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Senior Project Pictures


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Business
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Senior Project Pictures

  1. 1. Color Activators and mixing supplies
  2. 2. Hair clips, shears, and brushes
  3. 3. All the supplies including hair curlers.
  4. 4. Haley before coloring her hair (Lighter brown)
  5. 5. Supplies used to color Haley’s hair
  6. 6. Starting to separate hair into sections
  7. 7. Applying first section of color
  8. 8. Applying color to the entire back section of hair
  9. 9. Back Section of hair completely covered
  10. 10. Finishing entire head with color
  11. 11. Back view of completely finished hair (Dark Brown)
  12. 12. Front view of completely finished hair (Dark brown)