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  1. 1. Beaches are fun and provide you an opportunity to bask in the natural sun whileenjoying the sound of sea waves. Thronged byvisitors all round the year, beaches are popular places for relaxing and having fun whether alone or with friends. Cruising around on thebeach sand on a bicycle is quite enjoyable andappropriate for people of all ages. You can find a variety of bicycles that have been designed specially to pedal well on the sand. Thesebicycles were originally introduced in America in the 1930s and remained popular till the 1950s before losing out to lighter bikes form UK. Design innovations and the resurgence of cycling has brought beach bicycles into the limelight again in the 21st century.fixed gear bicycles
  2. 2. Features of Beach Bicycles and Cruisers it allow fixed gear bicyclesyou to move around a beach in style and enjoy the natural beautyIdeal for running both on the sand and the normal roads, thesebicycles come in various designs and sizes Some special featuresof these bicycles are: Frames and Styles: Most of these bicycles aremanufactured with tube steel frames that can be painted in any colorThese frames are trimmed with painted fenders
  3. 3. Gearing: Since beach riding does not require frequent change inspeeds, the requirement for number of gears is also less Beachcruising is basically for enjoyment at a steady pace These cruisershave been designed to include single gear system based on theaverage speed a rider would like to ride on The basic gear set up ofbeach bicycles includes a chain ring and rear sprocket
  4. 4. These bikes are slowed and stopped by using coaster brakes thatoperate by reverse pressure on the pedals Tires: Wide balloon tiresare the ones that are used in the manufacture of beach bicyclesThese tires are used for providing greater stability and traction andmaking your beach ride an enjoyable one The size of the beachcruiser bicycles is measured in terms of the diameter of its wheels
  5. 5. Seats and Handlebars: Meant for luxury rides, the seats of beachcruisers are quite wide and comfortable The handlebars are alsodesigned to provide users maximum comfort with the mostcommonly used models being easy-loop moon bars, ape hangersand lower profile cruising bars Apart from these features you can getmany other features such as horns, disc brakes, special seats addedto your beach bicycle to make it even more comfortable Benefits ofBeach Bicycles Beach Bicycles are ideal for riding on flat roads orsurfaces because of the limited number of gears
  6. 6. These bicycles are quite cost effective as their simple designensures that you have to spend less time and money on itsmaintenance Easy Easy to use, these bicycles are available invarious colors and sizes The correct size of the beach bicycle wouldbe dependent on the bikes frame to its height and the reach of therider
  7. 7. These bikes are ideal for casual rides and recreational purposesWhile shopping for your beach bicycles check whether its brakes arefunctioning property, the size is appropriate for you and that its seatis comfortable enough for you
  8. 8. fixed gear bicycles