Mountbatten August 2011/12 Yearbook


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This is the first look at the Mountbatten August 2011/12 yearbook!

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Mountbatten August 2011/12 Yearbook

  2. 2. “Our revels now are ended”Our revels now are ended. These ouractors, As I foretold you, were allspirits and Are melted into air, intothin air:And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,The cloud-cappd towers, the gorgeous palaces,The solemn temples, the great globe itself,Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolveAnd, like this insubstantial pageant faded,Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuffAs dreams are made on, and our little lifeIs rounded with a sleep.William Shakespeare From The Tempest, Act 4 Scene 1
  3. 3. So you’ve lived here a year and you’re pretty sureyou’ve got it down is a quick checklist to seewhether you’ve become a true “New Yorker”:• You stand 3 feet into a road waiting to cross• You jaywalk right in front of a cop.• You stop noticing the crazies• You haven’t cooked at home in a month• You only look one way before crossing a road• You actively avoid Times Square and sneer at the mention of it by visitors• You feel naked walking down the street without some form of beverage in your hand• You roll your eyes at visitors who pronounce Houston Street like the city in Texas not "howsten"• Youre standing in line to order food and the person ahead of you is dithering, you talk over his or her head and start ordering anyway.• You say "the park" meaning Central Park and "the city" meaning New York City, wherever you happen to be• It never crosses your mind to pick someone up at the airport – they can catch a cab...• You get annoyed that there is no water at your table – even if you have no intention of drinking it• You walk past the naked cowboy in times square & don’t notice because you’re trying to get somewhere• You actually catch a train from Grand Central
  4. 4. Foreword from the IMCSpeak to many Mountbattens at this time in the programme andthey’ll say the same thing – how can all this be over? They mightalso start crying uncontrollably or whooping for joy, but in all casesI would bet my life that their eyes will gloss over and a smile willcome over their face as they start to think back over their year.So as you think about the best day, the best weekend, or the bestexperience you’ve had over the course of this year, remember thatyou’re damn lucky to have been here and shared it with the peopleyou now call friends!This yearbook is simply a reflection of all this. Out hope is that, in 6weeks when you’re home and it all feels a little like a dream, flickthrough this yearbook and remember that it really happened. Thenlaugh at the good times... there have been many!Listening to everyone’s experiences, it is almost possible believethere is no New York; there is only a set of projections, and it canbe anything you want! It has the worst people, it has the best; it isthe worst, it is the best. It is the acceptance of the contradictions andillusions. In any relationship, you can alternately love and hatesomebody every day. New York is so mutable and surprising. Evenif you dont love it, it is always compelling, always interesting, andnever boring. It will always be here and it might continue onwithout you, but you’ll never be the same.It gave us one hell of a year, so THANK YOU NEW YORK...
  6. 6. Class of 2011/12Adekunle AdegboyeYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Whenyou get paid bi-monthly Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... MADIBA Deutsche Bank AGBest Food Experience... Japanese foodFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Rooftop Personal Emailat 230 on 5th belomi2001@yahoo.comBiggest Achievement of the Year... Networking skills Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret... 8th May 1981What I’ll Miss The Most... Independence dayFireworks HometownFavourite New York Moment… July 4th. Lagos, NigeriaIndependence day NicknameTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Pre drinks and cook Adeyour mealQuote of the Year… You never know until you try Advice for the new intake… Enjoy every moment- It’s just one year Final Words of Wisdom... It can only get better
  7. 7. Class of 2011/12 Omolola AkitoyeBest Celebrity Spot...Julianne MooreBest Food Experience... Sponsor CompanyThe Meatball Shop UBSFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... HometownThe Highline in the morning/ Bryant Park in the LondoneveningWhat I’ll Miss The Most... NicknameWaking up to the Manhattan skyline LolaFavourite New York Moment…Afternoon at an empty Beach 116th Street, RockawayParkAdvice for the new intake…Treat every day like it’s your last day in The City!Final Words of Wisdom...You can do almost anything in New York for free… You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… you wake up in the morning, look out of the window & can see the Manhattan skyline (& when you have to make the toss-up between getting the subway or a dollar slice)
  8. 8. Class of 2011/12Jay AminYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youreating $1 pizza for lunch/dinner and spending yourFriday night at Scotland Yard for $1 beers Sponsor CompanyFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... At a UBSNYC Happy Hour BarBiggest Achievement of the Year... Not taking a Personal Emailsingle ‘sick’ day from work / Managing to make Jay_amin87@hotmail.cominto work at 8:30am after getting home at 7:45amfrom the night before Date of BirthWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Friends / Freedom / 21st April 1987Nightlife / Hearing “I love your accent” every 5mins! Home TownMost comical Moment… Looking out from the Londonbalcony and catching all the ‘Walk of shames”!!(Not mentioning any names!)Quote of the Year… Police: “Why did you just jumpthe train barrier?” Mountbatten: “Because I do it inLondon” / “Oh no… She is getting mad!!” / “When isthe UK Independence day?” Advice for the new intake… Make the most of it. The time goes by as quick as the MB wage leaves your account Final Words of Wisdom... Make sure you’re not alone on the path after a night out. You will miss the ‘Newport’ stop! (Right Raj??)
  9. 9. Class of 2011/12 Steven AndersonYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Yourbeloved football team goes into administration, goesbust, loses all its players then gets relegated three Sponsor Companydivisions – and you STILL have one of the best years of AIGyour lifeBest Celebrity Spot... Bruce Willis at a diner Personal EmailFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... by the fountain at the bottom of Wall StreetBiggest Achievement of the Year... Getting fit and Date of Birthback running again after over 2 years out injured 9th February 1983NY’s Best Kept Secret... The Slaughtered Lamb pubWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Subway / deli employees Hometownpanicking and proceeding to gaze at me like I just Glasgowsprouted three heads, when I ask for no saladFavourite NY Moment… Electric Zoo music festivalTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… $ slice is your friendQuote of the Year… “I love the accent – you’reGerman, right?” – Random deli woman Advice for the new intake… Meet Americans and locals. Live the year outside the bubble. Final Words of Wisdom... Embrace all the change that New York brings into your life – even if it means you have to do a little bit of growing-up.
  10. 10. Class of 2011/12 Charles ArrowsmithFavourite Place to Sit & Watch the World Go By… Sponsor CompanyAnywhere on the waterfront. British Consulate-GeneralYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youplan your week around free meals. Personal Email cfarrowsmith@gmail.comBest Food Experience… Baby Watson Cheesecakeat D’Aiuto: Brilliant. Home TownBiggest Achievement… Three catch-outs in an Shrewsburyinnings in the field playing for the Consulatesoftball team. Nickname BucksBest Celebrity Spot… President Obama ANDPresident Bush in the same motorcade.New York’s Best Kept Secret… Cheesecake atD’Aiuto.Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Don’t spend it allat once. Advice for the new intake… Branch out.
  11. 11. Class of 2011/12 Andrew AustinBest Food Experience... The Piper’s Kilt, 210th &Broadway after a long afternoon of hockey. Theyclaim to have the best burger in the city, I believethem. Sponsor CompanyFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... South JP Morgan Chase & Co.Street Seaport. Right under the Brooklyn Bridge, sunshining and deck chairs provided. Personal EmailWhat I’ll Miss The Most... My little sis Marie, my Nik, Guilaine, Dammy and Debs and all myfriends on MB who have the amazing ability to turn no Date of Birthplans at 5:00 on a Friday Night into an awesomeweekend. And Binita’s Cakes. 26th October 1982Favourite NY Moment… Actually a NJ Moment – Six Home TownFlags Theme Park, Jackson NJ. Tania to my rightabsolutely fearless, Tessa and Ash laughing Aylesbury, Buckshysterically and the rollercoaster about drop us 240ft in10 seconds.Most Embarrassing Moment… My Free Runningaccident in PhiladelphiaTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Don’t room with Ward,his roommates go missing. Biggest Achievement... the “Snowbowl” Flag-Football tournament. What started out as a few of us trying to play American Football in a park turned into us playing at the Superbowl Champs stadium, raising over $2000 for charity, meeting amazing kids & supporting a brilliant charity.
