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Moxie Pest Control VA provides high-quality pest control services to the entire Northern Virginia area. Founded in 2009, thousands of customers depend on Moxie to keep unwanted guests out of their home.

Moxie's protection plan includes a satisfaction guarantee, and will re-treat your property as many times as necessary to eliminate your problems.

From common problems like ants, spiders, and wasps, to bed bugs and mice, Moxie Pest Control can completely handle eliminating bugs from your home or business without a problem.

From a thorough initial treatment, to unlimited visits and re-treatments, Moxie Pest Control of Virginia is the best pest service available to handle all of those unwanted pests.

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Moxie Pest Control

  1. 1. Pest Control for Northern Virginia
  2. 2. Moxie Pest Control VA History• The Virginia Moxie Pest Control location was founded in 2009• Thousands of customers in Northern Virginia depend on Moxie to keep their homes free from bugs, pests, and small rodents• By Summer of 2012, Moxie Pest Control VA will have over 100 employees based out of the VA Office
  3. 3. Moxie Pest Control VA Services Include• Eliminating a wide variety of unwanted guests, including: – Common pests like ants and mice – Bed Bugs – Spiders• Providing services to both residential and commercial customers
  4. 4. Initial Treatment• Moxie’s Initial treatment is very thorough, and includes: – Sweep down of the eaves (overhangs) where bees, wasps, and other bugs gather – A thorough review of the inside and outside of the home to locate any problems or sources of pests – Treatment of the ground around the building, and 3 feet up the building, using a power sprayer – Spread granulated pesticide around the building (this sinks into the ground and provides protection for months)
  5. 5. Photo: Sweeping the Eaves
  6. 6. Photo: Locating the Source of Pests
  7. 7. Pest Protection ProgramThe Pest Protection Program is typicallyquarterly, and includes a regular visit to inspectfor pests and service the area to prevent anyother pests.The initial visit includes treatments indoors, butmost visits after that will be for treatmentsplaced outdoors (unless there are any specificissues inside)
  8. 8. Guaranteed ResultsMoxie Pest Control stands behind their work100%. Moxie’s Pest Protection Program includesunlimited free re-servicing should you needadditional treatmentsbetween regularly scheduledvisits.These visits are completely free.Just give Moxie a call and they’ll come right out.
  9. 9. Customer Comments & Reviews• They are very informative and spent the extra time to educate me in roach infestation control. Thank you so much for spending the extra time, it is always nice to find someone who enjoys their job. I really appreciate the services that Moxie provides, I have been a client for about a year-and-a-half and I am always pleased with the service. -Stephanie• Thank you for a job well done. You are professional, friendly and patient with my dogs!!!! Moxie has done a super job in helping us with our ant problem. -Janette• I wish I wasnt writing this, but it seems its either ants or mice in our neighborhood!!! Once again, Moxie & its technicians have come through!!!! Nestor Pagon arrived on time & was very knowledgeable. Would like to send great thanks to such an amazing company. THANK YOU!!! . -Dani• I have had 2 regular services done in the past few months and am now just getting a chance to praise the work they have done. RICKY MULLINS and CHRIS COMPTON both arrived on time, they were courteous and professional. I dont feel like they try to jip me like other companies that I have tried out seem to do! Thanks MOXIE! -Monica• Chris Compton serviced our home on 21 Oct. He was prompt and efficient. Answered my concerns and treated our house for little red ants. He serviced the inside and outside. A True professional and reassured me that if I see any ants or anything else that I call and request immediate attention. Thanks Moxie. - Robin
  10. 10. Other LocationsMoxie has locations in several majormetropolitan areas in the United States. If youlive in any of the following areas, there is aMoxie Pest Control location that can help you:• Northern Virginia• Raleigh, NC• Salt Lake City, Utah• Phoenix, AZ
  11. 11. Contact Moxie Pest Control VAWebsite: Pest-Control-VA.comEmail Form: (703) 378 – 5119Address: 4511 Daly Dr. Chantilly, VA 20151