Myth Busting


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Myth Busing: Breaking the LIes that keep your life from flourishing.

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Myth Busting

  1. 1. Breaking the lies that keep your life from flourishing
  2. 2. “The biggest lies are the ones you tell yourself!” What is the little voice in your head telling you?MYTHS I can’t do it I am not good enough Someone else will do it I am afraid I might fail I am afraid I might succeed
  3. 3. What is the real story? Have you tried?  All the things you can do you once couldn’t  You can be good enough with practice I am good enough, or I can be with some effort Someone else will do it  Maybe they will, but can they do it like you?  What if someone else doesn’t? F.E.A.R  FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real
  4. 4. What makes a winner? There are three things  Talent – Some have more than others  Practice – Story of the Pianist at the concert hall  Luck – “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have” – Thomas Jefferson
  5. 5. Are you putting yourself in the right place? Myth: Opportunity Knocks Truth: You have to do the knocking Are you choosing the right goals?  SMART Goals Are you prepared?  If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail
  6. 6. If you are not prepared?
  7. 7. Everyone has fears
  8. 8. Top New Years resolutions* Spend more time with family and friends Save more money Lose weight Become healthy and fit Be happier Get organized Learn something new Get out of debt Go back to school* Various sources
  9. 9. Have you failed? “I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work.” – Thomas Edison
  10. 10. Start over if you need to*Advice for setting a direction for the year include: 1. Let go of the inner voice of self-criticism 2. Don’t give in to all-or-nothing thinking that sets you up for failure 3. Stop comparing yourself to other people 4. Remember that your life is about years, not one year. Focus on the big picture 5. Give in to the possibility of change 6. Remember that you are a work in progress 7. Set realistic priorities for the new year, beginning with “taking better care of myself” 8. Celebrate yourself, your successes, your strengths*Advice by Dr. Gary McClain PhD(
  11. 11. Questions?
  12. 12. More Information:Sean Moran/Moving Toward Coaching Sean Moran has over 15 years of experience as a tax professional working for several Fortune 500 companies in Domestic and International tax roles. He has risen to the level of V.P. at a large NYC based financial service company and now works for a consulting firm in Northern Virginia. He holds a B.S. Accounting from York College of PA (1995) an M.S. Taxation from Fairleigh Dickinson University (2003) and now a BA in Christian Counseling from Somerset Christian College (2010). Sean is a certified Advanced Life Coach having done his training under Light University. He is a member of the AACC1 and ICCA2. Sean has always had a affinity for conversation and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with those around him and holds a passion for seeing others succeed.Visit on the web at: www.movingtowardcoaching.com1. American Association of Christian Counselors2. International Christian Coaching Association