EPAT software (Energy efficiency evaluation and performance improvement)


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EPAT (Energy Performance and Assessment Tools) is a software that could be used in performance evaluation of many industrial equipments and also propose efficiency improvement opportunities to reduce plant energy costs. There are two version of EPAT, desktop application and a Web (client-server) application base on C# .net framework 3.5 and many other extensions such as Jquery, ...

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EPAT software (Energy efficiency evaluation and performance improvement)

  1. 1. E nergy P erformance A ssessment T oolsRPA M. Khosravy et. al. EPAT
  2. 2. ContentsEPAT Software: Energy Performance Assessment Tools (EPAT) Introduction EPAT History EPAT Application EPAT Reference Conclusion www.ripi.ir
  3. 3. IntroductionEPAT  High efficiency is good for economy and the environment.  Reducing emissions (protection environment)  Conservation fuels (preservation of resources)  Reducing dependence on fuel import outside. www.ripi.ir
  4. 4. EPAT Efficiency in Electricity Generation www.ripi.ir
  5. 5. EPAT US Department of Energy Report www.ripi.ir
  6. 6. EPAT Inherent Benefits of Energy Efficiency Boost Increase Competitiveness Productivity ENERGY EFFICIENCY Lower Reduce Production Waste Costs Environmental Protection www.ripi.ir
  7. 7. EPAT Industries of the Future Process A Collaborative, Industry-Led Partnership Industry Industry Industry Goals Technology Partnerships Priorities Vision Roadmap Implementation www.ripi.ir
  8. 8. EPAT Supporting a Plant-wide Systems Approach Steam Systems EnergyBest Practices & Compressed Management Software Tools Air Systems …... www.ripi.ir
  9. 9. EPAT Resources for Plants to Save Energy All Industrial Plants Receive Assistance Energy Case Energy analysis studies/tip efficiency software tools sheets/manuals training for plant staff RIPI Energy Research Center www.ripi.ir
  10. 10. EPAT Software ToolEPAT EPAT is a software tools can be used in performance evaluation of many industrial equipments and also can be used in efficiency improvement of them and reducing plant energy costs. Online Monitoring and Economical Evaluation of Targeting Energy Scenarios EquipmentPerformance Steam Cycle Test Mass and Energy Balance Energy Assessment www.ripi.ir
  11. 11. EPAT HistoryEPAT Energy Performance Assessment Tools Initial Activities First Version …. Second Version 2003 2005 2007 2009• The project start to • First version of • During 2005 to 2007 • The second version underdevelop a software to commercial RPA sold and used by brand EPAT released.help energy auditing software more than fifteen •Two plant buy customizedprocedure. developed and plants. version of this software. branded under•Five expert under •Along this period the name RPA (Reyguidance of Dr. second project started PerformanceKhosravy work on that in RIPI to enhance Auditing)research project. former software. www.ripi.ir
  12. 12. EPAT ApplicationsEPAT ►Industrial Approach Utility Plants of All Industries Refineries and Power Plants Petrochemical Complexes EPAT also can be used in training of industries staffs. www.ripi.ir
  13. 13. EPAT ModulesEPAT Boilers and HRSGs Steam Generator Module provides a heat balance diagram of the steam generator, which determines heat input, heat output, heat losses, heat credits, and overall boiler efficiency based on ASME PTC 4 .0 and 4.4. The efficiencies of the energy conversion and transfer process have direct relation to deterioration due to equipment and operational problems. Early identification of the cause of poor boiler performance allows affective preventative actions. EPAT’s assessments identify potential energy and cost savings. www.ripi.ir
  14. 14. EPAT ModulesEPAT Steam Turbines Steam Turbine Module determines key performance indicators of the turbine that provide plant personnel with a comprehensive picture of the turbine condition. All the calculations for key performance indicators are based on industrial standards (ASME PTC 6s). Component of steam turbines varies corresponding to the design of the plant. Typical components for steam turbine are:  HP turbine LP turbine IP turbine Deaerator Feedwater heater Electrical generator www.ripi.ir
  15. 15. EPAT ModulesEPAT Gas Turbines Performance deteriorates against time is a normal phenomenon for all machines including gas turbines during operation. The deterioration results in loss in power output and increase fuel consumption. The subsequent impacts such as lower production and higher operating costs will effect negatively on company’s revenue and profits. Thus, accurate assessments of the capability and operating conditions of the GT are essential. EPAT provides performance monitoring under varying ambient conditions, based on industrial standards (ASME PTC 22) and Performance Test Reports from Machine Manufacturer. www.ripi.ir
  16. 16. EPAT ModulesEPAT Compressors Studies on turbo machinery’s life cycle costs have shown that energy costs normally far outweigh the procurement, installation, and maintenance costs. This has led to an increased awareness of the values of efficiency, capacity flexibility, and performance analysis and monitoring, in addition to the traditional values for reliability. All the calculations for key performance indicators are based on industrial standards (ISO 5389 and ASME PTC 10), as well as Performance Test Reports from Machine Manufacturer. www.ripi.ir
  17. 17. EPAT ModulesEPAT Other Equipments There are many other equipments which EPAT can assess them. All the calculations for key performance indicators are based on industrial standards. Components of utility cycle vary corresponding to the design of the plant. The other equipment modules of EPAT are: Pump Fan Single Phase Heat Exchanger Condenser Cooling Tower Air Cooler www.ripi.ir
  18. 18. EPAT Client ListEPAT Since 2005, RIPI has offered a comprehensive program for energy cost management proven to result in sustained energy cost reduction by performance monitoring. Partial list Partial list Partial list • Assaluyeh Gas •Isfahan • Isfahan Power Refinery •Khorasan plant •Tehran Oil Refinery •Shiraz •National Iranian Company •Shiraz Oil Refinery •Razi Communication & •Abadan Refinery Pipeline Company Refinery Petrochemical Power Plant Complex and Others www.ripi.ir
  19. 19. EPAT EPAT Demonstration (Boiler) www.ripi.ir
  20. 20. EPAT EPAT Demonstration Properties) (Steam www.ripi.ir
  21. 21. ConclusionEPAT EPAT can be use for highlighting the entire process, for maximizing economic and environmental efficiency, for comparing today‘s operation with its “possible best“. Comparison Forecast Vision Optimization www.ripi.ir
  22. 22. Contact UsEPAT RIPI-EPAT developer’s team wait for your questions, suggestions or comments. Please don’t hesitate to contact. Dr. Mostafa Khosravy el_Hossaini Director, Energy Research Center Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), West Blvd., Near Azadi Sport Complex, Tehran, Iran. Tel: +98-21-48252194 Fax: +98-21-44739725 Khosravym@ripi.ir www.ripi.ir www.ripi.ir
  23. 23. RPA EPAT