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Microsoft Software Assurance

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Microsoft Software Assurance

  1. 1. MCP Exam 70-672 Preparation Module 3 Software Assurance August 2012
  2. 2. Volume Licensing Services Center (VLSC) Single license management site for all volume licensing agreements • View aggregated Volume Licensing information. • Download licensed products. • Manage, activate and consume Software Assurance Benefits. • View pre-assigned KMS activation keys and request MAK activation keys.
  3. 3. Volume Activation 2.0 - Summary Key Management Service (KMS) • More than 25 PCs consistently connected to network • Volume Licensing customers will see this key by default • Activate against a customer hosted service NOT with Microsoft • Systems must re-activate by connecting to corporate networks at least every 6 months Multiple Activation Key (MAK) • One time activation against Microsoft • Customer requests via a link on VLSC • MAK has a maximum number of users/devices determined by the customers VL Program • Two methods of activating using a MAK: • Individual Activation: Each desktop individually connects and activates with Microsoft • Proxy Activation: One centralized activation request on behalf of multiple desktops with one connection to Microsoft
  4. 4. Software Assurance Benefits Training Training Vouchers E-Learning Home Use Program Support 24x7 Problem Resolution Support Extended Hotfix Support System Center Advisor Specialized Cold Back-up for Disaster Recovery Enterprise Source Licensing Program Spread Payments NewProducts New Version Rights Step Up licenses Windows Enterprise Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) Deployment Office Roaming Use Rights Office Multi Language Pack (MLP) Planning Services TechNet Benefits through Software Assurance License Mobility through Software Assurance Windows Thin PC
  5. 5. New Version Rights With Software Assurance, customers are eligible to upgrade to new versions of licensed software made available during their term of SA coverage. New Version Rights means the right to upgrade to and run the latest version of that product that Microsoft makes available during the covered period. Download of the latest version from VLSC.
  6. 6. Step-up Licenses Step-up licenses enable customers to migrate from a lower level edition to a higher level edition of certain products, at a low cost. The Step-Up License must be acquired under the same Volume Licensing Program agreement / enrollment under which SA coverage for the qualifying product was originally acquired. Example: Step-up from Windows Server Standard to Windows Server Datacenter
  7. 7. Windows Enterprise Helps organizations increase desktop productivity by enabling standardization, improved security features, and multi-language support. Additional features over Windows 7 Professional: MUI, BitLocker, AppLocker, DirectAccess, BranchCache Additional use rights over Windows 7 Professional (only with active Software Assurance) Local virtualization rights, Virtual Desktop Access, Roaming Use Rights
  8. 8. MDOP Provides a set of innovative technologies including application virtualization, asset management, policy control, and diagnostics and recovery tools. Optional purchase on top of Windows Enterprise, Windows VDA, or Windows Intune. Subscription per device
  9. 9. Office Roaming Use Rights Allows the primary user of a licensed device to remotely access Office, Project, and/or Visio via a virtual environment from a third-party device such as a home PC. Roaming Use Rights are not applicable when the primary user is on the customer´s or the customer´s affiliates’ premises. Under Roaming Use Rights, the software may not be run in the physical OSE on the third party device.
  10. 10. Office Multi Language Pack (MLP) Customers with active SA coverage on Office System products and suites are eligible for this benefit during the term of their Software Assurance coverage. Enables IT to deploy a single Office image with support for 37 languages. Customers without SA may purchase the Office MLP as a separate license.
  11. 11. Planning Services The Planning Services benefit provides customers with SA Membership in the Application and Server Pools with pre-determined customized service offerings, delivered by Qualified Providers. Planning Services are available for • SharePoint Deployment • Lync and Exchange Deployment • Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization Deployment • SQL Server Deployment • Developer Tools Deployment • Public Cloud, Azure Deployment • Desktop Deployment
  12. 12. TechNet Benefits through SA Gives IT staff access to experts, technical information, plus beta and final versions of products for testing and evaluation. For each eligible server product with SA, one person within the customer´s organization gains access to TechNet’s Online Concierge Chat and Managed Forums. Customers also receive a single complimentary subscription to TechNet Professional Subscription.
  13. 13. License Mobility through SA License Mobility through SA lets customers move certain on-premise application server licenses covered by SA to third party shared servers. Customers must deploy their licenses only with qualified License Mobility through SA Partners. Customer must complete and submit the License Mobility Validation form with each License Mobility through SA Partner who will run customers’ licensed software on partners’ shared servers.
  14. 14. Windows Thin PC Windows Thin PC is a smaller footprint Windows-based OS solution designed for customers that would like to repurpose their existing Windows 7 capable PCs to connect to a centralized desktop without having to buy new thin client hardware. Volume Licensing customers with active SA coverage for the Windows desktop operating system, or active licenses for VDA or Windows Intune are eligible for this benefit. Eligible customers may use Windows Thin PC in place of instances of Windows desktop operating system that they are permitted to use under their Windows SA.
  15. 15. Training Vouchers Training vouchers entitle customers to receive courses from a Microsoft Partner with a Learning Competency (Microsoft Learning Partner) for a specific number of training days. In-depth technical classroom training for IT professionals that can help deploy, manage and support the organization´s infrastructure. Vouchers will expire 180 days from the date of voucher assignment, independent of SA coverage expiration.
  16. 16. E-Learning Microsoft E-Learning courses offer self-paced interactive training, delivered via Internet or Intranet. Accurate, relevant, and engaging learning on Microsoft technologies primarily for end- users, directly from the source. Wide number of training courses: Applications, System, Server.
  17. 17. Home Use Program Provides employees with the latest version of Microsoft Office for their home computer, via low cost download. Customers’ employees, who are users of the licensed qualifying applications, may acquire a single license for the corresponding HUP software, to be installed on one home computer. An employee´s use rights end with termination of employment or expiration of SA coverage on the qualifying desktop application.
  18. 18. 24x7 Problem Resolution Support 24x7 Problem Resolution Support provides assistance for Microsoft server and desktop products that are in Mainstream Support. Support can be initiated through submitting incidents either electronically via the Web or by Phone. The number of permitted phone support incidents varies by customer based upon their SA spend.
  19. 19. Extended Hotfix Support Extended Hotfix Support Provides specific product fixes for older software versions that have transitioned from Mainstream to Extended Support. Extended Hotfix Support is provided on a per customer incident basis. The annual fees normally charged as part of an Extended Support contract are waived during the term of their SA coverage for customers eligible for this SA benefit.
  20. 20. System Center Advisor Helps organizations assess their server configurations to proactively avoid problems, reduce downtime, and improve performance. Customers with active SA coverage for software licenses for specific editions of • Windows Server, • SQL Server, • Exchange Server, and • SharePoint Server are eligible to use System Center Advisor.
  21. 21. Cold Back-up for Disaster Recovery Customers with SA for qualifying server products (and related CALs) are eligible for complimentary server licenses for those products for disaster recovery (DR) purposes. A "cold" server is one that is turned off until an emergency situation. For each qualifying server license the customer will be deemed to have a second server license under which it may deploy the same product on a “cold” back-up server solely for DR purposes.
  22. 22. Enterprise Source Licensing Program The Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ELSP) provides access to Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support. Customers with Software Assurance Membership and 1,500 or more licensed desktops in the systems pool may be eligible to participate in the ESLP. The application form can be downloaded from Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).
  23. 23. Spread Payments Payment for license and Software Assurance may be spread across equal, annual sums. Reduced upfront costs for software and ease of annual budget management of software costs. Available in all volume licensing programs except Open License.
  24. 24. Module 1 Product Licensing 1 hour Module 2 Program Licensing 1 hour Module 3 Software Assurance 1 hour Module 4 Scenarios 1 hour MCP Exam 3 hours 