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SMG Presentation


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Published in: Business
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SMG Presentation

  2. 2. McDonald's slashes Mighty Wings price to sell off excess • The Mighty Wings have gone to the bargain bin, relatively speaking. • The restaurant operator is back with a pricing cut that's meant to remove the excess. • Now, McDonald's has effectively lowered the per-wing outlay by 40% to 60 cents.
  3. 3. Watch Out McDonald's, Here Comes Taco Bell's Waffle Taco Breakfast • Taco Bell announced they're getting in to the breakfast game. • McDonalds claims they're now going to step up their game. • McDonalds has considered extending there breakfast time.
  4. 4. Olympians called on to renounce McDonald's sponsorship • McDonald’s has been sponsoring the Olympics since the 1960s. • Less than one percent of tweets mentioning McDonald’s in relation to Sochi were positive. • Many other fast food restaurants and junk food labels also use athletes to sell their products.