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Charity Business Automation


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This presentation describes the technological trends developed to help charities and fund raising organizations overcome the current challenges. The presentation also describes how LINKDev charity solution introduces a competitive advantage to charities by helping them stay current with technological advances

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Charity Business Automation

  1. 1. Charity Business Automation Mohamed Shaaban| Systems Analyst October 2012|
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Challenges of Charity Foundations Introducing LINKDev’s Solution Success Story: Dar Alber Society Questions and Answers
  3. 3. Introduction For its beneficiaries’ sake, todays charity organization is facing many challenges to stay successful. Efficient operations, outreach and engagement with tech-savvy donors, and finding new donation resources are just a few examples. However, the web is offering an unprecedented In December 2004, opportunity to charities, helping them get closer the DEC* has broken to what they are trying to achieve and identify the Guinness World how to do it in the most cost-effective way. Record by raising £10,676,836 of online donations for Tsunami LINKDev’s solution introduces a competitive appeal – in 24 hours advantage to charities by helping them stay current with technological advances. *The Disasters Emergency Committee in UK
  4. 4. Challenges of Charity Foundations
  5. 5. Attracting and Retaining Donors  Find new ways to approach dono Find new ways to approach donors  Online presence  Social media  Mobile access  RSS and Newsletters  Electronic payment  E-mail and SMS  Embrace new media techniques to interact with donor Embrace new media techniques to interact with donors  Donors want to know  The Cause: the needs a charity is seeking to meet  Impact Reporting: how donors’ giving has helped  Transparency: how efficient the foundation is operating  Communicate content that is timely, personalized, appealing (e.g. video), and in a convenient channel
  6. 6. Ensuring Diversification of Resources Introduce public donations  Create community fundraising campaigns that are engaging, cost-effective, and truly digital Establish a charity e-shop to offer charity goods & gifts  e.g. books Embrace virtual volunteers  Mix offering their time, giving, activism, and influence  Connect with them to utilize a full spectrum benefits – from manual tasks to user generated content
  7. 7. Reducing Administrative Costs Reduce expensive print and publishing  E.g. Project Catalogs and Philanthropy Brochures  Also more environmentally friendly  Optimize awareness sessions and press conferences Minimize staff traveling and accommodation costs  Maintaining donor loyalty online is more likely to reduce advertising budgets
  8. 8. Optimizing Work Processes Enable efficient and optimized business flows  Ensure rapid, transparent fulfillment of donation requests  Eliminate complex, cumbersome financial transactions Cut re-work by eliminating proneness to human error  Eliminate duplication of data entry as well as data validation efforts
  9. 9. Enhancing Access to Data  Monitor performance of project contractors Monitor performance of project contractors  Ensure marketing messages are seen by your target audience  Build marketing strategies based on accurate, sufficient data about target donors and beneficiaries Track large volumes of donations and inquiries  Empower top, regional, and branch managers with timely insights on  Progress towards goals  Reports and statistics
  10. 10. New media is a very high-reach, low-cost medium drivenby content. The great advantage for charities is that they have a great story to tell Joe Barrell Head of Communications It makes sense to continue investing in online fundraising and testing what works, because if we invest only in the traditional side, the charity will fall behind the times Sharon Schofield Deputy Director The Brooke
  11. 11. We believe it’s about time forthe Arab world to catch up with global trends!Introducing LINKDev’s Charity Solution
  12. 12. LINKDev’s Charity SolutionLINKDev’s Solution is a full-fledged charity suite that deliversa measurable ROI to charities, by helping them find new waysto generate donations and collaboratewith donors and partners in all cornersof the world, while maintaining a highlevel of operations efficiency.
  13. 13. Introducing LINKDev’s Charity Solution LINKDev’s Solution delivers key advances for charities in four primary pillars Marketing Establish a strong Grow and retain online presence the donor base Donations Donor Operations Deal with Adopt a new disconnected channel of environments donation stream that span across & collaboration locations
  14. 14. Establish a Strong Online Presence Highlights An appealing news feature to give the users a glimpse on the latest updates without overloading their inbox with global e-mails
  15. 15. Establish a Strong Online Presence Events Provides an integrated view of the foundation events as well as fundraising events, all in one, centralized calendar view
  16. 16. Establish a Strong Online Presence Media Gallery Displays the photos and videos related to the foundation; its activities and media coverage, for visitors to navigate and share with everyone
  17. 17. Establish a Strong Online Presence Polls A very powerful method in collecting donors’ responses to a specific question on the foundation portal
  18. 18. Grow and Retain the Donor Base Online Donation
  19. 19. Grow and Retain the Donor Base Support of Various Payment Methods
  20. 20. Grow and Retain the Donor Base Electronic Contract Generation
  21. 21. Grow and Retain the Donor Base Online Status Reporting
  22. 22. Optimize Work Processes Automated Operations
  23. 23. Optimize Work Processes Financial Integration
  24. 24. Optimize Work Processes Enhanced Search Facilities
  25. 25. Optimize Work Processes Scalability Features
  26. 26. Empower Foundation Partners Centralized Workspaces
  27. 27. Empower Foundation Partners Online Status Reporting
  28. 28. Success StoryDar Alber Society
  29. 29. Success Story: Dar Alber Society About Dar Alber Society  Ranked #1 for charity contribution in the Middle East in 2011  Network expands to 30+ countries  Financial transactions size 250,000,000 DHS  More than 40,000 registered donor per year  Manages 10,000+ construction projects yearly including mosques, wells, projects for families in need  Manages patronage of 60,000+ orphans, students, families, and teachers in need across the globe
  30. 30. Dar Alber: Key Challenges Time-consuming, Inconsistent Processes  No automatic approval processes to ensure accuracy, or timely fulfillment of requests Isolated Internal Systems  Large volume of requests and donations that are hard to track and prone to human error Duplication of Effort  Duplication of data entry and data validation efforts resulting from submittal of incomplete forms Lack of Visibility and Control  Inefficient external entities monitoring
  31. 31. Dar Alber: LINKDev’s Solution Internet Portal Extranet Portal Online presence Partners workspaces Online donations Business process mgmt. Front Donors workspaces Reports and statistics Projects status reporting Increased visibility and control End Internet Extranet Portal Intranet Portal Process Automation Online presence Aids department Partners Workspaces Employee workspaces Back Online donations Culture department Business process Mgmt GreatPlains integration Donors workspaces Projects Status Reporting End Projects department Reports and Statistics Orphans department Correspondence system Increased visibility and control Workflow design and mgmt.
  32. 32. Dar Alber: Successes (1 – 2) Time Optimization  Processing time of a patronage request for an orphan has been reduced from 15 to 2 days  Dramatically reduced errors and delayed requests  Increased accuracy of patronage reporting and status update  Increased legibility of forms has helped to facilitate orphan throughput  Reduced offline communication  Project status reporting has been dramatically reduced from 7 days to be prompt, immediate, and without delay  Transfer notifications has been also automated to be immediate and to include all essential details
  33. 33. Dar Alber: Successes (2 – 2) Cost Effectiveness  Tangible cost savings have been achieved in:  Traveling costs  Project catalogs  Print and publishing  Official brochures Donations Growth  Donations have been increased due to:  Introduction of public donation online  Broader reach to donors around the world  In addition to enhanced tracking of receivables e.g. from online payment or the intranet, and cascading them in MS Dynamics GP
  34. 34. Questions and Answers