  12. 12. Class of 2011/12Emma Austin-CarrollBest Celebrity Spot...Cameron Diaz and P-Diddy at PHD Sponsor Company Thomson ReutersFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Times Square Red Steps Personal Email New York Moment…July 4th, picnic by the river Date of Birth 15th May 1989Advice for the new intake…You’re only here for a year, say yes to everything! Home TownFinal Words of Wisdom... Billericay, Essexnot quite words of wisdom but … Incredible city,with awesome people = BEST YEAR EVER! What I’ll Miss The Most... You guys being around the corner! And the weather, its been so nice to have an actually SUMMER!
  13. 13. Class of 2011/12 Hazel BairdBest Celebrity Spot… The amazing AndrewGarfieldFave New York Moment… Sailing on the Long Sponsor CompanyIsland Sound one evening whilst watching thefireworks over New York City in the distance. Prospect CapitalBiggest Achievement… Silencing the comedy actorsat Boca by shouting Braveheart quotes, “You may Personal Emailtake our lives…!” Place to Watch the World Go By… My officewindow. The views were amazing; Empire State Date of BirthBuilding, Chrysler Building, Bryant Park and 31st May 1986Downtown towards the Freedom Tower andStatue of Liberty on a clear day. Home TownYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You Trooncompare your poverty level to that of Oliver Twist,the words ‘free’ and ‘bar’ are music to your earsand your kitchen could feature in an episode of Nickname‘How Clean Is Your House’. CrazelMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… The entireMiami trip Claire and I endured. Record rainfall,heat stroke, fainting, concussion and missed flightsall in one weekend. Advice for the new intake… Refrain from spending your entire pay packet in one weekend. Quote of the Year… “I represent the PATH” – Sun Heer, 2011
  14. 14. Class of 2011/12Elizabeth BarkerBest Celebrity Spot... The Statue of Liberty (shecounts) Sponsor CompanyBest Food Experience... Hot dogs from the hot dog Deutsche Bankstand Personal EmailFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Battery Achievement of the Year... Passing every Date of Birthcleaning inspection! 22nd AprilWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The 24 hour subway system Home TownFavourite New York Moment… Ceviche & cocktail Londonparty on an apartment rooftop in the summerAdvice for the new intake… Don’t bother with the Nicknamefree ferry trip to Staten Island to see the statue. It Lizreally is a waste of time. You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… The landscape looks like America, but all the voices are British
  15. 15. Class of 2011/12 Jessica BartonBest Celebrity Spot… Kanye West eating Taco inthe West VillageWhat I’ll Miss Most… Frozen margs, rooftop views, Sponsor Companysecret bars, after work dumplings, fro-yo’s, Jill Miller & Associates P.Coutdoor movies, the weather!NY’s Best Kept Secret…Mulberry Project beer Personal Emailgarden Food Experience… Burger at The SunburntCalf, Korean food at Cho dang gul, the $ slice! Date of BirthFave New York Moment… Watching the fireworks 16th March 1990from Hoboken on 4th of July.You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You’resinging karaoke in an East Village bar at 3pm after Home Towna boozy Sunburnt Cow brunch St. HelensMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Gettingcaught by Newport security rolling under the fence Nicknamein fancy dress with a bottle of vodka. JessQuote of the Year… Anika Mistry wakes up aftera night in Miami beach, throws back the covers,looks at what she’s wearing and says “Guys…whose knickers are these?” Advice for the new intake… Marry an American and get yourself a Green Card! Final Words of Wisdom… Amazing, amazing year!
  16. 16. Class of 2011/12 Alex BattleBest Food Experience…Bread & Butter’s ChickenChilli SoupBiggest Achievement…Being crowned the ‘2012 Sponsor CompanyInstitutional Investor Nerfball Champion’; Euromoney InstitutionalReaching the NY Rugby 7s final with the infamous Investor‘MB Barons’; Playing ‘football’ at Metlife Stadium;Collecting all 50 US State quarters.You Know You’re On Mountbatten When…After a Personal Emailyear of working, your manager concludes that battle_73@hotmail.comyour “decision making ability” is … N/A.Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment…Pete’s Date of Birthentrance with Mike and the lawyer; Ruari’s 19th May 1989general behaviour at his birthday brunch;‘Toblerone-Gate’; Samantha the Las Vegas‘Consultant’ Home TownBest Celebrity Spot…Victor Cruz in Vegas or Essexworld renowned DJ David “Fozzy Maiden” Currie… it’s a toughie! NicknamesQuotes of the Year…”Any danger?...”; “Stitch Up”; Battle / Slugs Mahoney“Hate to see it…”; “Lagers soon”;“Shagaaarrrrrrrrr” (P Shiells); “She didn’t cupmeeee” (R Sinclair) What I’ll Miss Most…NFL Sundays; ‘Culture Vulture outings’; Brunch; Beer Pong; 24/7 Sports; Central Park; Dollar slices; 5 Guys; the constant free events. Plus all the great people I’ve met along the way.
  17. 17. Class of 2011/12Joe BennisYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…People show a look of genuine horror when youtell them how much you get paid Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Deutsche BankBen StillerBest Food Experience... Personal EmailFood Vans! Joe.bennis1988@gmail.comFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Date of BirthOutside bars near the Hudson in Hoboken 3rd September 1988What You’ll Miss The Most... Home TownThe ability to do anything you want within a couple Londonof hours of travelQuote of the Year…Let’s Go Giants!!! Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Getting trapped in DC’s bathroom until 5am due to a broken lock (thanks Mountbatten Accommodation Services)
  18. 18. Class of 2011/12Frederick BeroudBest Celebrity Spot...Film sets Sponsor Company UBSBest Food Experience...SerendipityFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Date of BirthTimes Square 10th JuneNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Home TownThe other boroughs Les Arcs, FranceWhat I’ll Miss The Most...Harlem crazies NicknamesFavourite New York Moment… AutumnChristmasTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Killington, VT You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… you get paid $900 a month?
  19. 19. Class of 2011/12Siobhan BrewsterBest Celebrity Spot…Cameron Diaz and P. Diddyflirting. Sponsor CompanyFave Place to Watch the World Go By…Bakeri. ING CapitalFave New York Moment…Dressing up as Marie Personal EmailAntoinette arisen from the dead and roaming the Siobhan.brewster@americas.streets of Manhattan with my petticoats dragging in ing.comthe freak snow storm.Best Food Experience…Ma Peche, Maine lobster Date of Birth 18th June 1987What I’ll Miss The Most…The PATHNew York’s Best Kept Secret…Maison Premiere, Home TownDecibel. EdinburghYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…You can’tremember the PATH journey home (because youpaid $60 for a taxi). Advice for the new intake…Go hard or go home. Final words of wisdom…Smile and the whole of Manhattan will smile with you / hit on you / try to talk to you about their invisible friends.
  20. 20. Class of 2011/12Hayley BromilowYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youthink its normal to get drunk on a Monday nightBest Food Experience... Locande Verde Sponsor CompanyFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Highline Thomson ReutersBiggest Achievement of the Year... Organising a clientdinner for my CEO Personal EmailNew York’s Best Kept Secret... The Speakeasy bars I’ll Miss The Most... My wonderful colleagues Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… When the Giants 2nd December 1985won the superbowlMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… I havent Home Townstopped laughing Chipping CampdenTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Always carry a (The Cotswolds)hairbrush, deodorant and make up, you never knowwhere the night may take you NicknameAdvice for the new intake… Dont say no to Haylsanything, do everything Final Words of Wisdom... See and do as much as you can, make as many friends as you can, enjoy yourself and be prepared to be exhausted!
