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The temple Elephant

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5 - The temple Elephant / www.motlies.com

  1. 1. Part 5The temple Elephant
  2. 2. Albert looked out of the window and saw thatthe weather was getting colder. Some leaveson the Motely were already changing their col-ors. He thought how nice it would be to gosomewhere warm. Then he grinned. All he hadto do was to go to the Motley and think himselfin a hot climate and KABOUM! He would bemagically transported there!On his way to the tree he passed Herold whohad had exactly the same idea. They decidedto travel together. “I was thinking of meetingsome elephants, what do you think Herold?”said Albert once they were inside the tree.“Marvelous idea”, said Herold, “but we have todecide whether we want to meet Asian or copyright tirod4funAfrican elephants”. www.motlies.com
  3. 3. “Hm”, said Albert, “I didn’t know that they aredifferent. We have already been to Africa meetingGira. I think it is more interesting to go to a newplace. Let’s go to India.”Herold, agreed and before he could even nodhis head, they found themselves standing infront of a huge elephant. They were standing inthe gardens of a magnificent temple. The sunwas shining and it was very hot. Albert noticedthe scent of unusual spices and perfumescoming from the many different types of exoticflowers and bushes scattered around them.The elephant looked down on them. “Well, hellothere” it said, “where have you come from? I wasjust strolling around the temple grounds before copyright tirod4funmy grooming session begins. I have to attend aprocession for an important wedding today.” www.motlies.com
  4. 4. “Hello to you too” said Albert, “I am Albert, andmy spiky friend here is called Herold and he isa hedgehog. We come from a place called theMotley and we would like to learn all that youcan tell us about elephants.And then, if you would like it, we can invite youto join us every full moon at the Motley, so youcan meet all our animal friends from aroundthe world.”“Now that does sound exciting, and a bit un-usual”, said the elephant. Herold felt that hemight have been a little hasty in telling herabout the invitation, and decided to find outmore about their new acquaintance. copyright tirod4fun“May I ask what the other elephants call you?“asked Herold. www.motlies.com
  5. 5. The elephant smiled and said: “I am Erla and Ihave been around this part of the world forquite some time. If you want to know anythingabout anybody in this area you have found theright person to ask”, she said.Albert was easily impressed and was justabout to ask a question when Heroldcut in, “we would really very muchappreciate it if you could tell us asmuch as you can about elephants”,he said.Erla shook her ears and said:“Well then, as you have travelledsuch a long way, I will tell you allabout Indian elephants and of the copyright tirod4funinteresting things that we can do. www.motlies.com
  6. 6. “I do know that there are also elephants in Our eyesight is poor and, we usually haveAfrica and they are bigger and taller than really small eyes. But we do have the largestwe Asian elephants. brains in the animal kingdom!We can live for a very long time, up to We live in families, and several families will70 years, and although we are big we can form a large group, which is called a herd.swim for long distances, and our trunks The leader of the herd is usually the oldestwork like a snorkel. female elephant. I am the leader of my herd and I am called a matriarch, which means“ female leader”. copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com
  7. 7. All the babies and the other females follow mylead. Young male elephants stay with the herduntil they are fourteen or fifteen years old. Thenthey will try to find a female elephant as a com-panion so that they can start their own family.We are plant-eaters and we like leaves, grassand tree bark. We spend most of our time eat-ing and grazing.The tusks of elephants – the long horn-likeparts that come out of the side of the mouths –are made of ivory. Unfortunately humans findivory very valuable and sometimes shoot us sothat they can steal our tusks. copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com
  8. 8. Here in Southern India we are very much lovedand respected and there is even a deity, calledGanesh, who has the face of an elephant. Thegreat celebration in his honor took place justlast month and the whole place was decoratedbeautifully!As we are an endangered species so many ofus live in temples, where we feel safe. We leada good life in the temples. I have three mahouts– these are men who look after me, and batheand massage me regularly.“ There are evenmore interesting things about elephants. Didyou know that we have been known to avertdisaster, or even to solve crimes? We also teachour little ones important rituals.” copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com
  9. 9. “What do you mean when you say that you canavert disaster?” asked Albert.Before Herold could stop her Erla began to tella story.“One time, after I hadbeen groomed for a pro-cession and we wereabout to parade throughthe streets, I had astrange feeling andcould sense thatsomething out of theordinary was going tohappen. copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com
  10. 10. Here in India our bodies are painted in beauti-ful designs and colors for special ceremonies.We usually attract a large crowd of cheeringpeople. They love to look at us, with our stun-ning decoration and we feel very proud to be apart of the celebrations. On this day, while Iwas moving through the crowd, I started tosmell something strange. At first I couldn’tquite make out what it was. But then I re-alized that something was on fire andheard people screaming as they beganrunning around in panic.I turned to the other elephants andtold them to hurry tothe river to fill ourtrunks with water. copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com
  11. 11. As we rushed, our trunks filled with water, wecould already make out where the fire wascoming from. We blew the water from ourtrunks onto the flames and after only a coupleof runs to the river to refill our trunks, we wereable to put out the fire.We saved a whole lane ofwooden shacks from thefierce flames, and as a re-ward we were givenspecial fruit treats. It wasa remarkable day for bothhuman and elephantsalike”, explained Erla.Herold and Albert were copyright tirod4funimpressed. Erla had an air www.motlies.com
  12. 12. of confidence about her. Albert wanted to hearmore stories but it was late, and they had toreturn home.Before they left, Albert explained how Erla couldtravel to the secret place they call the Motleyduring a full moon so that she could join themwith their other friends. It was time now to saytheir good-byes. They were all of them verymuch looking forward to meeting soon again.Next up – some pre-Christmas fun withreindeer facts copyright tirod4fun www.motlies.com