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UX Tools for Agile Teams – The Job Table


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Published in: Design
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UX Tools for Agile Teams – The Job Table

  1. 1. UX TOOLS FOR AGILE TEAMS The Job Table ©2014 . Marc-Oliver – Digital Product Designer . London
  2. 2. WHAT DOES IT DO? The Job Table frames every design challenge in a job, focusing on the triggering event or situation, the motivation and goal, and the intended outcome. It encourages the product's design process to focus on context, causality and motivations instead of assumptions, subjectiveness, personas and implementations. ©2014 . Marc-Oliver – Digital Product Designer . London
  3. 3. PRIORITY 1, 2, 3, ... SITUATION Motivation – Events – Expectation When ______, I want to ______, so I can ______ SOLUTION METRICS Content Design Tech ... KPI’s ©2014 . Marc-Oliver – Digital Product Designer . London
  4. 4. EXAMPLE PRIORITY SITUATION Motivation – Events – Expectation 1, 2, 3, ... When an important new customer signs up, I want to be notified, so I can start a meaningful conversation with them. SOLUTION Min: Allow instant notification on relevant channel/ platform, when new customers signs up. Provide template to quickly respond/welcome new customer. Max: Provide further options I can offer new customer. ©2014 . Marc-Oliver – Digital Product Designer . London METRICS … attach it to each individual task/action user can take.