  21. 21. Class of 2011/12 Adele BrownYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youfind a box of cocopops an absolute rip off.Best Food Experience... Proper Fish and Chips from Sponsor CompanyThe Chip Shop in Brooklyn Institutional InvestorBiggest Achievement of the Year... SurvivingFavourite New York Moment… Seeing Foster the Personal EmailPeople in Central Park when it started lashingdown with rain on the last song. Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Obviously Date of Birthwhen I ripped my leather trousers off in public or 28th January 1988when Tom Fraser got ‘mugged’ in Pacha.Quotes of the Year… ‘Nicccce’ ‘State of it’ ‘What Home Townabout it!?’ ‘Excuse me are you a professional Washington, Tyne & Weardancer, great, watch this!’ ‘DRIVE it’s your journey’‘Something went wrong last night’ ‘Only in NewYork…’ Nickname Goldie ChungAdvice for the new intake…No-one forgetsanything – just remember that. What I’ll Miss The Most... Sitting in Union Square on my lunch in the Sun watching the Manhattan crazies or Washington Park watching the world go by listening to the piano man.
  22. 22. Class of 2011/12Beatriz BrownYou Know You’re On MB When… NYs most alluringhot spots are beyond the realms of your budget.Best Celebrity Spot... Nico Jaar on Spring Street- Sponsor Companywhat a DJ! What a face (mine first Manners)! UBSBest Food Experience... took place in Chicagosfinest: Ruxbin, The Girl and Goat and Black Dog Personal Emailgelato. beatrizmbrown@gmail.comFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Brooklyn Bridge Park. Or the top of any fire escape Date of Birthladder in Bushwick. 31st December 1986Biggest Achievement of the Year... Orderingcaipirinhas to the UBS account on Miamis beaches. HometownNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Must remain away Londonfrom Mountbatten ears: Blkmarket Membership.What I’ll Miss The Most... Hipster Hunting in NicknameBrooklyn, conspiratorial drinking from red cups, Bea, Beasydollar oysters, rooftop invitations, Charles’ bookrecommendations, the Met Opera for its splendourand generous student love, MoMA parties for adults& facepaint… Favourite New York Moment… Gatecrashing Fashion Week parties at the Hotel Americano with (art) dealers and crafty blagging, plus the inevitable morning after the night before with Krugs. And the perfection that was Antony and the Johnsons singing at Radio City.
  23. 23. Class of 2011/12 Sylvester CampbellYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youresick of dollar slice. Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Someone who may or may nothave been Sarah Jessica Parker! UBSBest Food Experience... The Meatball Shop Personal EmailFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Union Achievement of the Year... Scoring a Field Date of BirthGoal at the Giants Stadium 10th June 1982New York’s Best Kept Secret... Exploring outsideManhattan Home TownWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Sunshine and having an Aberdeenaccent!Favourite New York Moment… The Tartan DayParadeTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Get used to beingtired Advice for the new intake… Try and fit in as much as possible, but New York will always be here to come back and visit.
  24. 24. Class of 2011/12 Sam Cherry-DownesWhat I’ll Miss Most… $ slice; Misha’s hula hooping;Big Raj’s drunken antics, AYCD brunches (esp. Yotel); Sponsor Companypretentious rooftop bars; PAX; Le Bain’s hot tub. British ConsulateYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… A dollarslice seems an acceptable and nutritious dinner. Personal EmailBest Food Experience… Vin et Fleurs scherrydownes@gmail.comFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By… Tribeca Date of BirthBiggest Achievement… Walking 32 miles around the 24th January 1989shoreline of Manhattan. Never. Again.Best Celebrity Spot… Cameron Diaz and P Diddy in Home TownPHD at the Dream Hotel IpswichMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Ru’s bday…Or begging for $2.25 at the subway station to get Nicknamehome as the night before had left me with no money, Cherry / Chezza D / Eaglecards, ID... EyeNew York’s Best Kept Secret… Employees Only. Quote of the Year… “Dollar dollar slice yahhh”. Final Words of Wisdom… Don’t fall asleep on the PATH.
  25. 25. Class of 2011/12 Amy ClarksonBest Food Experience...Buddakan Sponsor Company UBSFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Bryant Park Personal Email Amy_jc6@hotmail.comWhat You’ll Miss The Most...Great friends Date of Birth 5th April 1989 Home Town Middlesborough Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… When Alison McGirr attempted to go to work at 8pm on a Sunday evening after having a snooze after brunch, thinking it was 8am on Monday morning
  26. 26. Class of 2011/12 Fiona CollinsYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Youhave to check your bank balance before you makea purchase. Sponsor Company JP Morgan ChaseBest Celebrity Spot…Ben Stiller.Best Food Experience…Sparks Steakhouse / Personal EmailNorma’s for brunch Spot to Sit & Watch the World Go By…BryantPark. Date of Birth 5th November 1988Biggest Achievement of the Year…Work – gettingextra responsibilities. Home TownNew York’s Best Kept Secret…A rooftop park with Dublinviews of Brooklyn Bridge.What I’ll Miss The Most...The fact that there isalways so much to do/ the view of the skylineFinal Words of Wisdom...Make the most of it Favourite New York Moment… Ah there’re are so many…Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade / New Years Eve in the City
  27. 27. Class of 2011/12Pat CollinsYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… youaccept the offer.Best Celebrity Spot... Will Smith Sponsor CompanyBest Food Experience...Hurricane Club, Smith & UBSWollensky’s, Morton’s, Uncle Jack’s Steak House,Brick Lane Curry House, Brennan and Car. Personal EmailFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... patrick@collinsx.comHighline.Biggest Achievement... being a great R.A. and Date of Birthconsistently getting my essay extension requests 24th June 1989approved.What I’ll Miss The Most… The stairwell in JM. Home TownFave New York Moment… Nero, Christmas Cabin, Sheffieldnumerous nights outTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… always ask for Nicknameyour change back Dillman aka Dilley and PatQuote of the Year… “Seriously” “everyone onMountbatten calls me BJP”, Ozzy Dave- “ Tullett-“Why does it have a fan if it’s called a Macbook air” Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Paul booking Miami flights online for the guys and after a few drinks puts ‘Ozzy Dave’ for Dave Murray’s official name.. it cost him $50 to change the deets the next day.
  28. 28. Class of 2011/12Daisy May CosterFavourite New York Moment… ice skating inCentral Park on Christmas Day. Sponsor CompanyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… you Capuder Fazio Giacoia LLPget the path back to Newport from WTC beforechanging onto the 33rd street train as you have nomoney to get the subway. Personal Email daisymaycoster@hotmail.comBest Celeb Spot... Bon Jovi at Harlem GlobeTrotters. Date of BirthFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... South 6th April 1989Street Seaport or Central Park.Best Food Experience... Magnolia Bakery’s Banana HometownPudding, anything from Max Brenner’s choc Newportrestaurant.What I’ll Miss The Most... wandering the city and Nicknamealways finding things you hadn’t seen before. DMC, Daisu-Mau, Day-ZTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… dollar slice!Quote of the Year… As all Devils fans know“Rangers Suck, Flyers Swallow” Final Words of Wisdom... Take up every opportunity, you never know where it will lead but you will have fun finding out.
  29. 29. Class of 2011/12Chris CurrieYou Know you’re On Mountbatten When…You run out of work to make happy hour.Best Food Experience... Sponsor CompanyThe Lobster House, Cape May LiquidnetFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Liberty State Park Personal EmailWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Christopher.currie87@gmail.comHanging out with friends, exploring the city,weekend brunches, planning trips and amazing Date of Birthnights out. 16th June 1987Favourite New York Moment…Showing my family around the city when they Home Towncame to visit. And getting a surprise birthday Dungannon, N. Irelandparty.Top Mountbatten Survival Tip…Free Friday lunches at Liquidnet, budget thestipend and $1 slices of course… Advice for the new intake… Live for the weekend & take more pictures.
