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Mobile Brand Experiences – Key Findings


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Leveraging the power of mobile marketing for brands. A snappy insight into the life of a smart phone user. Conducted and compiled by Marc-Oliver Gern.

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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Mobile Brand Experiences – Key Findings

  2. 2. “To be wired, or not to be wired, that is the question.”
  3. 3. Today, we are going to meet… Brad, a mobile user A smart phone The mobile market
  4. 4. Say hello to Brad!
  5. 5. Brad is between 31 and 33. He downloaded 27 apps*, including 11 games over the lifetime of his smartphone. He engages with most of his apps 91 days until he deletes them. 23% of the apps he never launches again after the first download. * The Yankee Group predicts, this number goes up to 60 apps/year
  6. 6. The most common reasons why Brad and his friends use their smart phones…
  7. 7. I’m bored I love multitasking (Bored now) (or Repetitive now) I’m local (Urgent now) (Google’s 3 mobile behavior groups)
  8. 8. A day with Brad 8 h work 1,5 h commute 2 h internet 5 h TV/Console 21 min. talk/phone 25 SMS read/write 79 min. using apps iPad? = Pretty busy frequency mobile, the es TIP: With the web go ecting with ect of conn ity to conn = opportun up es ent increas brand & cli
  9. 9. Brads smartphone usage takes away time spend on other devices. More and more. Anybody want to guess how much money that is?
  10. 10. Brad is always connected. But more often in the evening, while on his couch. Tablets are considered to be more an “evening” device, which at the end also takes away console time.
  11. 11. Brad does things differently on the desktop and on his smartphone Desktop Mobile
  12. 12. Context creates new opportunities Brads usual day 8 am 11 pm g Work in pro ress Brads unusual day 8 am 11 pm
  13. 13. Say hello to Brad's smart phone!
  14. 14. On Brads smart phone there are: 27-30 apps. He uses only 5 most of the time. Brad gives an app 2 min./ave. (except Games) Phone Msg. E-Mail Game Weather EA App? Safari/ Search Face book
  15. 15. Mobile happens in varied environments with varied privacy. 63% do NOT share their phones. Brad either
  16. 16. Mobile is very context sensitive. Mobile is very personal.
  17. 17. Another thing,…
  18. 18. Android is mostly male (73%) iPhone is mixed (53%)
  19. 19. So, Brads smart phone Is always with him, he even texts from the bathroom (27% male, 54% of female users). He uses it as a digital wallet. And thinks it’s not a PC, it’s a “connectivity tool”, where I can play games when I am bored.
  20. 20. Brad likes apps, but: He accesses Facebook via his mobile browser (like 55% of all FB users) He is one of 6 mio. people that visits the mobile site of ESPN, compared to 11 mio. who use the app.
  21. 21. That said, Twitter was surprised by the fact, that even with the plethora of third-party Twitter apps out there, not only Brad was having trouble finding and selecting one because none were called “Twitter.” He still tweets via SMS, like 17 mio. other users. Source: Twitter Company Blog
  22. 22. Say hello to the mobile market.
  23. 23. 1,9 bio are on the wired web 5 bio. Mobile phones out
  24. 24. 54% of free apps have fewer than 1,000 users. Long term audiences are generally 1% of total downloads. Usage declines by almost a third in the first month after use, stabilizing under five minutes. 350,000 apps are currently in the app store. Only 20% have an audience.
  25. 25. Best Practices Barcleys Waterslide and Rollercoaster 26.7 mio users r are good fo TIP: Games acquisition
  26. 26. Best Practices BMW Mobile Sales App 45 mio. Revenue in selling parts nce. your audie TIP: Define es. cific servic Deliver spe
  27. 27. Best Practices ebay Each second one mobile transaction. Sold 3 Ferraris each month from mobile devices. Items sold worth $400 mio.
  28. 28. Best Practices World of Warcraft Auction House (Buy, Sell, Trade) and Info Guide Relat. Small user base compared to other outlets but very active.
  29. 29. Best Practices Xbox (several apps) Check Friends, Avatars, Game Statistics (Problem: Not a large user base, App Store chart ranking around 135 to 185)
  30. 30. Best Practices . Here ne purpose Focus on o TIP: rds: leads towa everything ST DRIVE. BOOK A TE Firemint GTI Real Racing Increased Test Drives by 80%, with out a single Dollar spent on Ad. # 1 iPhone app in 36 countries (4,4 mio. downloads)
  31. 31. Best Practices etitors with your comp r TIP: Outrun tion. Delive ality execu high qu audience. t, for a core nten busy specific co s meals for . : 20 minute Here ant to cook ho don’t w people w Jamie Oliver Increased brand recognition, produced most lucrative app (sell for 7,99)
  32. 32. Best Practices ll. ngage – Se – E TIP: Inspire SMULE – T-Pain 300,000 downloads in the first 3 weeks. 4,1 mio user generated songs. Increased record sale by 65%.
  33. 33. Conclusion: Do it simple. Make it sticky. Make it useful.
  34. 34. Understand mobile context Chan ge us behav er ior Create a product, don’t reimagine one for small screens. Great mobile products are created, never ported. tive Be crea
  35. 35. Change user behaviour with experiences not a set of features.
  36. 36. Start with an Application Definition Statement. What is it? Who is it for?
  37. 37. Pick a few features, most frequently used, by the majority of people, appropriate for mobile context. Think of Brad Think of Brad Think of Brad
  38. 38. Links.
  39. 39. Thanks. Prepared by Marc-Oliver for EA Sports Online, Feb. 2011