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Supplier sustainability training spring 2013 - final


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Supplier sustainability training spring 2013 - final

  1. 1. Summit BrandsSupplier Sustainability Initiative Training 4/15/13
  2. 2. Today’s purpose• Help suppliers understand the benefits of sustainability.• Provide tools to begin environmental data collection initiative.• Comply with Summit and their customers’ expectations.
  3. 3. Agenda1. Sustainability at Summit Brands2. Supply chain initiative3. Data collection process4. About CDP
  4. 4. Sustainability at Summit
  5. 5. What is Sustainability?“Development that meets the needs of the presentwithout compromising the ability of future generationsto meet their own needs". PLANET Brundtland Commission of the PEOPLE PROFIT United Nations - March 20, 1987
  6. 6. Benefits of Sustainability Dr. David Shy, President of Furman University “Sustainability is no longer the right thing to do, it is the SMART thing to do” Benefits of Sustainability: • Cut risks and costs (P&G saved $600M at 200 plants) • Increase profits • Create competitive advantages (marketing) • Drives innovation and efficiency • Improves economic communities • Benefits communities & environment
  7. 7. SUSTAINABILITY: Where did we start? Developed a sustainability initiative in 2010 Formed a “Green Team” ISO 14001 Certification • Manage sustainability Efforts through use of a formal & organized EMS • Drive continuous improvement Focused on Walmart Scorecard & other customer req. • Began measuring GHGs (2010, 2011, 2012) – set goal • Measure Water Usage & Waste Generation – set goals Develop sustainability flyers Get employees involved (AIM Program) Joined NISBC – Get Bright Green Certified (2 Star) Started recycling Started integrating green chemistry using DfE
  8. 8. Sustainable AIM Ideas 30% of total AIM ideas Since July 2010: Saved $84,156 EXAMPLES: • Use paper shredding service – saves time, $, confidentiality, & recycles ($1,323) • Eliminate hardcopy AR Registers – go electronic – save paper, time, storage fees ($8,440) • Set all computer default print to B&W ($960) • Reconfigure Production Line ($20,000) • Print all high-quality mock up labels in-house ($4,500)
  9. 9. Green Chemistry Initiative - DfE Rigorous review process by EPA to ensure products are safe for environment & consumers. 2011: Began with 3 products • Dishwasher Magic (disinfectant) – DfE Certified • Washer Magic – DfE Certified • Disposer Care 2013: • Complete Disposer Care • Dry Cleaner’s Secret 2014: • New sustainable drain line formulations
  10. 10. Sustainable Packaging (DWM Club Pack Display) Clamshell Tray Shrink Wrap Sleeve CAD# Square Feet Qty/Pallet Total Sq Ft CAD# Square Feet Qty/Pallet Total Sq Ft G7860A4 15.58 30 467.4 G8639M1 17.45 2 34.9 Layer Pad 11.61 1 11.61 G8639J2 12.87 2 25.74 TOTAL SQ FT (EACH PALLET) 479.01 TOTAL SQ FT (EACH PALLET) 60.64 TOTAL SQ FT (250 PALLETS) 119,753 TOTAL SQ FT (250 PALLETS) 15,160The Dishwasher Magic twin pack was originally packaged in a Clamshell tray (as shown inthe first image above). By switching to the new Shrink Wrap sleeve, we saved roughly418.37 sq. ft. of cardboard & $175 / pallet.
  11. 11. Sustainable Packaging – Washer Magic 50% reduction in packaging, while maintaining safe formulation (2X concentrated)
  12. 12. Sustainable Packaging – Dry Cleaner’s SecretPackaging Reductions:• Inner Foil packets – 19%• Cartons – 6%• Shippers – 25%• Pallet Case Capacity – increase 8%
  13. 13. SUMMIT SUSTAINABILITY GOALS 2013  Score 72% on Walmart scorecard by Dec. 31, 2013 (currently 41%)Walmart TASK Target KPI Date 3&4 Expand supplier engagement program Jul 2013 • Calculate total energy use for Summit & 8 suppliers • Establish energy reduction and renewable energy purchasing goals to offset energy use and publish goals on website • 8 suppliers to Calculate 2012 GHG emissions & submit to CDP 8 Implement a program to ensure that all fragrances comply with IFRA - International Sept 2013 Fragrance Association12 & 14 Sign up for American Cleaning Institute SmartBrief notifications to monitor the most Oct 2013 recent developments in ingredient safety research and integrate into our own documented assessment process 13 Safe / Green Chemistry – Identify and reduce Chemicals of Concern by developing and Nov 2013 implementing formal documented risk assessment process (begin using safety and sustainability scoring process), make general process publicly available 7 Publicly disclose ingredients through website or toll-free number (KPI 7) similar to what Dec 2013 we already to for DfE Certified products
  14. 14. SUMMIT SUSTAINABILITY GOALS 2013  DfE Certifications – 2013 1. DCS – finding a new compostable cloth 2. Disposer Care – ON HOLD  Meet public GHG, waste, and water reduction goals Air Waste Water Reduce normalized Reduce absolute solid Reduce absolute water Greenhouse Gas Emissions waste to landfill 10% by usage 15% by the end of 10% by the end of 2013 the end of 2013 2013ACTION PLAN: ACTION PLAN: ACTION PLAN: Reduced Unipak shipments to DC by Increase recycling – Focus on modifications ½ (52 down to 26/year) new ACE Contract on Corporate sprinkler Elimination of FL WH Reduce # of dumpster system (accounts for 52% Conestoga will reduce / eliminate trips of PC, DC and Corp. water facility transfers STATUS: On track to usage) Addition of Dry Cleaner’s Secret reduce by 40% by the STATUS: On track to (lightweight and higher cost item) – end of the year surpass goal by modifying reduce emissions & benefit sprinkler system summer normalization calculation(s). of 2013. STATUS: 2012 calculations will be available in April to evaluate progress.