  30. 30. Class of 2011/12David CurrieYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Your TVis older than you are. Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Kelly Kapowski from Saved Credit Suisseby the Bell or Jay-z, the Mayor, Jimmy Fallon andthe cast of Entourage at the Yankee game., toughcall. Personal Email dcurrie100@gmail.comBest Food Experience... Probably any Dollar slicewhen half cut Date of BirthFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Hudson 24th April 1987Park or the Highline.New York’s Best Kept Secret... SantaCon Home Town GlasgowWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The diversity, theatmosphere, the grid systems of streets, New Yorks NicknameWomen’s uncanny ability to have great bodies and DCof course The Culture Vultures.Quote of the Year… Hate to see it – Various.‘Here we go’ - Will Power Final Words of Wisdom... Always check the path times before walking down there at the end of a night, never pay more than $40 for a cab home, Shake Shack is not at good as the line would make you think, visit Cafe Wha at least once. Always tip. And make sure you get your Visa applications in early as possible.
  31. 31. Class of 2011/12 Tamryn CurtisYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youstart talking like a Brit.Best Celebrity Spot... Kanye West visiting my office Sponsor Companyevery week, and his little serenades. OMA (Office forBest Food Experience... Degustation at WD-50 Metropolitan Architecture)Biggest Achievement of the Year... Surviving on $230 aweek Personal EmailNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Phileo Frozen Yoghurt Tamryn.curtis@me.comWhat I’ll Miss The Most..., Jess’smorning emails, teaching Paul to speak properly. Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… Coachella’s Creator’s 1st June 1989Project in Dumbo, Matt & Kim gig, Fire Island with JB,Bonnaroo, trip to New Orleans HometownMost Comical Moment… Crawling under a fence Sydney, Australiawith Jessica Barton, and getting told we were goingto jail by Newport’s finest security guard. NicknameQuote of the Year… “Sod it!” ,“Fake it till you make Tamit”, “You can sleep when you’re dead” Final Words of Wisdom... New York City.. You gave me a little bite out of your amazing, chaotic, crazy, enchanting world…and I’m exhausted! Thank you for giving me the most amazing adventure!
  32. 32. Class of 2011/12 Jonathon DeakinBest Food Experience...Mandarin Oriental Asiate Sponsor CompanyFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... CitigroupCentral Park, E 85th Street Personal EmailBiggest Achievement of the Year... jonathondeakin@gmail.comRunning first 5K on 23rd birthday Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret... 31st MayLa Quinta Inn rooftop bar in K-TownFavourite New York Moment… Home TownRandom food and drinks with MLB business Coventryassociates NicknameMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Deakin BeastI had a wire on my shoe Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Having personal in-house chefs
  33. 33. Class of 2011/12Stephen DilleyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…yourpay cheque doesn’t last a weekendBest Food Experience... The Four Seasons Sponsor Company UBSFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...outside Starbucks in Newport Personal EmailBiggest Achievement of the Year...toss between not Sed.dilley@gmail.commanaging to take a sick day from work all year orkissing Jessica Lowndes Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… definitely more 14th April 1989than one favourite that can’t be described in just afew words HometownMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… rolling Bexley, Londondown the stairs at Stamford stationTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… be nice to your Nicknameparents Dill / Dillman / Dill-dogAdvice for the new intake… don’t be thinking youcan budget in this city!! What I’ll Miss The Most… brunch / the banter / the ferry journeys / dollar slice / Hobokes / AC / pre-game / surprise birthday party / cabin / 24/7 trains / my free concert & those who don’t move London
  34. 34. Class of 2011/12 Nawal ElkhassasiBest Celebrity Spot…Ryan Gosling – the day hesaved a woman’s life!Biggest Achievement of the Year… Playing Tag Sponsor CompanyFootball at the MetLife stadium … “Let’s go Selldorf ArchitectsMountain Goats!”Fave New York Moment… Fireworks on Personal EmailIndependence Day dramaqueennawal@hotmail.comMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Brunch inWashington … if only I could remember it all! Date of BirthWhat I’ll Miss The Most… “Oh my God, you have 7th September 1989an accent!”Fave Place to Watch the World Go By… Newport Home TownPier Camden Town, LondonYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Nomatter where you go, there’s half a dozenMountbattens there too!Best Food Experience… Cafe MogadorQuote of the Year… “It’s like Jurassic Park!” – HollyJones, New Orleans, Swamps Final words of wisdom… We must stop forgetting how young we are … we must start enjoying the moments; rather than thinking away the seconds.
  35. 35. Class of 2011/12James EmmanuelTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Ramen noodlesBest Celebrity Spot... Sponsor CompanyPartying with DJ Mark Ronson at Santos Party UBS IBHouseFavourite New York Moment…Dancing in Certral Park in the Rain at the B.E.P’s Personal Emailconcert jedamo@gmail.comNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Date of BirthBrooklyn Charm 15th April 1990What I’ll Miss The Most...All the great friends I have made here. Team D! Home TownBest Food Experience... TotteridgeRoti Canai from Nyonya NicknameQuote of the Year… Jamsie, Jimmeh, J‘Are there churches in Africa?’ ‘Oh you fancy, huh?’ Final Words of Wisdom... Don’t blame the DJ, just because you can’t dance!
  36. 36. Class of 2011/12Paul ErnoultBiggest Achievement of the Year... 2 Point Conversion atThe Metlife, Hitting Red 23 in Atlantic City and spending ayear in the same room as Rohan Popat! Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Nicole Kidman… “Oh Hey!” LiquidnetFavourite New York Moment… Creators Project, AtlanticCity, Matt & Kim, Cyndi Lauper, Bonnaroo, Coney Island,Thanksgiving, Miami, Of Men and Monsters, The Knicks at Personal EmailMSG, 2102, York’s Best Kept Secret... Woodchuck/ Fat Baby hasa rooftop? Date of BirthMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Timmy not 23rd March 1989knowing the difference between a duck and a goose. OzyDave showing the mattress who was boss. Halloween Home Townpath journey. OrpingtonTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… keep 2 dollars in yourdesk draw just in case… you never know when that nextslice will be needed.Quote of the Year… Sun - “I Represent the Path” Rohan -“Happy Birthday babes” Timmy - “where is my cage” Pat -“I just really love a cuddle” Tam Advice for the new intake… Do as much as you can, go to as many places as possible…Food really is the last priority! Final Words of Wisdom... Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard.
  37. 37. Class of 2011/12 Lily EvansBest Celebrity Spot… James Corden on Broadway.What I’ll Miss Most… Richie Roth; boozy brunches;living so close to all my lovely friends; air Sponsor Companyconditioned subways that run 24/7. The Roth Law FirmNew York’s Best Kept Secret… Café WhaBest Food Experience… Burger at The Sunburnt Personal EmailCalf, Korean food at Cho dang gul, the $ slice! New York Moment… Mulready and Idiscovering the infamous chicken bus; the Date of BirthChristmas and Summer cabins and the RFL Fall 3rd May 1987Bash.Biggest Achievement… To have not lost any Home Townvaluables. Yet! LondonQuote of the Year… “OK, so I may have slept onthe streets of Manhattan until 9am in myHalloween costume … get over it” – Tom Mulready Nickname Lil / Lils / Lilith / Lilykins /You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youhave no money left in your account. L-BoomMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… When thelunge was incorporated into almost every nightout. Advice for the new intake… Get on Groupon / Living Social / ClubFreeTime for the best deals in NYC. Final Words of Wisdom… Enjoy every moment!
