Osman Consulting Intro Prez General

  1. Osman Consulting Leading the way An introduction
  2. Vision Ethics and values Org.development Culturalunderstanding HumanitarianMngt SUCCESS Personaldevelopment
  3. Organisational development Administration Org. Structure Compliance Communication Image HR
  4. Personal development Time Management Performance mngt Communication skills Planning Team Building
  5. Cultural understanding Arab culture Bridging gaps Working in Islamic context Culture awareness Translation Editing
  6. Humanitarian Management Disaster Response Sphere Safety & security DRR INEE Disaster Prep.
  7. About Osman Consulting • Human driven • Experienced • Holistic
  8. About Moustafa Osman
  9. Examples: Training Courses
  10. Examples: Seminars & Articles
  11. Examples: Editing & Translating
  12. Client Portfolio