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Lunchtime Keynote from Mobile March 2012 conference - Mobile Trends and Implications.

Mobile March is an annual event gathering Twin Cities mobile technology and business activists. Demos, business-strategy, and technology tr

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  • Peter Pascale, Nerd Herder, Enterprise Architect Sensei, Pearson VUE (we’re hiring all technology disciplines - Dev, BA, QA, PM, Dev Manager)
  • This is a group-brainstormed presentation.
  • Sponsored by Pearson VUE, we generate ideas for this presentation in the January 2012 session of the Mobile Twin Cities user group ( I curate the ideas into a trends talk. See for the 2011 results.
  • This results in a presentation you can reuse, remix. Present to your decision makers, re-work for an industry presentation, etc.
  • Last year’s presentation was reused a number of times - given to a MN High Tech mobile coffee, repurposed and updated for a trends talk at an innovation conference, chunked out for useful portions for internal presentations... how was it received... ?
  • I got a fist bump from the president. Ok, so this is a reference to a popular slide from last year.
  • We OWNED slideshare for 10 days last march.
  • Ok, so one of these I made up. The rest are real.
  • True.
  • Because when you put a picture of the REAL Chuck Norris in your presentation, his fist punches through the screen and kills you.
  • So congratulations Mobile Twin Cities, Mobile March 2011 - lots of positive recognition and over 27,000 views!
  • Lessons learned...
  • Remember that the Japan Tsunami had just hit. An unfortunate event, but it flooded slideshare with boring text dumps.
  • So again - as we go through this - be thinking how you can reuse for your own needs.
  • This year, we decided to emphasize stories and examples, over pure stats.
  • But it doesn’t mean there aren’t numbers.
  • We are truly in a post-PC era.
  • Explosive growth.
  • If a guy tells you about his idea for harnessing the dormant potential of all that processing power by building a weather controlling system called Skynet, shoot him. Because if you don’t, someone’s going to have to come BACK from the future to do it for you.
  • Post-PC computing is bigger than smartphones.
  • While this was not specifically covered by the Mobile Twin Cities brainstorm - it is always important to recognize how mobile devices have capabilities integrated into a form not previously available.
  • First - the touchscreen, with new modes of interaction. Clear is a great example (although the Honeydew app from Mobile3D showed some of these ideas as well).
  • These are high-fidelity capture devices...
  • With the ability to easily relate captured content to items of interest on a network.
  • Tablet form factors - increased size and resolution. A great example of the power - iPad saves a man’s life: Mayo Clinic, February 23. A man has chest pains, and goes to a locker room to ask for help. If you’re going to have heart problems, he couldn’t have picked a better locker room to have chest pains in. Doctors helping him loaded his medical history, including EKG results from medical records. History, EKG, etc. caused fast track to emergency blood clot treatment that saved his life.
  • Sonar mics - device integration, video conferencing. I love the model name of the flash. As if the camera didn’t scream ‘I’m a tourist’ already.
  • Device integration - the familiar Square, but also MN start-ups like Pedal Brain and DatoMeter (featured at Mobile3D)
  • A popular topic - how will the home change?
  • Mobile integration is already showing up in home control/automation/monitoring.
  • Touchanote is a great example of a startup making it possible to relate items in the real world to information.
  • SunPower energy performance of their residential solar system, their home’s energy usage, and environmental savings on an hourly, monthly and annual basis. The app also gives users access to historical data and the option to share data. Radio Thermostat - remote management
  • The Nest - an example of the smarts these monitoring and control devices will integrate.
  • Lawrence Rook, 13, invented a doorbell that calls your mobile, and let’s you respond. You appear to be at home, and you can leave delivery instructions.
  • Corning’s vision of the future - note device integration (we’ll watch the first 2 minutes or so)
  • ShopSavvy, Red Laser and others continue to put pressure on traditional retailers.
  • In-Store Research - Competing with Amazon Prime - no more slow shipping
  • Unbelievable.
  • An alternative, is to adopt a strategy that leverages mobile to reinvent parts of the shopping experience, or in the case of Tesco - the entire store.
  • Consumer behavior around content consumption is changing, retailers are taking note.
  • Best Buy now does joint marketing of products you want to use together...
