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  1. 1. Today, many students are hiring freelance service providers to write their essays for them. One reason for this is the fact that some of them are more preoccupied withtheir jobs or other commitments. For others, it is plain laziness and a lack of willingnessto write their own college essays. Whatever the case, it is important to ensure that you get a competitive quote from potential freelancers as a student. Personally, I would not offer a lot of money to a new online freelancer to write my essay for me. This is because newer freelancers are usually unreliable as they are new to the industry and lack an ability to understand how the system works. They are thereforemore likely to end up disappointing you as a client.write my essay
  2. 2. One way to determine the amount of money to pay someone to write myessay is to compare what other clients are offering their service providers The hundreds of websites online can help you in getting this informationUsually, using search engines, you can come across numerous freelancewebsites with jobs posted by clients
  3. 3. Some of these jobs have a fixed price offered to willing freelancers whileothers offer a budget range By comparing different jobs and the amountsoffered by the clients who post them, you can easily determine anaverage amount to write my essay pay to a freelancer who offers to writeyour essay for you Alternatively, you may offer a budget range for yourproject and wait for freelancers to bid on it before determining who to hirefor the project based on what different freelancers are willing to receiveas payment for their services
  4. 4. Another good way of determining how much to pay someone to write myessay is to analyze his or her profile page A profile page is like aninterface on a freelance website through which a client can find out whatother clients and freelancers have to say about a specific account holder
  5. 5. By comparing reviews from different people who have left feedback on afreelancers profile page, you can determine whether the individual iscompetitive or not Freelancers who are not competitive usually havemany negative comments left on their profile pages
  6. 6. Such comments let the public know how unreliable they are when itcomes to hiring them to complete a project As such, it is best not to workwith such freelancers
  7. 7. However, those freelancers who have many positive feedbacks are quitereliable and can be hired for higher fees Once you have identified such afreelancer, you can then finally negotiate for a better rate with him or her
  8. 8. Knowing that such a person is reliable is quite comforting and canensure that you have your essay written within the agreed time framesand terms I would advise against paying someone beforehand to writemy essay
  9. 9. This is because most freelancers and clients live half the world apart andit would be better to first ensure that the service sought is provided beforemaking a payment
  10. 10. write my essay