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Moshi Games has been created by Mind Candy, a company that loves developing games and new forms of interactive entertainment. You can learn more about Mind Candy by visiting our website.

With Moshi Games we want to provide a great selection of games for you to enjoy. We also love to hear what you think of the site and what your favourite games are. Get in touch and tell us your thoughts at

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Moshi games - Animal Games

  1. 1. Online games for Kids - Animal Games By MoshiGames
  2. 2. Animal Rescue Zoo Take care of all the animals at the zoo Learn the different species living in Africa, and how to make them healthy, happy, clean and fed.
  3. 3. Animal Shelter Make sure all the cute animals in your shelter are healthy and happy Learn the different ways to make pets healthy, happy, clean and fed.
  4. 4. Banana Belly Follow the instructions on screen to feed the cute monkey
  5. 5. Fish Need Water Help fish get to the water
  6. 6. Fly Rabbit Fly Rotate each level to help the rabbit reach his beloved carrot
  7. 7. Hamster Adoption Make the cutest hamster! Give a name, colour and texture to your Hamster! Discover many other features on
  8. 8. Kiwitiki -Tikiwi Rescue Rescue all the chicks
  9. 9. Learn To Fly Help the penguin fly as far as possible by upgrading your equipment
  10. 10. Ocean Explorer Take photos deep under water to score points Discover reef life and the plethora of fished species populating it.
  11. 11. Paw Frenzy Pet the cute kitty, but avoid the paws!
  12. 12. Pet Grooming Studio Wash the doggies and kitties and get them all dressed up!
  13. 13. Pig Detective Help the pig detective to catch the criminal!
  14. 14. Pony Adventure Race with your pony and take great photos
  15. 15. Samis Pet Care Take good care of all the cute pets
  16. 16. Star Ponies Help the Moshling Ponies to create whole stars! Bonus points for a star all the same colour.
  17. 17. Samis Pet Care Take good care of all the cute pets
  18. 18. Zoo Racer Zoom around the track and beat the other animals
  19. 19. Thank you MoshiGames