Cheap hotels - 10 gadgets that help you survive them


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This is a short presentation on how to find cheap hotels for your next vacation or overnight stay. It tells you how to get a free travel gift card to use the next time you travel.

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Cheap hotels - 10 gadgets that help you survive them

  1. 1. Cheap Hotels –10 Gadgets That Help You Survive
  2. 2. There is an article at Digg.comentitled, “10 Gadgets That Help YouSurvive in Cheap Hotel Rooms”. Here iswhat I’ve learned from that article.
  3. 3. 1. Let the traveler beware2. Sanitizer of any kind is your bestfriend when you travel.
  4. 4. That won’t stop a real travel lover. Welike to travel and it adds up. Let’s geton to what’s really important, findingcheap hotels.
  5. 5. My first suggestion is travel gift cards. Go to claim your free $1,000 Travelocitytravel gift card. Save big on your next trip.
  6. 6. Find savings by subscribing to your favorite hotel’s online newsletter.You’ll be the first to see discounted rates and offers.
  7. 7. Some hotels give last minutediscounts. Managers wait to makesure they cannot book their rooms before offering discounts.
  8. 8. There are some great ideas to getyou started on your search forcheap hotels. There are two lessonsin this article.
  9. 9. First, never travel away from homewithout some kind of sanitizer.
  10. 10. Next, there are many ways to securecheap hotels if you put your mind to it.A small effort can lead to big savings.
  11. 11. Read the Entire Article at: Travel More & Pay Less