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Lab Tech Guy on a Delicate Problem


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Lab Tech Guy on a Delicate Problem

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  2. 2. Dear Lab Tech Guy,<br />I was in the lab yesterday, busily cleaning the filters on a HPLC system, when I looked up and saw my girlfriend chatting and laughing in a very intimate way with the lab manager. He had his hand on her arm and she didn’t appear to mind. The way they looked at one another made me feel very uncomfortable. I am crazy about this girl and have been planning to ask her to marry me.<br />What do you think I should do? <br />Yours anxiously,<br />Michael<br />(Cork, Ireland)<br />©2010 Mourne Training Services<br />
  3. 3. ©2010 Mourne Training Services<br />Dear Michael,<br />I think that you should try sonication for a few minutes in 50/50 water/methanol. This method is often good for cleaning mobile phase filters. Although it is good to get the maximum lifetime from any part, bear in mind that many filters have a limited lifetime and should be replaced periodically. <br />Yours sievingly<br />
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