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Preston\'s CORG,Inc has assembled a Housing and Community Reinvestment Festival focused upon the revitalization of the Housing through Education and creation of access. The NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, is slated for August of 2011. It is thought that your company or group may have an interest in taking part in this community economic development opportunity. It creates inclusion for those less fortunate to have presented them social service and community enrichment programs established to meet the need of our failing economy. Let us know of your desire in becoming a media partner or sponsor, today!

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Request For Funding

  1. 1. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL / 2011 Presented by, PRESTON’S COMMUNITY OUTREACH GROUP, INC. 311 N.E. Monroe Street, Portland, OR 97212 (503) 975-2769 REQUEST FOR FUNDING: PARTNERS & SPONSORS 1
  2. 2. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 INTRODUCTIONPreston’s Community Outreach Group, Inc. (Preston’s CORG, Inc.) is an Oregon State communitybased organization and non-profit with 501 (c)3 accountability. Our mission is to help underservedPortland residents achieve the American dream of homeownership while assisting those in greatest needavoid foreclosure through advocacy, credit restoration, and housing education. The community we serve,specifically North and Northeast Portland, is in need of consistent information on completehomeownership, as well as continued education on such topics as the Community Reinvestment Act,sustainability, and home-based energy efficiencies.Preston’s CORG, Inc. works in collaboration with business and community partners in delivering ofviable housing assistance programs (see list on following page). As well as working with “At RiskYouth” in North and Northeast Portland by providing service to the community and those underserved.In 2008, approximately 3,500 families in need were reached, in 2009, Preston’s CORG provided outreachto approximately 4,500 people, and in 2010, Preston’s CORG provided educational outreach toapproximately 6,000 individuals and families. This is an approximate outreach total of 14,000 peoplewithin a three year period. 100 80 2008 60 40 2009 20 2010 0Since 2008 Preston’s CORG, Inc. has successfully collaborated with community organizations to produceseveral presentations, activities and events, as shown below: • Hardest Hit Funds, Federal monetary designation in support of homeownership,2010 & 2011 • Good in the Neighborhood ‘Multicultural’ Music and Food Festival, 2009 & 2010 • Juneteenth Day Celebration, 2009 & 2010 • Local Presidential Inaugural Ball, 2008 • Mississippi Avenue Street Fair (Kids’ Corner/Entertainment Stage), 2007 & 2008 • Several Housing Seminars relative to the Federal Home Affordable Program and its Foreclosure Prevention segment • Consultative Housing Services – Sustainable (URA) Presentation on behalf of the Housing Association of Portland/PDC Community RFP 2
  3. 3. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011Preston’s CORG, Inc. has launched a campaign to raise funds to produce the NW Soul II Soul MusicFestival to bring together the broad community and its employed resources. This is three day familyfriendly music festival to be held in August, 2011 at Blue Lake State Park, located just East of Portland,Oregon. The location has been secured along with artists’ contracts held today in the negotiation andfinalization phase. (See section on projected festival participants).Preston’s CORG, Inc. is committed to donating fifty-five percent (55%) of the festival proceeds to non-profit community organizations that assist those homeowners at risk of losing their homes due toforeclosure (see complete list of potential funding recipients) and fifteen percent (15%) to programs thatprovide life skill opportunities for at risk youth throughout the Northwest region. The remaining thirtypercent (30%) of the proceeds will be used by Preston’s CORG, Inc. to develop and implement moreeducational programs for first time homeowners, building a broader “At Risk Youth” base, andadministrative costs. Our TeamOne of Preston’s CORG, Inc. greatest assets is unquestionably our team members. Preston’s CORG iscomprised of professionals with many years of experience negotiating, producing, and deliveringcommunity sustainability events.Calvin C. Kyles, Sr. Executive Director and FounderAfter several years as an auto Sales Manager, Mr. Kyles brought his experience building client andcommunity relationships to the mortgage and real estate