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Movotek mobile money & prepaid airtime solution

  1. 1. 0 Movotek Innovations Limited Turn-key Solution Provider Prepaid Airtime Voucher distribution Solution, Mobile Money Transfer Solution, GPRS POS, Handheld POS, POS Device, POS Machine, POS Terminal Provider. 2013
  2. 2. Movotek Innovations Limited. 1 Mobile Money/Money Transfer Money Transfer Movotek has rich industry experience using POS (Point of Sale) terminals for money transfer solution while many developing countries are only filled with cellphones. Without a doubt, POS terminal has its unique advantage for money transfer solution due to receipts/slips printing functionality. When the point of sales is deployed at retail outlets and after each transaction, it can print out the mini statement in duplicate so that both the merchants and end users can have transaction receipts/slips in place.
  3. 3. Movotek Innovations Limited. 2 POS Terminal for money transfer Movotek is headquartered in Hong Kong which enables us to offer you Made-in-China terminals to enhance product cost performance. Money Transfer, also referred to as mobile money, mobile money transfer, mobile payment, and mobile wallet generally refer to payment services operated under financial regulation and performed from or via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, check, or credit cards, a consumer can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods. Although the concept of using non-coin-based currency systems has a long history, it is only recently that the technology to support such systems has become widely available. In developing countries mobile payment solutions have been deployed as a means of extending financial services to the community known as the “unbanked” or “underbanked”, what Movotek doing here is to serve the unbanked people. Features of using POS (Point of Sale) terminals for money transfer solutions: 1. Handy as cellphones 2. GPRS (TCP/IP), USSD, STK, SMS, etc. 3. Built-in thermal printer 4. Multi-functional for not only money transfer but also bill payment, mobile top-up, ticketing, lotto, betting, etc. 5. Secondary software development and remote update (over-the-air).
  4. 4. Movotek Innovations Limited. 3 Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution (also known as Electronic Voucher Distribution System, EVD, E-Voucher Distribution, PIN code distribution, PIN Voucher, mobile top up, airtime top up, e-topup, mobile reload) has dramatically become an essential commodity for the emerging markets and truly the unbanked areas in the globe. It is one of the value added services that is of paramount importance for retailers/merchants to provide their customers. No physical airtime stock (vouchers/scratch cards) is kept on-site, reduction in risk of theft. Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution enables the vending of Prepaid Airtime for retailers and offers airtime vouchers from all network operators via its mobile carriers. Not only does it provide the opportunity to earn revenue from a new product stream, Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution is able to draw new customers into the stores/outlets. Movotek Innovations has the ability to apply diversified Prepaid Airtime Voucher Distribution onto POS (Point of Sale) terminals by the leading providers such as Ingenico, Verifone, PAX and many more, although each brand works on respective Operating Systems and Software Development Kits. With our professional team having years of experience in programming airtime applications, Movotek Innovations is capable of delivering tailored apps with customized features to customers within 3 weeks’ time. Movotek mobile top up solution
  5. 5. Movotek Innovations Limited. 4 Mobile Operators Benefits: Reduces Operating Expense significantly Increase the number of point-of-sales without involving distributors Replace the Scratch card and Increase transaction revenue Low cost PIN Voucher Distribution End Customers Benefits: Fast, simplified & flexible transactions User Privacy management Freedom to choose any transaction value Simplified remittance orders, utilities payments and mobile commerce Guaranteed QoS and Rich user experience Retailers/Outlets Benefits: No inventory, no equipment investment (cellphone is enough) Diversified and dynamic mobile portfolio m-Payment point-of-sales (POS Terminal) Simple operations, no training required Movotek Prepaid Airtime Voucher Central Platform Features: Multi-channel network access (USSD, SMS, GPRS, Web) Multi-level distribution management Location based retail management Multi-Handset operation of single retail account Multi-Distributor feeding of single retail account Customizable credit and PIN transfer flows Unlimited denominations and transaction values Retailer self care, self registration and self inventory Reconciliation and audit options Low stock and low retail balance alerting USSD and SMS transaction notifications USSD Menu Driven Flexible customizable front end software for POS, Cellphone, PC etc. Customer Care API Movotek Keywords: Electronic Voucher Distribution, Electronic Voucher Distribution System, e-voucher distribution system, e-voucher management system, e-topup, e-top up, e-top up solution, e-top up system, epin software, epin system, eprepaid, e-recharge, e-recharge software, Mobile Recharge, mobile recharge system, Mobile top up, mobile top up software, voucher top up, prepaid top up, prepaid airtime top up, top up recharge, prepaid card system, POS Mobile Money Transfer, Prepaid airtime, Prepaid airtime Voucher Distribution, Loyalty Programs, POS Bill Payment, POS Terminal, POS Printer, POS Machine, top up terminal, prepaid vending machine, prepaid airtime machine, prepaid airtime vending machine, prepaid airtime POS terminal, airtime machine.
