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  1. 1. Bikes for commuter purposes are becoming more and more popular across the country. It isn't easy being a driver these days with the rise in the price of gas let alone all the vehicle repair and maintenance costs. A lot of people view going for commuter bikes as a healthy alternative to getting around. It can change a person's life whenthey decide to start biking places instead of using a car. The benefits to one's health by gettingplaces this way is extraordinary and can give you a new perspective on what goes on around you. A whole new world opens up to you, in a way that isdifficult to comprehend from within a car. And if you are considering making the change to a commuterbike, then be sure to review the three offerings fromSE Bikes, known mostly for their BMX racing bikes. The first bike in their street lineup is the SE Lager,with a smooth design that utilizes prime componentsmaking it a durable and stylish performer; everything the rider would want in a commuter bike.single speed bicycle
  2. 2. The SE Lager comes with handlebars designed like a bullhorn, made of alloywith Velo foam grips so the rider can be comfortable Both the fork and frameuses Chromoly steel in its construction, which gives it a durable and sturdyperformance It comes with the single speed, while the wheel in back has atrack cog to help it make the transition to fixed gear smoothly The pedals havetoe clips and cage and are of Wellgo alloy
  3. 3. The tires are basic, being the Kenda K176, single speed bicycle 700 x 28cThe SE Lager comes in at just under 22 pounds, not the lightest of commuterbikes But considering all the steel that comprises its frame, it's really notthat heavy; nor does this weight seem bother riders
  4. 4. Riders who use the SE Lager to commute back and forth appreciate thesmooth ride they get Rough road conditions that would typically bother a bikerare mitigated by the smooth ride of the Lager It is a very responsive bike withimpressive speed and acceleration
  5. 5. While the Lager comes somewhat plain, you can spruce up the bike byincluding some of the available accessories thereby making your Lager trulyyours While moving swiftly down the streets of the city may seem like a rush,care must be taken to commute safely That said good brakes are essentialand it is comforting to know that the SE Lager is equipped Tektro brakes onboth wheels giving it fantastic braking performance
  6. 6. Cruising through city streets, they will have no worries when it comes topotholes and uneven pavement Bike commuters will fall in love with thissmooth yet simple creation from SE Bikes that is the SE Lager They willdiscover quickly that what this bike does on the road will be $500 well spent
  7. 7. The benefits to your health of commuting by bicycle are unquestioned and youwill gain a new appreciation of the world around you Once you elect to takethat step be sure to give the SE Lager ample consideration
  8. 8. single speed bicycle