industries. His emphasis is in educating andassisting people to maintain homeownership, particularly during the housing market crisis, where manywell intentioned homeowners have suffered through foreclosure.It was through his first-hand experience with homeowners who were most impacted by the housing crisisthat he founded Preston’s Community Outreach Group, Inc. Preston’s (named after his son) concentrateson providing housing and financial education. Mr. Kyles has been a guest speaker for several housingassistance events. He has also served in an advisory capacity for public and private housingorganizations.Today Mr. Kyles’ experience building successful community relationships has resulted in thedevelopment of event production and ventures as the primary Entertainment Producer for one ofPortland’s premiere community festivals, the three-day Good in the Neighborhood ‘Multicultural’Festival. This community festival mentioned is the primary event that Preston’s CORG, Inc. overseesduring the year. Mr. Kyles is the Contract Administer, discipline in the rituals of event planning, andentertainment contracting.Proceeds from events independently supported by Preston’s CORG, Inc. help fund communityenrichment and housing education, as well as participating in deliverables to educational granting tounderprivileged college worthy students with focus in community development and diversity. 3
  4. 4. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011Darrin Willingham, Sr. PresidentBorn and raised in Portland, Oregon Mr. Willingham successfully developed and produced the PeerPressure Super Show (custom auto show) until 1997, when he created his own event productioncompany, Peer Pressure Productions.Mr. Willingham is strongly committed to sustaining the quality of life for which Portland is known. He isan active volunteer for several community enrichment events, including: Inner City Steppers, JuneteenthDay Celebration and Oya No Kai. In supporting the Japanese Immersion Program through Oya No Kaiand the Portland Public Schools K-12, he has been chosen to represent the program by participating inseveral trips to Japan. Mr. Willingham is clearly and advocate for diversity.Anthony Lincoln Principle FundraiserMr. Lincoln was the senior policy Development Manager for Portland Mayor Vera Katz, specializing ineconomic development. He served as lead staff on bringing Major League Baseball (MLB) to Portland,Oregon. In this capacity, Mr. Lincoln worked on year-long negotiations for a publicly financed MLBcaliber stadium. He worked extensively with MLB, the City of Portland, the Oregon State Legislature,and various stakeholder groups in and around the Portland Metro area. Although these efforts did notresult in Portland landing an MLB team Mr. Lincoln made a positive impact and key contacts wereestablished and sustained.Mr. Lincoln worked to bring union and open shop labor organizations together as he developed andimplemented the South Waterfront Diversity Workforce Strategy, a pilot program designed to createenhanced opportunities for racial/ethnic minorities and women in the construction trades. Mr. Lincolnwas awarded the Congressman of the Year Award from the Oregon Building Congress in 2001.North East Coalition of Neighborhood (NECN) Fiscal Agent / Accountability ManagerNE Coalition of Neighborhoods is one of seven independently contracted neighborhood coalitions inPortland.Through Portlands Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI), the 7 District Coalitions, 95Neighborhood Associations, and 40 Business Associations interact and collaborate with numerouscommunity groups and residents to focus on various livability issues, land use and transportation issues,crime prevention, and technical support to organize neighborhood clean-ups and community gatherings.As a core part of the Portland Community Engagement System, NECN serves as one of seven districtcoalitions advancing neighborhood livability through highly inclusive civic engagement. Our organizationis set up as an independent 501(c) 3 nonprofit for more opportunities to respond to community needs. Webelieve in creating healthy communities by engaging citizens to become directly involved in determininghow their neighborhood evolves. Please review our attached ‘Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement’ inrelationship to the NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011. 4