  38. 38. Class of 2011/12Tom FraserYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… DuaneReade is Duncan Higgins alternate outspoken persona.Best Food Experience... Meatball Roulette – As emotionalas an eating experience comes. Glory, relief, confusion, Sponsor Companysatisfaction, disgust, pain, nervousness and anguish – the US Trust, Bank of Americagame will be remembered and reenacted by futureMountbatten’s for years to come. Personal EmailBiggest Achievement of the Year... Being admitted into tomfraser2011@gmail.comthe Yotel Hall of Fame along with Andrew Massie forbeing superior brunch participants. Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Long Island Rail Road 3rd June 1989Roulette – a game played by thousands every weekendduring the Summer months. We discovered this gameone afternoon in Penn Station, when purchasing a ticket, Home Townlocal bystanders informed us to just “go anywhere. SouthendWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The Culture Vultures. Thisexclusive group, handpicked by an even more exclusive Nicknamegroup, left no stone unturned in their excursions around The Big AppleNew York City. I am privileged enough to say that I wasa member of this elite assembly and I will not forget thetimes we had exploring New York City this year. Fave NY Moment… Either the 3 game wait to see the Nets lead a game or the NY Giants winning the Superbowl! Ice skating in Central Park, Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting, US Open tennis final, brunches, family & friend visits, NFL draft, days of vulturing.
  39. 39. Class of 2011/12Kishen GanatraYou Know You’re On MB When… your dollar slicespending equates to your monthly Path card costBest Celebrity Spot... Hugh Jackman Sponsor Company Deutsche BankBest Food Experience... Mamouns – falafel sandwichFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Personal EmailWashington Square Park kishenganatra@hotmail.comBiggest Achievement of the Year... bothering to handin all assignments on time #cashbonusbaby Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Fuerza Bruta 27th September 1988What I’ll Miss The Most... Having a bunch of waste’sliving around you at all times – the view on the walk Hometownto Hoboken BeckenhamFave NY Moment… Giants winning the Superbowl NicknamesTop MB Survival Tip… bring money from home KishQuote of the Year… ”what a d*ck move, she snakedme” (Tino Makoni) Advice for the new intake… Make the most of free (alcohol) events & head to Trader Joes Final Words of Wisdom... Get into the sports – football, basketball and ice hockey all good to go watch
  40. 40. Class of 2011/12 Misha GondhiaYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Everyone uses the word ‘poor week’ every other Sponsor Companyweek Deutsche BankBest Celebrity Spot...Snooki from the Jersey Shore Personal EmailBest Food Experience... Misha.gondhia@gmail.comHurricane Club for New York Restaurant WeekFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Date of BirthPark in Hoboken 3rd May 1990New York’s Best Kept Secret...Alice’s Tea CupFavourite New York Moment…Harvard vs. Yale football gameTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Have an English bank card to rely on!Advice for the new intake…I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise Biggest Achievement of the Year... Appearing in LOOK! Magazine
  41. 41. Class of 2011/12 Chandni GovindiaYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Your card gets declined at Morton Williams Sponsor Company UBSBest Celebrity Spot...The Knicks at Greenhouse Personal EmailBest Food Experience... slices at 5am Date of BirthFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... 5th February 1990Met Steps, Froyo in hand Home TownBiggest Achievement of the Year... LondonClimbing up the Rockefeller without dyingWhat I’ll Miss The Most...BRUNCH Final Words of Wisdom... ‘If you can only have one great love, then the City just may be mine’ Carrie Bradshaw
  42. 42. Class of 2011/12Ahava-Shaffra Gray-ReadYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Friendsat work give you their leftovers.Best Celebrity Spot... Miss Lilly’s – Jessica Alba and Sponsor CompanyShaggy on the same night! Thompson Wigdor LLPBiggest Achievement of the Year... 10K GOGI RaceNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Qi - $6.90 lunch deal Personal EmailWhat I’ll Miss The Most... My church – Brooklyn As.grayread@gmail.comTabernacle And SephoraEmbarrassing/Comical Moment… Ended up bumping Date of Birthin to a guy that I cancelled on and then awkwardly 17th August 1989pretended I was on the phone.Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Always get to places Home Townbefore they charge. Great YarmouthQuote of the Year… YOU AIN’T ABOUT THIS LIFE!!Advice for the new intake… Flaunt your accent – it Nicknamewill get you places! ShazzyFinal Words of Wisdom... Cherish every momentbecause the year will speed ahead of you. Favourite New York Moment… partying with the Jets, going on a date with a Jets player, private concert with P Diddy and Mariah Carey, Watch the Throne in AC, Xmas cabin in Vermont, Ashley’s 24th, the many soca nights.
  43. 43. Class of 2011/12Nikunj GuptaYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… youbump into other MB interns at the weirdest hoursin the most random locations. Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Jimmy Fallon at Barnes & JP Morgan Chase & Co.Noble.Best Food Experience... Melt-in-your-mouth lamb Personal Emailchops at Michelin-starred Junoon restaurant, NYC. contact@nikgupta.comFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... BatteryPark in the sun: gorgeous! Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret... 60th floor of 1 Chase 15th JuneManhattan Plaza – best views of NYC bar none.Fave NY Moment… Wearing a traditional Scottish Home Townkilt down 6th Avenue for the Tartan Day Parade. Ilford, LondonQuote of the Year… “Walking? For what joy?” –Ritul Nammalvar “DUDE!” – Ashitha Jagadish “Just Nicknamea second please.” – Andy Sam Nik, Nix, Niko, Niku, Nik-Advice for the new intake… Do something Nak, Nikki G, Nikipedia,different and meet someone new everyday – this Nicolas, Ninjais the land of opportunity. Biggest Achievement of the Year... Surviving an entire fortnight on one $5 footlong Subway sandwich per day.
  44. 44. Class of 2011/12 Katy HanbyBest Celebrity Spot… Harry Connick Jr (moving outof Lily’s way!)Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Lose all shame and Sponsor Companyalways say yes to freebies. Thomson ReutersFave New York Moment… Lily’s rooftop law bash;Top Gun on top of the Intrepid; New Years Eve; Personal EmailSledging on Christmas Day. Katy.hanby@hotmail.comBiggest Achievement… Flying to places on my ownand not clutching random strangers out of pure Date of Birthfear. 16th October 1987What I’ll Miss The Most… Outdoor films ... andweather that permits them! Home TownFave Place to Watch the World Go By… From arowing boat on Central Park lake. LoughboroughYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youare surviving off porridge and ramen noodles. NicknameBest Food Experience… Free dinner at Ciprianis HanbersQuote of the Year…’Fuck it, let’s ballroom’ - EllyLacey‘Just rub it in, it’s good for the skin’ - Michelle Jones‘Welcome to Katy and Elly’s Cocktail Land’ Advice for the new intake… Never ever take your cash card out with you. Ever. Final words of wisdom… Just say yes.
  45. 45. Class of 2011/12Nilofer HaroonYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…You pay in pennies to buy coffee before your Sponsor Companypayday. Deutsche BankBest Food Experience...Westville Personal Email knilofer1@gmail.comFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Brooklyn Bridge Date of BirthWhat I’ll Miss The Most... 25th June 1988Chicken over rice Home TownFavourite New York Moment… MumbaiStarbucks Chronicles NicknamesAdvice for the new intake… Miles, Faith, DufferWorking Advantage ( For discounts) Final Words of Wisdom... Fake it ‘til you make it
  46. 46. Class of 2011/12 Sun HeerYou Know you’re On Mountbatten When…drinking is no longer fun, instead you are forced to Sponsor Companybinge drink as much as possible to make the most British Airwaysof an open bar!Best Food Experience... Papa John’s Personal EmailBiggest Achievement... Giving up pizza for 7 weeks! Sun_8717@hotmail.comWhat I’ll Miss The Most... BRUNCH! Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… July 4th 12th Augustcelebrations and all the Birthdays! HometownMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… What Royal Leamington Spahappens on the PATH stays on the PATHTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… $lice and Ramennoodles!Quote of the Year… “Aussie Dave, is he welsh?”Chiggs 2012 Advice for the new intake…Bring spray deodorant, Cadbury’s and SAVE $!