  15. 15. Supply chain initiative
  16. 16. Supply chain impactsIn general, 90% of Walmart’scarbon emissions aregenerated by suppliers.Suppliers have a considerablerole to play in reducingenvironmental impacts.
  17. 17. What’s your position in the chain? UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAM YOU
  18. 18. Reasons for supply chain sustainability Environmental Customer Risk mitigation impact requirement reduction Commitment Efficiency to Innovation responsibility Improved Competitive Enhanced bottom line advantage brand image
  19. 19. Walmart’s supply chain sustainability initiatives Stage 1 Launched supply chain program in 2009, AKA the Walmart Supplier Sustainability Assessment (SSA) or 15 Questions.
  20. 20. Walmart’s supply chain sustainability initiatives Stage 2Implemented WalmartSustainability Index in 2012. Impacts 100 product categories Partnered with The Sustainability Consortium
  21. 21. New Walmart expectations 2012 Previous Walmart Scorecard was replaced by the “Walmart Sustainability Index” Surface Cleaners  More in depth  Higher expectations for our suppliers & product development (green chemistry)  1 shot per year  Our score will be used by buyers to rank us against our competitors & make decisions
  22. 22. New Walmart expectations 2012 (cont.) Examples of new expectations:  All major suppliers complete a GHG inventory & report to CDP  Public disclosure of our ingredients  Fragrances comply with IFRA (International Fragrance Association)  Ingredients meet the OECD 301 biodegradability criteria  Must responsibly source palm oil  Rigorous & documented product safety process  Eliminate Materials of Concern & VOC’s from products
  23. 23. Supply chain sustainability process Report environmental impacts to Summit Set and implement Disclose to reduction CDP targets
  24. 24. Project timeline April May June July Training Data collection CDP reporting
  25. 25. Data collection process
  26. 26. Supplier sustainability assessment Annual data collection process Establish baseline measurements
  27. 27. Data collection tool Developed by our partners at Renewable Choice. Online access; easy to use. Each supplier will receive unique username and password.
  28. 28. Measurement categories Facility Energy Emissions Waste Water
  29. 29. FacilityWhat you’ll provide:
  30. 30. EnergyWhat you’ll need:• Utility bills for previous 12 monthsWhat you’ll provide:• Electricity used• Steam purchased• Natural gas/diesel/propane used
  31. 31. Other informationWhat you’ll need:• Service records for HVAC system• Fleet vehicle recordsWhat you’ll provide:• HVAC information• Vehicle fuel type and total usage• Total distance traveled by each vehicle
  32. 32. WasteWhat you’ll need:• Waste management billing statements• Dimensions of waste bins, if applicable• Details of any waste reduction projects
  33. 33. WaterWhat you’ll need:• Water billing statements• Details of any water reduction projects
  34. 34. About CDP
  35. 35. What is CDP?• Independent, not-for-profit organization.• Largest repository of corporate climate change information in the world.• Companies can request that their suppliers report to CDP.• In 2012, more than 6,000 suppliers worldwide were asked to respond.
  36. 36. Sample Supply Chain Program members
  37. 37. CDP reporting processYou’ll need the details of your:• Responsible staff• Environmental projects• Sustainability goals• Climate risks & opportunities• Governance & engagement Enter CDP details under the Supplier Info tab in the data collection tool.
  38. 38. CDP reporting processSummit’s consulting partner,Renewable Choice, will assist you to:• Create your online CDP account.• Populate your CDP responses already provided to Summit.• Provide support during the reporting process if you have questions.
  39. 39. ContactKristin Eby(800) 654-0791 ext.