  6. 6. Movotek Innovations Limited. 5 POS Terminal MIL300 This POS Terminal MIL300 is designated as the low cost all-in-one POS model, which is our hot selling POS Terminal model, it can be integrated with all the solutions that Movotek is offering now. It is the mainstream configurations with ARM9 Processor, high speed thermal printer. MIL300 has streamlined and modular design. NFC/RFID, Barcode scanner are optional for this POS. POS Terminal MIL300 is the ideal model for the customers who would like to carry out multiple business in just one POS Terminal with low cost. Movotek POS MIL300 Solutions Features Ergonomic design, backlit display, large keys, handheld or desktop usage Cost-effective design Quad-band GPRS Communication C-based SDK for secondary development NFC (Mifare)
  7. 7. Movotek Innovations Limited. 6 MIL300 Airtime POS features Specification Processor ARM9 32-bit Memory 8 MB Flash, 16 MB SDRAM Display 128 x 64 pixel graphical (white backlight) LCD 4 lines x 21 characters Keypad 20 keys Thermal Printer 18 lines/second; paper roll size 58mm x 30mm Interface 1 RS-232, 1 USB Card Reader NFC/RFID (Optional) Communication GSM/ GPRS/SMS: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Battery Li-ion Polymer, 7.4V, 1500mAh Voltage AC input 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; DC Output 9V Operating Temperature 0°- 40°, relative humidity: 5% – 90% Dimensions 185 mm*90 mm* 53 mm (L*W*H) Solutions - Mobile Top-up, Electronic Voucher Distribution, Prepaid Airtime, PIN Voucher Distribution - Membership / Gift Card (Loyalty Programs) - Bus Ticketing, Policy Station, Logistics, Inventory Management - Money Transfer, Mobile Payment, Mobile Money - Utility (Electricity, Water, Gas) Payments - Mobile Banking Solutions, Micro Finance, Micro Loans, Micro Insurance, etc. - Gas Stations, Hotels, Metro, Cab Companies, Exhibition Fairs, Bus Transit Systems, Retail Stores, Chain Stores, etc. Download: POS Terminal MIL300 Specification
  8. 8. Movotek Innovations Limited. 7 POS Terminal MIL300 Keywords– PIN code distribution devices, airtime machines, mobile reload point of sale, electronic payment terminals (EPT), prepaid airtime machines, electricity and airtime vending machine, prepaid airtime vending machines, mobile pos device, prepaid airtime vending machine, prepaid airtime machine, airtime vending machines, airtime vending machine, airtime printer, airtime vending, prepaid vending machine, mobile recharge machine, USSD airtime top-up, USSD airtime recharge, STK airtime recharge, STK airtime top-up, prepaid airtime terminals, prepaid airtime terminals, airtime voucher machine, mobile top up machine, prepaid terminals, airtime machine, airtime terminals, prepaid airtime terminal, prepaid airtime terminal, airtime pos, e top up terminals, point of sale, mobile vending machine, pos on mobile, voucher vending machine, voucher pos, top up terminal, mobile money, money transfer.