  47. 47. Class of 2011/12 Claire HigginsBest Celebrity Spot... Spiderman (AndrewGarfield) in Meatpacking Sponsor CompanyBiggest Achievement of the Year... Sitting the bar Boundas Skarzynski WalshBest Food Experience... Sun’s spag bol!! and BlackWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Team D, living with my 2besties and not living minutes away from Personal Emaileveryone! claireanniehiggins@hotmail.comFavourite New York Moment… Being at thebottom of an ice luge with Hazel and Black eyed Date of Birthpeas in the rain in Central Park. 11th May 1986Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Spendingmy entire life savings on a trip to Miami which Home Towncaused the near death of Hazel, 3rd degree burns, Glasgow (Scotland)a 3 day monsoon, and a rather interesting hot tubincident. And did I mention we missed our flighthome? NicknameTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Cockroaches are Chiggs/Chiggsyattracted to fake tan so learn to exterminate!Quote of the Year… “I’m still waiting…..” Advice for the new intake… Don’t sit on the bar! Final Words of Wisdom… Never say no to a night out as that’s the night everyone will end up in a bar with Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl!!!
  48. 48. Class of 2011/12Duncan HigginsNew York’s Best Kept Secret...Katz Delicatessen (not exactly a secret, but easilymissed) Sponsor Company Deutsche BankBest Celebrity Spot...Hugh Jackman Personal EmailBest Food Experience... dhiggins86@gmail.comSkylark Date of BirthBiggest Achievement of the Year... 27th July 1986Might Barons finale!Fave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... HometownNewport Swim & Fitness social area WorcesterFavourite New York Moment…Inaugural Yotel BrunchQuote of the Year…Ruari Sinclair – “she did not cup me!!!” Most Comical Moment… Pete Sheills joining the party late and obliviously crying “shagger” (directed at Mike Lindley) moments after he’s introduced us all to his new girl.
  49. 49. Class of 2011/12 Porawit HongsuwanYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youbarely have money to eat, yet you save up for the Sponsor Companyweekend UBSBest Food Experience... Krispy Kreme (uhhh…) Personal EmailFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Newport waterfront, and my window, and my kigaroo@gmail.combalcony Date of BirthWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The winter - winter back 17th January 1987home is always nice.Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Getting Home Townbusted and going to court for peeing on the street in BangkokBrooklynTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Don’t eat Nickname KiggyQuote of the Year… America runs on Dunkin’Advice for the new intake… Live your life, bitch Final Words of Wisdom... We’re here in the year of Linsanity. I’m happy Asian athletes are making impact in American sports but if you call me Lin I hate you.
  50. 50. Class of 2011/12 Jussi-Pekka HulkkoNew York’s Best Kept Secret... 44, M Sponsor CompanyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… you have Citino money left from your paycheck… after 3 days…Favourite New York Moment… Cabin Personal Email jupehulkko@gmail.comFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Standard,Upstairs, Jersey side river bank, … Bocca… Date of BirthBest Celebrity Spot... SVZ 15th NovemberBest Food Experience... Mussels baby mussels (from HK) Hometown JoensuuBiggest Achievement of the Year... the listWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Lads on twoer Nickname Jupe (You-Pay)Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… There is no survival. Advice for the new intake… when you are thinking about staying after lockdown… DON’T DO IT!!! …and no red- wine-pong…
  51. 51. Class of 2011/12Hadel JaberYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You seethe empire state building at lest once a day!!Best Food Experience... Koran town - poocha 32 Sponsor Company UBSBiggest Achievement... Living on a budget (justabout)NY’s Best Kept Secret... The secret subway station Personal Email‘City hall’, go on the 6 train till the last stop and stay you will see it – mostly used for filmingFavourite New York Moment… kayaking on the Date of Birthhudson 17th October 1988Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Fallingdrunk at Pranna in front of the whole room! (Very Home Townembarrassing) LondonTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Noodles no matter Nicknamehow poor you are you can always afford them!! :) HadelioNew York’s Best Kept Secret... The secret subwaystation ‘City hall’, go on the 6 train till the last stopand stay on you will see it – mostly used for filming. Advice for the new intake… Enjoy every moment….the year goes too fast!! Final Words of Wisdom... Make ever second count! Work hard & play harder ;) Take as many pictures as you can. And make it a year to remember.
  52. 52. Class of 2011/12 Ashitha JagadishBest Food Experience...Meatballssss Sponsor CompanyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Deutsche BankYou are caught eating a slice or two at 2 Brothers ;) Personal EmailWhat You’ll Miss The Most... Ash.jag237@gmail.comMy friends and roommates.Favourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Date of BirthWashington Square Park 21st September 1989Biggest Achievement of the Year... HometownWorking on Wall Street I guess Bangalore, IndiaFavourite New York Moment… NicknamesBasking in the sun at Central Park <3 AJTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Ramen Noodles :P Advice for the new intake… Live it up while here coz the year goes by faster than you think :)
  53. 53. Class of 2011/12 Adam JaquesYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You’dwalk 30 blocks to save the price of a subway ticket Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot... Jim Cramer on Wall St. Deutsche BankBest Food Experience... Cupcakes at SweetRevenge Personal EmailFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... ajaques@gmail.comCentral Park Date of BirthBiggest Achievement of the Year... Winning 5th February 1988Quizzmas and Quizzumer/ Inventing the “Atari”New York’s Best Kept Secret... The Dove Parlor Hometown BuckhurstWhat I’ll Miss The Most...TEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM AVENGERS!!! NicknamesMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… The Rico Suave, Baby Grey,Subway/McDonalds/PATH trip after rebel bingo Game TimeQuote of the Year… If you were any more inbredyou’d be in a sandwich… Advice for the new intake…StudentRush for Broadway tickets Final Words of Wisdom... If in doubt, whip it out
  54. 54. Class of 2011/12Michelle JonesYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You can’tgo anywhere without bumping into Mountbattens!Best Celebrity Spot... Jerry O’Connell, Topher Grace, Sponsor CompanyJohn Lithgow, James Corden UBSBest Food Experience... AG Kitchen – course aftercourse of free food – why stop at three?! Personal EmailFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Newport Michelle.jones_uk@yahoo.combeach – it’s pretty much the only time I’ve stopped! Date of BirthBiggest Achievement of the Year... Not stopping! 12th July 1984NY’s Best Kept Secret... How to score free theatre tix! Home TownWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The Mountbattens – youguys have rocked my world :) Leeds / GuildfordFave NY Moment… Upstate cabin trips, 4th of July. NicknameTop Mountbatten Survival Tip… Pasta-sauce lunches! MJ, JonesyQuote of the Year… “I’ll sleep when I’m in England”. Advice for the new intake… Treat every New York day as if it was your last day here. The time flies far too fast and you can sleep when you get home!
  55. 55. Class of 2011/12Ellen Keenan-O’MalleyBest Celebrity Spot…Samuel L Jackson.Biggest Achievement of the Year…Being appointed Sponsor CompanyCo-Chair of the Women’s City Club Young Reavis Parent Lehrer LLPProfessionals, New York.Fave New York Moment…Watching the debut Personal Emailperformance of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra atthe Avery Theatre ekeenanomalley@gmail.comMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment…The night withJM Apt 1202 mannequin legs, Misha and Nawal Date of Birth 5th April 1989What I’ll Miss The Most… My amazing roommate,Nawal. Home TownFave Place to Watch the World Go By… The Irishfamine memorial site on the Hudson River. LondonYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You buya dollar slice so you can afford alcohol. Nicknames ElmoBest Food Experience… 3 course meal at Sea Grill,Rockefeller Center, Restaurant week.Quote of the Year… “Well my boobs…” Advice for the new intake…Say YES to everything! Final words of wisdom…Never regret anything; at that moment in time it was the right decision.
