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Mosio | Event Text Messaging: 6 Ways To Use SMS At Events, Conferences And Meetings


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Read about 6 ways that you can benefit from using SMS at events, conferences and meetings. You won't want to miss out on this valuable information!

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Mosio | Event Text Messaging: 6 Ways To Use SMS At Events, Conferences And Meetings

  1. 1. Event Text Messaging | 6 Ways to Use SMS at Events, Conferences and Meetings
  2. 2. Just 28% of all mobile phone users in the U.S. have smartphones and I wonder, again, why conference and event organizers focus on the new things that reach just 1 in 4 attendees, when they could create similar systems through text messaging and reach virtually everyone. Events, conferences and meetings are all about communication, and text messaging is a powerful way to improve that communication, expand participation, and talk to people with the technologies they are using. With that in mind, here are 6 ways you can use text messaging for your next event, conference or meeting
  3. 3. Text Information Booth Designate a line where event attendees can text for information about the agenda, expo booths, lodging, meals, or any other aspect of the event. Make sure that someone is responsible for responding promptly, and that you publicize this line in event literature.
  4. 4. Text Questions Many conference organizers find it clumsy to run around the floor with a microphone for questions after a panel or speaker. Enabling attendees to text their questions will produce more questions for speakers to answer, and allow them to choose the best to respond to.
  5. 5. Text to Screen Empowering event or conference attendees to make their voices heard by displaying messages for everyone to see increases participation, expand the conversation and tells attendees that you value their contributions.
  6. 6. Text Message Polling Want to take the pulse of your audience during a speaker or a break? Want to gauge interest in topics for the open sessions on the final day? Text messaging is the ideal way to get feedback from your entire audience.
  7. 7. Text Message Sponsorship Text messaging is another way to get your sponsor’s names out there. With any of the tactics described in this presentation, your sponsor’s name can be included in the response text.
  8. 8. Text Message Followup Establishing an interaction based on trust between organizers and attendees means that your outreach will be read, and that means you can follow up. Leveraging the text message relationships you built through your event at the point of experience.
  9. 9. Two Way Text Messaging Software