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  1. 1. Some people call them faux fireplaces or decorative fireplaces or just plain or “fake” fireplaces, but no matter the name, the idea remains the same.
  2. 2. Some people call them faux fireplaces or decorative fireplaces orjust plain or fake fireplaces, but no matter the name, the idearemains the same Fake fireplaces bring all the charm and beauty ofa traditional wood burning fireplace without all the smoke, soot andmess ashes Not to mention that a fake fireplace can go in just aboutany type of house, apartment orcondominium with major structural remodeling and constructionhassles If you have ever wanted to experience the style and appealof a fireplace without all the mess, then you should read this articleon a fake fireplace What Are inside fireplaces Exactly? Inside fakefireplaces are any kind of burner device that simulates theappearance a traditional wood fireplace, especially the flames andheat
  3. 3. While gas fireplaces are sometimes considered “fake” fireplacessince they don’t burn wood, they do require that you install eitherpropane or piped gas lines They also need an imitation “log” setwith gas jets and must have a fire proof box to set in and a ventingsystem just like you have for a regular wood fire Sometimes the onlyway to get the look of a fireplace without the problems of installinganything is to buy a faux fireplace that either burns gel or useselectrical power The most common fake fireplace you will find insidemany homes is the electric Electric Fireplaces These units aresimply electrical heaters that use blowers to gently move shapedfabric “flames” set inside a shell of colored lights and replica“glowing” embers”
  4. 4. These fake fireplaces that are enclosed in painted or wooden stylecases and are relatively cheap to operate when compared to someother types of room heaters The advantages of a fake fireplace arethat there are no flues, chimneys or vents required Nothing to beinstalled or remodeled, just roll one of these units into your house orapartment and plug it in You can either use it as a supplementalheater, or turn off the heat to just enjoy the visual comfort of theflames
  5. 5. They also use thermostats and remotes to control their settings Thedisadvantage is just like any other electrical device, sooner or later itwill wear out and you will have to replace it but most of these unitsare designed to last for many years with very little maintenance GelFireplaces Another type of inside fake fireplaces is the ones thatburn gel Basically gel burners use a fuel very similar to Sterno™
  6. 6. This specially formulated gel is marketed under different brandnames, but the basic concept is simple A series of canisterscontaining gelled isopropyl alcohol or ethanol are placed inside theshell of a ceramic log set enclosed in a painted enamel metallic orwooden case The canisters when lit last several hours and give theillusion of a traditional wood flame without the danger of burningembers, popping logs or sparks The advantage of these fireplacesis that they can be placed in any room and donÂ’t require any hookups or electrical power
  7. 7. The gel burns cleaning releasing only a small amount of carbondioxide (the same gas we exhale) Since the gel doesnÂ’t require anelectrical source to run, many people who live in areas that are proneto cold weather power outages find fake gel fireplaces, a nicealternative to other short-term emergency heating sources Now thatyou know more about , you can decide on which kind is best for youand your family Article Tags: , , , , ,
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