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  1. 1. How I became the richest man on Earth – Bill Gates •   • • • • • • • BILL Gates Says that I become the richest man on the face of earth by treating my employees in good way! A Great Boss is Someone Who "Is creative, innovative and challenging" "You are impressed with in regard to their academic/professional experience" "Has integrity in his/her work" "Is very open about info" "Does more and talks less" "Is technically clever in the job"
  2. 2. Qualities of a good boss according to Bill Gates Is creative Is ready to accept challenges Is innovative Has integrity in his work
  3. 3. More Qualities Is very open about information Pay attention to employees personal details like Birthday Is clever in his job Is a mentor & guide
  4. 4. More Is an example in terms of punctuality & professionalism Makes you feel important Prefers smart work "Gives you criticism objectively to make you better"
  5. 5. More "Has some sort of a map for each of his employees of where they should go, where they are and where they will be a year from now"
  6. 6. Tells you what he wants from you from the start and has a plan
  7. 7. More "Knows how and when to motivate his/her team members" "Gives you feedback on your work" "Pays attention to his employees work problems "Takes his/her decisions democratically; and tries to find appropriate solutions for them" everyone's say counts"
  8. 8. Is keen on giving you resources to work with"
  9. 9. More….. Never refrains from teaching you stuff to build you" "Is a good communicator" Doesn't attack you in front of others – never insults your to hide his drawback" "Does not blame you for something you haven't done (if it's bad)"
  10. 10. More Fights for your right with top management "Involves you with all other colleagues in their work"
  11. 11. More Is happy to see his staff growing
  12. 12. More "Is results-oriented "Gives you credit for your work and does not name it for himself" rather than checking for when you came in and when you left"
  13. 13. "Is very supportive on the personal and professional level"
  14. 14. More "Is sometimes humorous" "Isn't moody" "Always there for his/her people" "Makes you feel appreciated"
  15. 15. More • "Can discover and get the best of his employees and employ every skill in its right place" • "You think highly of" • "Is understanding“ • "Delegates work to the appropriate person (knows each one's capacity)“ • Is on the top of all the small details“
  16. 16. Thanks • The conclusion is that there is need for good managers and if we have good managers then the problem of attrition will be solved to some extent and also it will help to make a best team that will be ready for anykind of challenge . • It is very much a trainable skill, so it’s the right time for all of us to learn this copyright@shalini