  5. 5. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSAfrican American Alliance for Home Ownership (AAAH) – Housing Assistance Eliot Elementary School (PTA) – Education Youth Organization (CYO) – Intermediate School Sportswww.cyocamphoward.orgGood in the Neighborhood ‘Multicultural’ Music and Food – Community CDC - Community Development – Housing Assistancewww.haciendacdc.orgMiracles Club (AA/NA Counseling Services) – Rehabilitation/Education Programs Avenue Street Fair/Business Association – Community Enrichment Counseling Services, - Alcohol/Drug/Dependency & At Risk CounselingNational Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) – Homeownership*North/Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) - Fiscal Sponsor, 2011 NW Soul II Soul www.necoalition.orgNorth Portland Bible College – No Kai - Cultural Housing Center (HPC) – Housing 5
  6. 6. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 EVENT PRODUCTION EXPERIENCEPreston’s CORG, Inc. has successfully partnered with a variety of civic organizations and neighborhoodassociations to produce outstanding community events. Below are two examples of widely recognizedevents in which Preston’s CORG has been actively involved:I. Good in the Neighborhood ‘Multicultural’ Music and Food FestivalFor the past nineteen years Good in the Neighborhood has been one of the most well-known musicfestivals in Portland, Oregon. This event is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, quality musicoptions, and prime showcase for local vendors. It was initially designed to help stimulate equity forAfrican Americans living in North and Northeast Portland. • The festival created a platform for city and county officials to reach out directly to communities of color. • It provided opportunities for twenty (20) neighborhood vendors to promote their businesses and expand their clientele. • The festival has grown from 500 – 600 people a day in earlier years to approximately 5,000 daily attendees today. • Bellow are the current demographics by age and ethnicity for this event: Ages 1 – 7 yrs = 4% Af rican/Black Americans 46% Ages 8 – 15 yrs = 18% Caucsian 30% Ages 16 – 20 yrs = 12% Ages 21 – 24 yrs = 29% Hispanic 14% Ages 25 – 65 yrs = 27% Asian/Pacific Islanders 10%II. Mississippi Street FairThis annual community street festival is widely-known as the Boise Neighborhood’s annual party. Theone day event features three stages with 18 musical acts and 45 neighborhood restaurant vendors. TheMississippi Street Fair runs along five continuous blocks of trendy North Mississippi Avenue in Portlandand the blocks are closed to auto traffic during the event. The many restaurants and storefronts along thefestival route (and just outside its boundary) benefit greatly from this event. Proceeds are donated to alocal public elementary school, Boise Eliot Elementary School, to support the continuation of itsMulticultural programming.The Mississippi Street Fair is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Preston’s CORG, Inc.,Boise Eliot Elementary School, Mississippi Avenue Business Association, Tri-Met, City of Portland, 6
  7. 7. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN), Albina Youth Opportunity School (AYOS), theMississippi Avenue Neighborhood Association, and neighboring communities. • Festival attendance grew from an approximate attendance of 6,300 in 2006, to 12,000 in 2007, and 26,000 in 2009 and 2010. • The event provided opportunities for twenty (20) small retail vendors to expand their clientele. • Below are the estimated demographics by age and ethnicity: Caucasian 41% Ages 1 – 7 = 6% Af rican/Black Americans 36% Ages 8 – 15 = 16% Ages 16 – 20 = 36% Hispanic 12% Ages 21 – 65 = 41% Asian/Pacific Islanders 11%Oregon and Southwest Washington host more than 180 community/street festivals, fairs, concerts, andother outdoor events every year. This region is nationally known for the quality of jazz, blues, folk, andIndie Rock festivals that take place in a vast array of public spaces between the inner city streets to thebanks of the beautiful Willamette River and beyond. Now Preston’s CORG, Inc. invites you to join in theeffort to bring Portland “center stage” for the first Soul Music Festival in the Pacific Northwest. 7
  8. 8. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 8
  9. 9. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 9
  10. 10. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 We now introduce to you - NW Soul II Soul Music Festival!Preston’s CORG, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have partnered with New York based talent agency Wenig-LaMonica Association, LLC ( to bring some of soul music’s biggest names to the festival.Locally, Preston’s CORG, Inc. has cultivated an extensive list of key contacts and viable relationships in the musicentertainment industry. Performers that are currently in contract negotiations to perform at NW Soul II SoulFestival include the following: FESTIVAL PERFORMER(S) International, National, and Local Artist R&B Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly Chaka Khan Soul Andy Stokes Band Con Funk Shun Linda Hornbuckle Latin Jazz Santana Reggae Morgan Heritage Clinton Fearon & Boogie Brown Band Neo Soul Bar Kay’s Music with a Soulful Message Curtis Salgado Blues Curtis Salgado Patrick Lamb Norman Sylvester Jazz Michael Phillips In-touch You will find many more dance troops and stage performers matched with community resource providers! 10
  11. 11. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 REQUEST FOR FUNDINGProject Production: $ 92,936.Artist Premium / Guarantee’s: $175,000.Transportation, Hospitality, Boarding: $ 30,000.Advertisement/Marketing Prints: $ 35,000.Total Projected Cost: $322,936. (a)Artist/Speaker Lineup – Anchors: Disposition(s):Santana (Friday Night Anchor)Frankie Beverly featuring Maze (Saturday Night Anchor)Masters of Funk (Sunday Sub-Anchor)(Dazz Band, Ohio Player’s, Con Funk Shun, BAR KAY’S, Slave)CHAKA KHAN (Sunday Anchor)Keynote Speaker: AC Green (Saturday/Sunday)(Previous LA Lakers Player, Local graduate of Benson High School)Attendance Forecast: High Mid-Range LowPatron Per Day - 4,500 + 2,800 – 3,200 1,900 3 day event totals 13,500 + 8,400 – 9,600 5,700Inkind Donation:$55. daily average (b) or $145.three day pass (c)Friday/Sunday will become subsidized based upon sponsor donations after initial event cost is paid.Example: $322,936. Cost (a) $370,000. Sample contribution $ 47,064. / (b) = 855 patrons or / (c) = 325 patronsProjected Revenue results: (100%)75% patronage: $55.00 (b) x 6,500 = $357,500. 25% patronage: $145. (c) x 2,500 = $362,500.Estimated Gross Receipts: $720,000.55% Non-Profit Housing Assistance and Education15% Self-enhancement Opportunities for ‘At Risk Youth, programming’15% Implementation of education programming providing sustainability solutions for homeowners ineconomically challenged neighborhoods as well those seeking low to moderate income housing.*Your contributions are covered by our Federal Taxation 501(c) 3 and official standards in your region. 11
  12. 12. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL Festival LocationThe NW Soul II Soul Music Festival will take place for three days in August 2011 at Blue LakeRegional Park. This 101 acre park is located just east of Portland, Oregon on a lake with swimming,boating, and fishing areas. A wetland area, trails and picnic areas are also available.The actual concert venue is a large gated area that has been reserved for our world stage presentation. Ithas room for two stages, a sound tower, restrooms at both ends, a beer & wine garden, vendors, first aidstations and other amenities that will accommodate 20,000 patrons. Parking lots border the concert area. NW - SOUL II SOUL / SITE PLAN 2011 BLUE LAKE PARK FESTIVAL AUGUST 21145 NE Blue Lake Rd., PDX 97230 Property of Prestons CORG 12
  13. 13. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 Use of Space LITE S e c u r it y S t a t io n LITE T R A S H B IN PARKING LOT LITE EN A R R Y /E T TI S X I T Multnomah T Restroom (s) Sanitizer Restroom (s) o ok Entry Exit h in L ITE a C b b S ound W in g s RESTRO OM S 8 ’x 2 4 ’ Vendor Booth Vendor Booth c a d E N T R Y /E X IT A R T IS T LITE YO UR C OM PANY NAM E HERE S o u n d S ta g e S ta g e GE NE R A TO R Sound W in g s 8 ’x 2 4 ’ S oun d Tower PumpP A R K IN G L O T ST AG E YO U R C O M P AN Y N AM E H E R E 32’ x 48’ House B A CK STAG E M a in B A C K S T A G E S T A IR S LITE S T A IR S S e c o n d a ry S ta g e STAG E. M A I N O F F IC E T R A IL E R GE NE R A TO R P A R K IN G L O T S o und W in g s 8 ’x 2 4 ’ T R A S H B IN W in g s 8 ’x 2 4 ’ Sound E x it FIRST AID Beer & Wine Garden Vendor FIRST AID LITE YOUR COMPANY NAME E n try E n try Hoop Court Restroom (s) Sanitizer L ITE LITE LITE Emergency Fence inside tree line Exit Exit Property of Prestons CORG On East and West sides 2011, 2012, and 2013 optional field 13
  14. 14. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 FESTIVAL SPONSORSHIPPreston’s CORG, Inc. is seeking organizations that support equitable Community Education, Enrichmentand Housing Sustainability programs to sponsor the NW Soul II Soul Music Festival. Join the followingPortland businesses and organizations that have already committed to festival sponsorship: • Mattress World • Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (Our Fiscal Sponsor) • Portland Trailblazers • Sealy Mattress CompanyThe following pages will delineate four (4) levels for corporate or private sponsorship, includingevent presence and visibility. It is our sincere hope that you will find a perfect fit in one of theoffered levels of sponsorship. In addition to your company’s brand exposure, you can be assuredthat your contribution will provide a leg up to people most at risk of losing their homes.Remember, 55 % of the festival proceeds will go to work immediately to help people remain intheir homes, 15% of the proceeds will provide self-enhancement opportunities for at risk youth,and Preston’s CORG, Inc. will use 15% to continue to develop and implement educationalprograms and provide information on sustainability solutions for homeowners living ineconomically challenged neighborhoods.We will deliver to you our completed reporting in designated funds within 90 days of the end ofthe projects.We appreciate your participation in our community enrichment opportunity and we look forwardto hearing from you soon. ‘OUR COMMITMENT IS TO COMMUNITY AND CHILDREN OF TOMORROW.’Does your current strategic marketing plan allow for reaching those needing your products and services atevery educational and social economic level? We are shaped to have a presence in six NorthwesternStates: (Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Northern California). Beginning, May 2011! Come join us, TODAY, in delivering the message of – community development! 14
  15. 15. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 NW SOUL II SOUL SPONSORSHIP LEVELS I. UNDERWRITER $75,000. (Your Name Here) presents – NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL Main Stage Presented in television campaign ads and 30% in marketing material placement. Benefits Package: * Photo shoot and signing, with festival ‘headliner’ and local location visit * Sponsorship announcement of two Acts, with brief business description * Media Print placement * 2 each Stage banners, 4’ x 16’ each with grommet holes * Television and radio spot advertisement * Web placements (site/blogs/partner distribution list) * Print media (billboard/fliers/posters/newspaper and magazine prints) * Included on Tabletop tents with event schedule * 4 each Fence line banner placement(s) * Preston’s CORG, Inc. information booth * Ticket Booths recognition through printed materials. * 6 each Back Stage Limited Access Passes * 2 each VIP Beer/Wine Garden tables (Seats a maximum of 12 people) including free food, beverages, and Artist “Meet & Greet” II. PLATINUM $50,000. Preston’s CORG, Inc. Multicultural Stage presented by (Your Name Here) Presented in radio campaign ads and 25% in marketing material placement. Benefits Package: * Sponsorship Announcement of two (2) Acts and brief business description * 2 each Stage wing banners, 2’ x 4’ with grommet holes * Television and Radio spot advertisement * Web placements (site/blogs/partner distribution list) * Print media (billboard/fliers/posters/newspaper and magazine print) * Included on Tabletop Tents and event schedule * Fence line, 2’ x 4’ with grommet holes * Ticket Booths 11 x 17 posters * 4 each Back Stage Limited Access passes * 1 each VIP Beer/Wine Garden tables (Seats a maximum of 6 people) including free food, beverages, and Artist “Meet & Greet” 15
  16. 16. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 III. PREMIUM $30,000. Beer/Wine Garden (1 of 2 independent area’s.) (Materials collectively disbursed between the individual spaces.) Benefits Package: * 2 each Fence Line banners, 2’ x 4’ with grommet holes * Web placements (site/blogs/partner distribution list) * Print media (billboard/fliers/posters/newspaper and magazine print) * Included with Tabletop tents with event schedule * 1 each VIP Beer/Wine Garden tables (Seats a maximum of 6 people) including free food, beverages and Artist “Meet & Greet” * 2 each Back Stage Limited Access passes * 2 each VIP Limited Access Tickets IV. GOLD $15,000. Benefits Package: * 1 each Stage Wings Banner, 2’ x 4’ with grommet holes * Web placements (site/blogs/partner distribution list) * Print media (billboard/fliers/posters/newspaper and magazine prints) * Tabletop tents with event schedule * 1 each Fence lines, banner, 2’ x 4’, with grommet holes * 1 each Vendor Resource Table * 2 Backstage Limited Access passes which includes free food, beverages, and Artist “Meet & Greet” * 2 each VIP Limited Access tickets V. SILVER $7,500. Benefits Package: * Web placements (site/blogs/partner distribution list) * Print media (billboard/fliers/posters/newspaper and magazine prints) * 1 each Fence lines, banner, 2’ x 4’, with grommet holes * 1 each Vendor Resource Table * 2 each Backstage Limited Access passes; includes free food, beverages, and Artist “Meet & Greet”You gain 20% placement in selected print and audio/visual advertisement distributed on behalf ofPreston’s CORG, Inc., and its community enrichment campaign NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSICFESTIVAL Any support given, is appreciated!(Review introduction letter or contact our group on behalf of media partnership and its clarity: 503-975-2769) 16
