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  1. 1. Do you know what internet users are saying about your business online?
  2. 2. The Internet can make or break your business Every day moreconsumers use the Internet to find information on products and servicesthey want to purchase If any of your customers are not satisfied withyour service or product, they may be tempted to post a negativecomment that could negatively impact your business reputation online
  3. 3. And, conversely, a satisfied customer can have a positive influence onyour business's reputation online Customers can write comments,complaints and praise about your products or services, right on theinternet through social networks and online communities
  4. 4. Which in turn, appear in the organic results of the searchengines that are being searched by keywords that pertain to yourbusiness Proper online reputation management is the most effective wayto minimize the impact of negative online postings Do you know whatInternet user can do to your business What customers say about yourbusiness is your most important asset
  5. 5. What if some of your customers are not satisfied with your product orservice? As you know, bad news travels fast, and with the speed of theinternet, damaging information about your business can be disseminatedover the world in milliseconds A growing number of people havepersonal blogs, and are members of social networks, and if they areposting negative information about your business, your online businessreputation can be destroyed in a blink of an eye
  6. 6. If you are the recipient of negative information being posted on theinternet you are in urgent need of an online reputation managementcompany It's true that some of the negative postings have littletraction, but others will find a large audience
  7. 7. In all countries, large numbers of consumer networks are grouped inonline communities, whose members do nothing all day but post negativecomments about businesses online, destroying your business reputationThis is a growing concern facing thousands of businesses worldwide andmust be addressed so that this activity can be curtailed and/or eliminatedThe influence and scope of such consumer groups is such that we havetwo critical problems: first, there will be many consumers who read thecomplaints, with the damaging results to business's onlinereputation and, secondly, such negative posting are often positioned veryhigh in the search results for the keywords pertaining to you business,which will in turn will jeopardize your online business reputation in thesearch engines If you have been a victim of negative attacks on yourbusiness reputation than contact Repair Image Now, we have anextensive list of clients that we have restore their online businessreputation, image and good name Due to a negative posting about yourbusiness, customers are turning to your competitors and your losingsales & revenue, the longer the negative post appear it continues todamage your reputation
  8. 8. Repair Image Now has extensive experience in removing negativepostings and restoring your business online reputation, image and goodname, call us 800-440-6329 The Internet is a constantly changing andits control is overwhelming
  9. 9. Repair Image Now can help you plan a proper strategy for onlinereputation management in order to prevent damage to your brand
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