  56. 56. Class of 2011/12 Natasha KochharWhat I’ll Miss Most… The antics of Team D.Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Dollar slices.You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You have Sponsor Companyspent your entire wage in one weekend. Garson Decorato & CohenBest Food Experience… Chipshop – purely becausethey sold Irn Bru! Personal EmailFave New York Moment… Cabin, Christmas natashakochhar3@gmail.combonanza, 4th of July, Atlantic City. Date of BirthBiggest Achievement… Going two weekends in arow without drunk dialing. 1st November 1988Best Celebrity Spot… The others saw Nate … I sawRufus Humpfrey. Home TownMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Falling off a Edinburghstatue of an elephant, while dressed as a leprechaun,at one in the afternoon. NicknameQuotes of the Year… “It’s your journey, drives, you Tash / Tash Bash / Trash /play whatever music you want”. “Vicky, please stop Scweffcalling the driver drives”. “Sorry drives”.“No one’s a winner … it’s meatball roulette.” Advice for the new intake… Go hard or go home. Final Words of Wisdom… Nothing good happens after 2am.
  57. 57. Class of 2011/12Ami Kotecha You Know You’re On Mounbatten When… You see Mountbattens … everywhere. Sponsor Company JP Morgan Chase Best Celebrity Spot…Tyra Banks in the Harvard gift shop. Personal Email Best Food Experience…Chop’d Date of Birth 21st August 1989 Fave Spot to Sit & Watch the World Go By…Outdoor restaurants Home Town London New York’s Best Kept Secret…Owls Head Park, Brooklyn Quote of the Year…”Goofy” What I’ll Miss Most…Living the American dream Top Mountbatten Survival Tip…Date rich!
  58. 58. Class of 2011/12 Ellen Keenan-O’MalleyBest Celebrity Spot…Samuel L Jackson.Biggest Achievement of the Year…Being Sponsor Companyappointed Co-Chair of the Women’s City Club Reavis Parent Lehrer LLPYoung Professionals, New York.Fave New York Moment…Watching the debut Personal Emailperformance of the Vienna Symphony Orchestraat the Avery Theatre ekeenanomalley@gmail.comMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment…The nightwith JM Apt 1202 mannequin legs, Misha and Date of BirthNawal 5th April 1989What I’ll Miss The Most… My amazing roommate,Nawal. Home TownFave Place to Watch the World Go By… The Irish Londonfamine memorial site on the Hudson River.You Know You’re On Mountbatten When… You Nicknamesbuy a dollar slice so you can afford alcohol. ElmoBest Food Experience… 3 course meal at Sea Grill,Rockefeller Center, Restaurant week.Quote of the Year… “Well my boobs…” Advice for the new intake…Say YES to everything! Final words of wisdom…Never regret anything; at that moment in time it was the right decision.
  59. 59. Class of 2011/12 Elly LaceyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Yourdinner is a bagel and cream cheese for the fourthnight running. Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot…Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell on Impact International9th Ave.Biggest Achievement of the Year …Blogging a Personal Emailpicture a day, every day for a whole year. York’s Best Kept Secret…City Island (Bronx) Date of BirthWhat I’ll Miss Most…Drunky brunches 18th May 1984Favourite New York Moment…Cycling Round CentralPark in the spring sunshine. Home TownMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment…Whilst singing Hastingsto A Little Mermaid at Marie’s Crisis, someoneshouted “Ariel” at me; subsequently everyone sangat me. NicknamesTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Always remember Red / Blue Eyes / Princessyou get paid in dollars not pounds – it’s not as cheapas you think! Quote of the year…Fuck it. Let’s ballroom. Advice for the new intake…Go exploring, say yes to everything, volunteer, meet new people, dye your hair and never take a single second for granted now or ever.
  60. 60. Class of 2011/12Drew LeitchYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… you runout of money a week after being paid!Best Celebrity Spot... Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill Sponsor Company Institutional InvestorBest Food Experience... Shake Shack, guilty.Biggest Achievement... Breaking my shoulder! Personal EmailNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Rockaway Beach! Drew.leitch1@gmail.comWhat I’ll Miss The Most... Vicky Poole, Adele Brownand the II Crew as well as the lovely flat mates! Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… I spent an 14th Januaryafternoon with a certain celebrity which was justincredible. Unforgettable New York with its Home Townunpredictability! CheltenhamMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… AdeleBrown thinking my shattered shoulder was one of Nicknamemy jokes – thanks for that pat Adele! Drewball, Achilles, ArchieQuote of the Year… ‘Lets not count the last days, Munrolets make the last days count’ Victoria Poole Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Get out of the city when you can – will give you a welcome break but make you appreciate the city more when you get back in!
  61. 61. Class of 2011/12Victoria LomaxYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Youcompete to see how many times you can go roundthe food court collecting samples until they realize Sponsor Company Sanford Wittels & Heisler,Best Celebrity Spot…James Cordon in Times Square LLPBest Food Experience… A mysterious bar locatedat Avenue A and 1st. They made the most beautiful Personal EmailAsian food and gave it to us for free! vickilomax_8@hotmail. comBiggest Achievement of the Year…Surviving Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret…The mechanical bullin Johnny Utahs 4th June 1990What You’ll Miss The Most…My partner in crime Home TownMegha Patel, all my work friends at SWH and of Liverpoolcourse Red Velvet Cupcakes! NicknamesMost Embarrassing Moment…Falling asleep at my Vickydesk TWICE during the first week! Quote of the Year… “Men are animals. They should be caged”. Biggest Achievement of the Year.…Surviving!
  62. 62. Class of 2011/12 Michael LindleyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Youcan’t afford to eat lunch every second weekBest Food Experience... Uncle Jacks Steak House, Sponsor Companyclosely followed by Michael Jordans Deutsche BankFave Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... CentralPark Personal EmailBiggest Achievement of the Year... kite enhancement Mike140389@googlemail.comNew York’s Best Kept Secret... PrannaWhat I’ll Miss The Most... The daily interaction with Date of Birththe friends I have made out here. 14th March 1989Favourite New York Moment… Love in this clubremix ‘Mugged in this club’ by DJ Static Home TownMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment… Peter Sheills, Sheffieldthe frying pan…Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Dollar Slice (Youbetter start liking pizza)Quote of the Year… “Son Danger a la”, “This is mylife!!!” “She did not cup me” Advice for the new intake… Try and sort out a job and a visa as soon as possible, otherwise you might end up going home! Final Words of Wisdom... Make the most of it, you never know how quickly you will be back!
  63. 63. Class of 2011/12Tamsin MacdonaldYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…You walkthirty blocks to work because you can’t afford the $2subway ride! Sponsor Company Citi Private Bank LatinBest Food Experience…Hot pastries in Mountain AmericaLakes Personal EmailFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By… tamsinjaymacdonald@Newport Board Walk (the postcard shot) Achievement of the Year…The Wolfpack! Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret.…New Yorkers actually 10th October 1989walk really slowly!!Most Embarrassing/Comical Moment…Too many to Home Townchoose from, I have laughed a lot this year. YorkshireWhat Was Your Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Greatfriends solve all problems Quote of the Year… Tamryn Curtis: “New York that never stops eating” Your advice for the new intake… Mamouns $2.50 – watch out for the hot sauce
  64. 64. Class of 2011/12Laura ManwaringYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…$1 slicebecomes the staple of your diet Sponsor CompanyBest Celebrity Spot… James McAvoy, filming in Thomson ReutersChelsea Personal EmailBest Food Experience…La Esquina .ukFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By…Cafe Doma, West Village Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret…Café Piccolo, Mid- 8th October 1987town / Ajasai Susi, Midtown Home TownFavourite New York Moment…Walking through LondonTimes Square after the SuperbowlMost Embarrassing/Comical Moment…Being given Nicknamesan IT help book for Christmas MannersWhat You’ll Miss The Most…American Friends Your advice for the new intake…Get out of Newport and into Manhattan at every opportunity you have, and make sure you do something or visit a new place as much often as possible!
