Crab facts


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The Motlies present thier crab facts.

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Crab facts

  1. 1. Crab Crabs are crustaceans. Crabs have ten legs. Of these, the first pair are claws. The sizes of crabs can range from a small marble to about 4 meters. Did you know? The biggest crab Amazing is the spider crab. Its legs are so long they 50 million !!!! Red Crabs could reach around a whole on Christmas Island hippopotamus. It is almost (located in the Indian Ocean) 4 meters wide measured travel 8 km each year to the coast from one front pincher and back to lay their eggs. to the other one. They travel in a GIANT group for protection from predators. Once they have laid their eggs they trek back to their forest homes.
  2. 2. Crab The smallest known crab is the Pea Crab, named for its size; while the largest crab is the f ­ amous Japanese Spider Crab. The Japanese Spider Crab holds several records: It is the oldest crab of the world and it is ­ robably the most deep-living crab of p the world; its natural habitats are usually the deepest abysses of the Pacific Ocean. Japanese Spider Crabs live longer than other crabs. Some have been knows to live for a century and more. Crabs eat a lot of things; they are known to eat both plant as well as animal foods. Most vegetarian crabs subsist only on algae. Flesh-eating crabs can eat other crustaceans, worms and mollusks.
  3. 3. Crab Interesting crabs are the Ghost Crab and the ­Halloween Crab. Info Box The Ghost Crab really looks like a ghost with bulging eyes and the Halloween Crab‘s colors will instantly Fiddler Crabs make remind you of a Jack-O‘-Lantern. There‘s also a Thumb- for good nail Crab, which really looks like a human thumbnail. household pets. The Fiddler Crab will immediately captivate anyone‘s attention: They have a single large claw on one side. They even raise this single claw in a movement that looks like a person waving. The most colorful crab in the world is probably the Sally Lightfoot Crab. This crab has tantalizing ­colors of red, orange, yellow and white.
  4. 4. Crab There‘s also a crab that‘s often mistaken as a spider ­ because of its long spindly legs. This crab is the Arrow Crab. Hermit Crabs are unique because they do not grow shells of their own; they take over unoccupied snail shells, and must find new ones as they grow. These crabs are commonly seen in tide pools. Info Box Some people need to count the number of legs to understand whether it is an Arrow Crab or a spider (spiders have eight legs).
  5. 5. Crab True or False? 1. Red Crabs on Christmas Island travel once a year in a huge group to the ocean. 2. Crabs have eight legs like spiders. 3. The largest crab is the Japanese Spider Crab. 4. Hermit Crabs take over unoccupied shells. 5. Crabs are fish. Answers: 1. T, 2. F (they have 10 leg), 3. T, 4. T, 5. F (no they are crustaceans)