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Moto N'dege e-Brochure


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Moto N'dege e-Brochure

  1. 1. R.I.D.E your destiny
  2. 2. about usMoto N’dege ™ offers organized motorcyclerides to domestic and international travellerskeen on exploring India. We want to promoteIndia as the destination for motorcycle tourismworld-wide. South India is our initial base ofoperation.Each of our rides is built around a central theme.Our reconnoiter team visits all the areas to becovered and do extensive research to buildup each ride. We collaborate with Experts invarious specialized fields as part of buildingup the themes.Motondege’s spirit is that of self-discoveryand re-invention of oneself through such rides.It’s the wonder and the delight on the face ofthe bikers after a tiresome day that is the truemeasure of our success.
  3. 3. OPERATIONSSouth India is our initial base of operation, andthe company is based out of Bangalore, India.We organize tours for weekend crowds, as wellas the serious vacation rider over extendedperiods of time.We offer bikes from a well-maintained fleet ofRoyal Enfields to our Guests. The bikers arewelcome to bring their own bikes along.An experienced mechanic accompaniesthe rides, along with a well chosen stock ofcommon spare parts. A support vehicle comesalong for the ride. ANd we offer insurancecover for the longer rides. list of our safety andriding instructions is to be found here.
  4. 4. CUSTOM MADE RIDESMoto N’dege ™ has scouted and mappedout many different routes in South India, andcan organize rides around different themes onthese routes - for you.Tell us what your dream ride is, anywhere inSouth India, nd we will tell you what we think ofit, and what we can do to make it a success.Let us know where you want to ride, when youwant to ride and what you want to see. Wewould do the necessary route research, takecare of all arrangements on the ride down tothe last nut-and-bolt and throw in surprises ofour own.If your group wants to tour by itself and one ofour tours meets your requirements, you canreserve a date exclusively for your group.
  5. 5. OUR RIDESBEYOND NILGIRIS BANGALORE BACKYARD ADVENTURES TEMPLES OF KARNATAKAA 5 day tour of the Nilgiris, introducing The Bangalore Backyard Adventure Temples of Karnataka feature manypeople to little known nooks and Rides consist of a series of weekend architectural styles: Hoysala, Badami Chalukya,Vijayanagara, Dravidian,crannies of the mountains, and to the trips to different places of interest in and Western Chalukya, Rashtrakuta and livelihood of several Indigenous around Bangalore. A few such rides are: Mangalore, Puttur, Idagunji, Sharavu, Polali,tribal people living in this area. Some of Kolluru, Kateelu, Karkala, Saundatti, Hassanthe spots covered are: etc are just some of the places to visit to Devarayanadurga Reserve Forest experience the varieties of architecture Bison Valley area prevalent in various periods in our State. Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri Jayamangali Black Buck The Temples of Karnataka ride consists of a Parsons Valley, Western SanctuaryBesides Bandipur - in and series of rides organized to take our guests Catchment Area aroudn Bandipur to each and every corner of Karnataka Upper Bhawani Ride to Yellagiri to experience this aspect of the State’s The rock paintings at Porivarai Kokrebellur - haven of the Pelicans wondrous heritage.
  6. 6. OUR RIDESON VISHNUVARMA’S TRAIL GOA WITH KNIGHT AND JOHN TO SATKOSHIA GORGe“Sree Vishnuvarma Kudumbeeya “Up in the hills,Deep in a jungle,Down One of our guests said “This is IndianaKulavardhanasya” Thus runs an by a stream,Hidden from the world.” Jones country!”inscription in the famous Edakkal caves. The Satkosia Gorge along the Mahanadi is Experience a very different aspectVishnuvarma would have been a person one of the most fascinating wild spots in all of Goa with us, as we take one of of India. The great river flows along a 14 kmof importance to be mentioned in these the most picturesque routes through long deep gorge walled by hills and denseinscriptions, but there happens to be no Karnataka to reach this farm in the hills forests on all sides. The ride begins atclue as to who he was and why his name in Goa. We trek, go on a night wildlife Bhubaneshwar and ends at Tikarpada with aoccurs in Edakkal. We would take you on safari, ride upto Dudhsagar, go rafting stop at Lawangi, a haven for bird watching.the trail of Vishnuvarma to the Edakkal At Tikarpada, the riders stay in a wonderful and so much more. And enjoy a superbCaves in Waynad. And so much more tent accommodation right on the white hospitality at the farm, participate in the- Muthanga, Kuruva Islands, Soochipra, sandbanks of the Mahanadi. farm’s day to day activities – all this, off-Tholpetty WLS, Waynad (Kalpetta),Banasurasagar, Thirunelli, Chembra Peak, the-grid. Rejuvenation at it’s best.Brahmagiri, Pookot...
  7. 7. We welcome Women Riders Introducing Moto Knight, our Mascot Befriend our mascot and spokesperson, Moto Knight. He is our lead rider, chief recon office, blog writer et al.Don’t just come along for the ride. Break freeand hit the road!At Moto N’dege, we encourage and welcomewomen riders to brave the roads with us.We design the rides with the special needsof women in mind, and ensure that we havesomething for the new riders as well as the FB profile: Click here!veterans, when they discover the endless Twitter: @MotoKnightpossibilities of the open road on their own. Email id:
  8. 8. Contact UsEmail : contact@motondege.comWebsite: http://www.motondege.comFacebook: +918105696119 / +919886480121Blog: