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Exam Questions on Basic Statistics


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Exam Questions on Basic Statistics

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF BUSINESS AGRICULTURE AND TECHNOLOGY First term examination STA 240 Full marks: 100 Time: 50 minutes1. How do I know which measure of central tendency to use?2. What will happen to the measures of central tendency if we add or multiply each data value by the same amount?3. The mean weight of three dogs is 38 pounds. One of the dogs, Sparky, weighs 46 pounds. The other two dogs, Eddie and Sandy, have the same weight. Find Eddies weight.4. On his first 5 biology tests, Bob received the following scores: 72, 86, 92, 63, and 77. What test score must Bob earn on his sixth test so that his average for all six tests will be 80?5. Discuss briefly about different types of bar diagrams.6. Prove that, AM ≥ GM ≥ HM.7. Calculate AM for the following frequency distribution: Family size (x) 2 3 4 5 8 No. of families (f) 5 10 5 6 58. For the following distribution, construct multiple & component bar diagrams: Section E1 E2 I Male 40 45 55 Female 5 10 159. Classify the following into nominal(N), ordinal(O), interval(I) and ratio(R) : Age of the pupils, Gender of the students, Health status, Academic degree, Hair color, Weight, Disease status, Place of residence, Calendar time, IQ test score.10. Find CV for the series 1, 2, 3………………. 10.11. When should we use coefficient of variation (CV)?12. Separate the following variables into discrete(D) and continuous(C) : Number of phone calls received in a day, Time taken to serve a customer, Weight of a customer, Volume of a 3c.c. bottle of milk, Size of shoes produced by BATA13. Indicate which of the following variables are quantitative(Qn) and which are qualitative(Ql): Number of persons in a family, Color of cars, marital status of people, Length of frog’s jump Number of students in the class
  2. 2. Md. Mortuza Ahmmed