etc… wobzip 39
  32. 32.  Create an invitation in seconds, add entries from mobile, twitter, email, iCal, gCal or Outlooks. And of course, send them with ease from within the app. anyvite 40
  33. 33.  Create Email Signatures that POP! Sigpad 41
  34. 34.  Enables anyone to create professional online surveys quickly and easily. SurveyMonkey 42
  35. 35.  Add your business to Google Local Google Local Maps 43
  36. 36.  Remember the Milk beta makes your to-do items and reminders available in Gmail, via SMS, the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices, Skype, and popular IM clients. RemembertheMilk 44
  37. 37.  Print products for events and your business – or sell online! CafePress 45
  38. 38.  Do you know what they are saying about your business? TripAdvisor 46
  39. 39.  Real Review – Real People: Invite your customers to Yelp about you. Yelp 47
  40. 40.  Use these cool entrepreneurial tools to set the foundation for business success. Score 48
  41. 41.  A free gateway to business information tools, databases, and research resources to help your business succeed. BizToolKit – www.hillsource.org/members/ 49
  42. 42.  Simple, effective and affordable small business marketing DuctTapeMarketing 50