  • Retailers are also leveraging the marketing potential of the fact that you have your phone with you while watching TV.
  • If you have a smartphone with Shazaam, Shazaamm this next clip...
  • The result. This is from a super bowl ad. This type of marketing can lead to coupons, additional content, etc. (you could download songs by Shazaaming a Pepsi commercial, for example)
  • In the future, we expect mobile to be integrated into portions of the retail experience, like self-checkout.
  • We also expect mobile to help you plan your retail experience.
  • To understand education mobile trends, let’s look first at a few education trends.
  • Look, a room full of typewriters! Jokes aside, the technology landscape in education is rapidly changing towards tablets.
  • Christensen applied disruptive innovation theory to education...
  • And found that learning should have these attributes.
  • Khan academy - a different content and execution model
  • The entire knowledge graph of math can be represented, started with simple addition, through advanced topics.
  • The Flipped Classroom inverts class content and homework content.
  • Schools experimenting with content as homework, short-form content consumption amenable to mobile devices.
  • Analog portfolios have been around for ever, and are an effective tool for student learning management.
  • Mobile high-fi capture (remember those device capabilities we talked about) and always-connected could allow the teacher to more efficiently digitize the student portfolio.
  • Learnosity is an example of how this is being done today. The teacher can easily match captured content to the student. This is showing up from K-12 to professional (teaching and nursing)
  • So how might you take these trends, or others, and apply them to your business?
  • While no silver bullet or meta-method, we find these three questions extremely useful.
  • These are the answers for Pearson VUE. Note: I’ve previously explained Pearson VUE’s business to the audience.
  • Then we need to meet Pearson VUE’s candidate’s on their terms - mobile candidate website, test prep materials...
  • In the future, we could expand a professional’s representation from formal assessments, to include informal portfolio content, and assessed portfolio content.
  • Can we use mobile to capture performance on motorcycle exams. There are more people qualified to capture that performance (trainers) than to assess it. This let’s us centralize the assessment and is better for the candidate (less travel, more appointment options).
  • The U of MN, Livefront, and Drive Power are partnering on the DriveScribe app to allow a mobile phone to assess young driver’s abilities and performance. Under device everywhere, will passive assessment like this be more acceptable?
  • While not required, if you remix or reuse this presentation, I’d love to hear about it. Peter dot Pascale at Pearson or gmail.
  • Mobile march-2012-ppt

    1. 1. Mobile to the People January Mobile Twin Cities @mobiletc Peter Pascale @peterpascale Pearson VUE Sensei, Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Mobile March 2012
    2. 2. @peterpascale Professional Nerd
    3. 3. (Pizza + Beer + Smart People) * Curation = Presentation
    4. 4. Pearson VUE Mobile Twin Cities(Pizza + Beer + Smart People) * Curation Me = Presentation
    5. 5. = Presentation
    6. 6. 2011 Results...
    7. 7. It Was So Good Screen Shot?
    8. 8. It Was So Good TeenBeat
    9. 9. It Was So Good TeenBeat Who Knew?
    10. 10. It Was So Good The 2011 presentation is the only thing Chuck Norris can’t kill
    11. 11. It Was So Good This is NOT Chuck Norris
    12. 12. “Congratulations Mobile TC”
    13. 13. “Congratulations Mobile TC” 27,700+ Views
    14. 14. Lessons LearnedPost on a Sunday Morning...When the Interwebs are Quiet...
    15. 15. Lessons LearnedPost on a Sunday Morning...When the Interwebs are Quiet...(And it when your competition is 17nuclear engineering safetypresentations.)
    16. 16. 2011 2012 More Stories
    17. 17. Mobile by the Numbers
    18. 18. Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than Macs in 28 yearsAsymco
    19. 19. Average Smartphone Usage Nearly Tripled in 2011Cisco
    20. 20. By the end of 2012, there could be more smartphones on the planet than humansCisco
    21. 21. In 2011, over 65 million tablets were soldIHS iSuppli
    22. 22. 29% of adults now own a tablet or e- reader devicePew Research
    23. 23. 80% of internet users in 2016 will access the web with a mobile phoneBoston Consulting Group
    24. 24. Device Capabilities
    25. 25. Clear
    26. 26.
