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Mosio | 8 Ways To Use Text Message Alerts And Announcements At Events


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Learn about 8 ways that you can utilize text message alerts and announcements to give more life to your events, and keep everyone on the same page.

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Mosio | 8 Ways To Use Text Message Alerts And Announcements At Events

  1. 1. 8 Ways to Use Text Message Alerts and Announcements at Events
  2. 2. When it comes to effectively getting your message distributed and read by a large group at your event or conference, text messages knock the ball out of the park. Using a text message alert, announcement or other SMS marketing technique is the most effective way to reach the most people and be sure your is actually reaching the people you want to receive it.
  3. 3. Text Alerts for Schedule Updates When timing at your event changes without warning, the fastest way to get the word out is by text.
  4. 4. Text Alerts for Evening Events If you’ve got some events that are happening after-hours that you want to remind people about, sending a well-timed text is perfect.
  5. 5. Text Alerts for Substitute Speakers and Panels Things change after materials are printed, and often they change the day they are supposed to happen. Let people know when they need to know with text.
  6. 6. Text Announcements for Special Offers It’s good to keep some things a surprise at your event, and when you want to make a secret party, speaker, or prize winner known, text message is an instant way to reach everyone.
  7. 7. Text Alerts for Real-Time Access Send updates and announcements in real-time for anything that needs to be known instantly by your attendees.
  8. 8. Text Announcements For Keynote Speakers Is there a link your keynote speaker references that you want everyone in the audience to have access to? Text it to them at the end of the speech.
  9. 9. Text Message Marketing For Corporate Sponsors Adding the name of your event sponsors to the bottom of conference text messages increases exposure for their promotions or contests, and your revenue.
  10. 10. Two Way Text Messaging Software