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Most comfortable athletic shoes


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The newest footwear innovations that can keep up with your active
lifestyle are finally here. Introducing the G-Defy Athletic shoe line
up: Ballistic; XLR8; FLEXNET; Velocity; Orbit and Ricochet.
Engineered to be light weight and durable, these advanced men's
athletic shoes will make a difference in your overall health. Feel
the drive with our exclusive Versoshock Trampoline Technology™ as the three
shock absorbing industrial grade smart memory springs propels you for
ward while the specially formulated polyurethane midsole absorbs
harmful impact to your joints. Relieve foot, leg, and back pain while
delivering maximum forward thrust to every step. With our AVS³
Cooling System™ your feet stays dry while our Perfect-Fit™ width
sizing system gives you the room you need for ultimate comfort. The
interior of every shoe is lushly padded with our removable
Comfort-Fit™ insole and accommodates most orthotics, guaranteeing
flexibility and a perfect fit for any foot. Go the distance and work
out longer with Gravity Defyer.

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Most comfortable athletic shoes

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