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Inbound Materials Management(IMM)


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CULTURE OF QUALITY - Lesson 1: Inbound Materials Management (IMM)
To manage raw & packaging materials we can define 4 pillars by considering "MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE" methodology:
1- Signed Specification Sheets(SSS)
2- Vendor Approval Process(VAP)
3- Release System Criteria's (RSC)
4- Continues Improvement Process (CIP)

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Inbound Materials Management(IMM)

  1. 1. 7 CULTURE OF QUALITY - Lesson 1: Inbound Materials Management (IMM) Listing all raw & packaging materials Signed Specification Sheets Collecting local & global standards Define specific business standards Prepare unique format & structure Each parts defined by related department Agreed & signed by related departments Top management approval Suppliers signature & acceptance Identifying all potential suppliers Pre-assessment of capacity & reputation Preparing comprehensive checklist Define approval method for each supplier Auditing supplier by multi-functional team Generating audit report & action plan Follow up corrective actions & plans Preparing approved vendor list (AVL) Vendor Approval Process Define visual & documentation checks at reception Define sampling methods Define laboratory acceptance tests Define storage conditions FIFO / FEFO / SLED Traceability & recall system Release criteria’s Waste & rejected materials management Release System Criteria's Continues Improvement Process Supplier training Supplier KPI & performance review Problem solving methods SPC charts & action plan In process quality control of line On-site verification in present of supplier Cost saving project Define control points at supplier side CULTURE OF QUALITY / Morteza Fallahpour / Nov 2016 CULTURE / RESOURCES / PERSONNEL SSS VAP RSC CIP Inbound Materials Management MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE At the Heart of Everything OPERATIONS