  17. 17. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 Yes! We/I support - NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL in its mission. Your support will influence the groundbreaking NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL; presenting the message of unification in ‘Housing Resources’ through its deliverance in music. Please fill out this donation form completely as all the information is required to process your donation. Keep the tear-off section for your records. Thank you! Date: _________________________ Donation Designation Opportunities: [ ] NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011/Media Company Name: ___________________________ [ ] Vendor Participation: [ ] Food [ ] Retail [ ] Resource Contact Person: ____________________________ [ ] Event Sponsorship / We would like to donate in support Billing Address: ____________________________ _____________________________________________ _________________________________________ Donation / Partner / Sponsorship - Amount: City: _________________ State: ____ Zip:_______ Civic Donation: ___, Media Partner: __, Sponsor: ___ . Home/Office Number: ______-_______-________ Festival Participation - Level(s): Fax Number: _______-_______-_______ I ___ , II ____, III ____, IV _____, V _____, Email: ____________________________________ *Community “Name Mention – Sponsor’: _______ . Comment(s): ______________________________ [ ] $ ________________ one time contribution / vendor fee’s. _________________________________________ ________________________________________ . [ ] We will consider participating through – 20____ On behalf of [ ] $ _________________ ‘Name Mention’ Sponsorship. Preston’s Community Outreach Group, Inc . and our Payment Method: Fiscal Sponsor Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods [ ] Check Enclosed: # _____________________ THANK YOU For ‘Credit Card’ usage please contact our Fiscal Manager: for your active roll in community building! Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods (NECN) 503-823-4575-------------------------------------------------------Keep the below section for your records---------------------------------------------------------NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011/NECN, a 501(c)3 Federal Non-Profit corporation is dedicated to the livability of our innerNorth and Northeast neighborhoods serving as a district coalition to support twelve neighborhoods and community members.Please reference Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods - Federal Tax ID: 93-0714716 is for your one time contribution during thecalendar years 2011.Building livable communities since 2003 our geographic boundaries are roughly from I-5 to Hood River Oregon / SW Washington toGrants Pass, Oregon. Your dedication and support is very much needed and appreciated in this region.Donation Date: _____________ Donation Amount: ____________________ To NW SOUL II SOUL ’Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011 17Join us in building livable communities. Visit our website at or email us: Your contribution is 100% Tax Deductible.
  18. 18. PRESTON’S CORG, INC. Request for Funding: NW SOUL II SOUL MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2011 Preston’s Community Outreach - Media Partner(s)Boise, Idaho Bozeman, MontanaIdaho Statesman Newspaper Daily www.dailychronical.comCanada, Vancouver BC Seattle, WashingtonGeorgia Straight Seattle www.seattletimes.comThe Provincewww.theprovince.comPortland, OregonOregonian News Skanner www.theskanner.comPortland Observer Newwww.portlandobserver.comBillboards: Clear Channel Outdoor www.clearchanneloutdoor.comCable: Comcast / Infinity Cable Most Local Urban Radio Communications Preston’s Community Outreach, Annual Event Productions Juneteenth Oregon - June 18th & 19th Position(s) held: Entertainment Coordinator/Marketing Director Good in the Neighborhood ‘Multicultural’ Music & Food Festival - June 24th, 25th, and 26th Position(s) held: Entertainment Coordinator/Marketing Director Vanport Classic’s Golf Tournament - July 30th Positions) held: Tournament Developer/Producer NW SOUL II SOUL ‘Live’ MUSIC FESTIVAL - August 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2011 Position(s) held: Festival Developer/Producer (Fiscal Agent/Accountability) 18