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  1. 1. On face value it may come across that negative comments about a brand does considerable damage to the reputation. It is the role of the online reputation management team to ensure that the negative comments don't see thelight of day. To make it less poetic, the reputation management team is entrusted with the task of keeping these negative comments and reviews away from the eyes of potential customers because these may deter them from making a purchase. The role of reputation management services gets defined by how much they are successful in burying the unwanted posts in an avalanche of positive reviews in favor of the brand. The flushing out of the negative reviewsmakes up the main job of reputation management service. However, on closer inspection you will find that the negative comments can come in handy if you can use them for brand building. Here's how.http://www.reputationmanagementadvice.com/setting-up-an-online-customer-review-sys
  2. 2. Negative comments are testimony that mistakes have been committed But forthat comment to be counted as authentic, the user has to provide properdocumentation Online users are not fooled by any comment arising out ofnowhere If the posts are substantiated by evidence, the online reputationmanagement team can immediately take up the issue with the customerservice team The issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of the person whoposted the comment
  3. 3. That will make the consumer happy On the other hand, the reputationmanagement team gets a chance to showcase how concerned they are aboutrising up to consumers' problems A rejoinder or a follow-up commentbeneath the negative post completes the task for reputation managementservices The negative comments remain for viewing but so does the messagethat says the issue was sorted out People will overlook the mistake, they willremember the solution
  4. 4. Constructive negative comments keep the brand grounded When you areflying high, you tend to forget the basics of customer service That may put offsome customers Their feedback posts tell the online reputation managementteam if they are going wrong somewhere While working for a brand, it isdifficult for you to realize where you are going haywire unless you get properfeedback
  5. 5. Are the new reputation management tricks working for the brand? Are thecustomers happier than they used to be? If the answers are negative, you willhave more such posts awaiting you online The key is not to remove theseposts from public eyes The challenge is to ensure that these posts don'tmake their way to the Internet To be able to do that you will have to keep yourcustomers happy The negative comments on the Internet will also be helpfulfor your online reputation management team to take the discussion forward
  6. 6. The writers on the reputation management services team will be able to postreplies to the comments and you will be able to take the opportunity todisseminate information You can talk extensively about your products andhttp://www.reputationmanagementadvice.com/setting-up-an-online-customer-review-system-the-right-way services without seeming out of context You willbe able to reach out to varied networks in this way
  7. 7. http://www.reputationmanagementadvice.com/setting-up-an-online-customer-review-system-the-right-way