    27. 27. 1080p HD Video, 5+MP Cameras,Noise Cancelling Mics, Always On Network
    28. 28. 1080p HD Video, 5+MP Cameras,Noise Cancelling Mics, Always On Network
    29. 29. Resolutionary
    30. 30. Sonar?
    31. 31. Device Integration
    32. 32. Pervasive Computing “Smart Home”
    33. 33. Alarm Alarm Energy Smart ApplianceAlarm Doorbell Alarm
    34. 34. Touch - anote
    35. 35. Energy
    36. 36. Nest
    37. 37. Fail (Who WillProtect You At 9:55?)
    38. 38. DayMade of Glass
    39. 39. Retail
    40. 40. ShopSavvy
    41. 41. 52% of Americans didmobile phone researchwhile in stores over theholiday season
    42. 42. 52% of Americans didmobile phone researchwhile in stores over theholiday season (Retailers have LOTS of problems)
    43. 43. YeeahI Wrotea SongAboutThat
    44. 44. Tesco SubwayShopping
    45. 45. 80% of smartphone usersmultitask while watching TV94% of multitaskers engagein some form of mobilecommunication whilewatching TV
    46. 46. AudienceParticipation
    47. 47. Retail Trip Planning “Remember the milk”(and while you’re The Cleanersout, pick upclothes from thecleaners - they’reready)
    48. 48. Education
    49. 49. Learning is... Ready for Disruptive Innovation Theory (2008)
    50. 50. PersonalizedLearning is... Adaptive Enabled by Technology
    51. 51. Khan Academy
    52. 52. Khan Academy
    53. 53. Content Delivery => Class Time Class Time Exercises => Homework Exercises => Homework Flipped Classroom
    54. 54. Content Delivery => Homework Homework Exercises => Class Time Exercises => Class Time Flipped Classroom
    55. 55. Content as Homework
    56. 56. Portfolios... a purposeful collection of student a purposeful collection of student work demonstrating the work demonstrating the students achievement or growth students achievement or growth in one or more areas in one or more areas Portfolios
    57. 57. e-Portfolios
    58. 58. e-Portfolios
    59. 59. Strategy
    60. 60. How are consumer expectations andbehaviors changing? What related experiences today influence your customer’s behavior?Does mobile make something bothpossible and more efficient?
    61. 61. How are consumer expectations andbehaviors changing? Time-Sliced, Always On, Short-Form What related experiences today influence your customer’s behavior? EducationDoes mobile make something bothpossible and more efficient? Device Capture and Connectedness
    62. 62. If Consumers Expect toWork on Their Terms on Their Mobile...
    63. 63. You’re Ready to Test Click Here to ScheduleTest Prep and Candidate Exp.
    64. 64. If Digital Portfolios are the Norm...
    65. 65. Assessed Milestone Assessed Milestonee-Portfolios
    66. 66. If High Quality Capturecan be Easily Related to People...
    67. 67. If Device Everywhere and Passive Measurement are Common...
    68. 68. Have At ItLicensed for Reuse - Creative Commons Attribution must include the text in the box below, which can be placed in a reference slide.Attributions for any reused photos should also be included, like the photo reference slide inthis presentation. Note that some of the photos are Non-Commercial. If you take payment foryour presentation, you will have to find alternatives. While not required, if you remix or reusethis presentation, I’d love to hear about it. Peter dot Pascale at Pearson or gmail. Mobile Twin Cities Peter Pascale, Enterprise Architect Sensei Pearson VUE Learnocity Learnocity Slide Must Not Be Remixed
    69. 69. ReferencesMobile by the Numbers;contentHighlights References - How Shazam Works
    70. 70. MediaPhotosImages are either media packages, fair use screenshots of applications, or licensed under creative commons asnoted. The owners of the images do not endorse this work. But they should. Obama - Tech Leaders - US Government Work Licensed: - media Sonar: - Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 Blueprint - Matthew Burpee: - Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 Nest - Media: Doorbell - - Creative Commons BY 2.0 Jayz - NRK p3: - Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 Chuck Norris Lookalike - Diego Martin: - Creative Commons BY-NC-ND2.0 Self Checkout - pin add: - Creative Commons BY 2.0 Baby Driver - Ed from Ohio: - Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 Motorcycle Guys - kamshots: - Creative Commons BY2.0