  65. 65. Class of 2011/12Andrew MassieYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Splitting the bill at a meal takes as long as themeal itself Sponsor Company British Consulate-GeneralBest Food Experience…Yotel Meatball Roulette Personal EmailWhat You’ll Miss The Most... brunching, the sport, abuse and Shiellsy’s relentless singingFavourite New York Moments…Christmas Eve in Date of BirthNYC – Tailgate, Jets vs Giants, meal with families, 30th June 1987Christmas beers Home TownMost Comical Moment…Toblergate in Vegas EdinburghBiggest Achievement of the Year…Ru’s Kite fillingout his ‘muscle fit’ shirt and ringing the closing Nicknamesbell at the NYSE MassNew York’s Worst Kept Secret… Duncs’Halloween attempt to get on the IMC Quote of the Year…“We threw Dunc’s flip flop from the balcony” Ru Sinclair and Ben Rose Top Mountbatten Survival Tip…Pasta, bacon, onion and cream
  66. 66. Class of 2011/12Nicholas MastersYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Whenyou cringe at the mention of the term ‘Journalsquared’ Sponsor Company Citi Private BankBest Food Experience…Shake ShackBiggest Achievement of the Year… Honor role Personal Emailaward in NYRR 5k run nick_emm@hotmail.comNew York’s Best Kept Secret…Mamouns falafel Date of Birth 28th December 1987Favourite New York Moment…Halloween bar crawlFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go Home TownBy….Times Square Lisbon, PortugalTop Mountbatten Survival Tip…Dollar slices close to Nicknamesthe 9th street path station NickyYour advice for the new intake…Make the best useof this one year living the American dream Most Comical Moment… Jonathon Deacon almost slipping on the floor while crossing a road followed by a homeless man shouting out ‘SAFE!! (baseball reference) because Jonathon didn’t quite fall’
  67. 67. Class of 2011/12Alison McGirrYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When… Eatingmeat is a privledgeFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By... Sponsor CompanyCentral Park UBSBiggest Achievement of the Year... UBS job offer Personal EmailWhat You’ll Miss The Most... the opportunity to do mcgirralison@hotmail.canything omFavourite New York Moment… Far too many to Date of Birththink of only one! UndisclosedWhat Was Your Top Mountbatten Survival Tip… Go Home Townto everything you are invited to – especially if Trillickthere is free food and drink involved!Quote of the Year…“So what do I do with this Nicknamesexactly” (Amy with a potato peeler) McgirrrrrrrrrFinal Words of Wisdom…Sláinte! Most Embarrassing Moment… Again far too many to remember but Think it may have to be Tom Mulready’s photos from Chris’ BDay brunch and the events following the brunch..
  68. 68. Class of 2011/12Ben MeachamYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Crispsandwiches become a meal, rather than a snack! Sponsor CompanyBest Food Experience…Is Hooters a ‘Food Royal Bank of ScotlandExperience’?!Favourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go Personal EmailBy…Washington Square Park… In the fountain! mNew York’s Best Kept Secret…Wave Hill, the Bronx Date of BirthMost Embarrassing Moment…Getting trapped in arevolving door… by a man with crutches 8th October 1985What You’ll Miss The Most…Having so many Home Townpeople, so close. Not being able to just hang out in Lichfield, Staffordshirethe city, or at the beach, or in others’ apartments.Your advice for the new intake…“He who wouldmake serious use of his life must always act asthough he had a long time to live and must schedulehis time as though he were about to die.” ÉmileLittré Quote of the Year… “Well, I just burped, and could still taste the first hot dog we had… so… in for a penny, in for a pound” Parker, M. (2012) Incidentally, it was a foot long, and, following this justification, decided a second was probably worthwhile.
  69. 69. Class of 2011/12Anika MistryBest Celebrity Spot... Zac EffronBest Food Experience....Arancini bros - Brooklyn Sponsor CompanyBiggest Achievement of the Year…Skiing down the Citi Private BankBlue Slope, that’s how hardcore I amNew York’s Best Kept Secret... Duane Reade Personal Email anikamistry1@gmail.comWhat You’ll Miss The Most… All the FREE Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… July 4th Fireworksover the city and seeing Jay Z and Kanye West in 5th June 1986Madison Square Gardens Home TownFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By… LondonOutside the New York Public Library NicknamesAchievement of the Year…Skiing down the Blue AnnieSlope, that’s how hardcore I am!Your advice for the new intake… Be the ‘Yes’ manfor a year Final Words of Wisdom... New York City is pretty much a concrete jungle where dreams are made and I do feel there’s nothing you can’t do (to an extent) now in New York!!!
  70. 70. Class of 2011/12Mairi MitchellYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…You pullwhat looks like a rat out of your bath drainBest Celebrity Spot…Pierce Bronson Sponsor Company Foreign andBest Food Experience…Caracas LES Commonwealth OfficeFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By… Personal EmailBoat Basin UWS Mairi_mitchell@hotmail.Biggest Achievement of the Year…Passing on comhorseface Date of BirthNew York’s Best Kept Secret…The view at the 3rd April, 1985Wythe Hotel Brooklyn Home TownFinal Words of Wisdom…Don’t over plan – the Edinburghrandom things are always the most funWhat You’ll Miss The Most…Friends in New Favourite New York Moment… Climbing into the back of the stained glass clock in Grand Central and looking over the city.
  71. 71. Class of 2011/12Tessa MoranFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By…Atthe end of Wall Street by the Hudson river Sponsor Company Deutsche BankBest Food Experience…nothing beats a bit of streetmeat. Especially after being there only 3 times, the guy Personal Emailrecognizes you and remembers your order tessamoran25@gmail.comNew York’s Best Kept Secret…Somewhere, theresalways a free bar Date of BirthFavourite New York Moment… Walking as part of the 22nd JuneTartan Day parade down 7th avenue, thousands of Home TownScottish flags and people waving and cheering at us. Tighnabruaich, WestAnd afterwards going to a local pub that not only had Coast of Scotlandone of my favourite Scottish beers, but were giving itaway for free!Final Words of Wisdom…1) Never underestimate thehumble bagel and cream cheese. 2) You can doabsolutely anything you like in New York - it reallydoes never sleep! Quote of the Year… Watching the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team: Jersey player shoves a player from the opposite team and slams him into the arena wall. Guy in the stalls in front of us stands up and yells "Welcome to Jersey, bitch!“ - Prudential Centre, NJ
  72. 72. Class of 2011/12Tom MulreadyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…you live onramen noodles to save your pay for beer & hookersQuote of the Year…‘Noooo, Nicky. I’LL. GIVE. YOU. Sponsor CompanyCASH.’ (A. Jaques, 2012) Thomson ReutersWhat You’ll Miss The Most…the beautiful people I’ve Personal Emailmet (and licked) along this ridiculous journey. tom.mulready@gmail.comMost Embarrassing Moment…spending the nightsleeping outside the UN on a snowy Halloween Date of Birthdressed as a Native American Indian. 2nd February 1989Favourite New York Moment…watching The Rock Home Townreturn to WWE Survivor Series at Madison Square King’s Lynn, NorfolkGarden.New York’s Best Kept Secret... –for the well-informed New Yorker.Final Words of Wisdom…Everybody shouldexperience the Chicken Bus once in their lifetime Your advice for the new intake… Attach yourself to a group of incredible people who will plan your life, make you laugh, tell you you’re a dick when needed and make you tea and bagels when you’re hungover; give them lots of love back.
  73. 73. Class of 2012/13Jessica MurphyYou Know You’re On Mountbatten When…Beautysamples become a staple Sponsor Company Thomson ReutersBest Celebrity Spot...Michelle Williams and JasonSegal Personal Email jessica.h.murphy@gmail.Best Food Experience...L’ybane comFavourite Spot to Sit & Watch The World Go By...Washington Square Park Date of Birth 19th June 1986Biggest Achievement of the Year...Attending theWhite House Correspondents’ Dinner in Home TownWashington BrightonNew York’s Best Kept Secret...The Cloisters NicknamesFavourite New York Moment…Dancing in Central JessPark at a pop-up rave on a Sunday nightMost Embarrassing Moment… Asking my colleaguefor a ‘rubber’ Quote of the Year…“This is the best night of my life!” Final Words of Wisdom…Just say “yes”