EDEN Porto Welcome Address


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A 10-minutes introduction to EDEN at the Opening Plenary

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EDEN Porto Welcome Address

  1. 1. Welcome to EDEN’s 21th Annual Conference Photo: Arne Jansen A 1 0-m inu te s p re s e ntation b yProfe s s or Morte n Flate Pau ls e n, Pre s id e nt of ED EN Tw itte r: @ MFPau ls e n 1
  2. 2. In its Europe 2020 strategy, the EU Com m ission stressedthe im portance of healthy and active ageing, and 201 2 isThe European Year of Active Ageing and theS olidarity between Generations.EDEN has therefore chosenOpen Learning Generations as thetheme for this conference. 2
  3. 3. S m orgasbord of 1 49 contributions• 82 p ap e rs• 43 p os te rs• 1 2 w ork s h op s• 5 w ork s h op s w ith w e b inar• 7 d e m ons trations• 20 % (31 ) from ou ts id e Eu rop e . Be s t re p re s e nte d are US A (9), Is rae l (5 ) and Braz il (4).• We ll re p re s e nte d Eu rop e an c ou ntrie s : Portu gal (1 9), UK (1 3), Italy (9), Ge rm any (8), Ru s s ian Fe d e ration (7) and Be lgiu m (6).• Ab ou t 35 0 d e le gate s . Be s t re p re s e nte d : Be lgiu m (39), Portu gal (28) and Norway (27) 3
  4. 4. Mem bers m ake a d ifference• 200 ins titu tional and 1 200 ind ivid u al m e m b e rs• Th e y re p re s e nt 42 0 organis ations and 55 c ou ntrie s• 20th annive rs ary in 201 1 , 8 in th e Bu d ap e s t s e c re tariat, 1 1 in EC• Conferences – ED EN c onfe re nc e s : 35 m ajor ac ad e m ic and p rofe s s ional e ve nts in Eu rop e ;• European Journal of Open, Distance and E-learning www.eurodl.org• About 60 EU-projects with 168 institutions• Fellow Awards – 46 Fe llow s and 1 3 S e nior Fe llows Re s p e c te d s c h e m e of re c ognition www.eden-online.org 4
  5. 5. EDEN has 46 Fellows and 13 Senior Fellows from 19 countries 5
  6. 6. Greeting the EDEN Fellows 2012• Fabio Nascimbeni, MENON Network EEIG, Belgium• Diana Andone, Politechnica University of Timisoara, E-learning Center, Romania• Laszlo Komaromi, Gabor Denes Applied University, Institute of Basic Science and Technology, Hungary• Andrea Karpati, Eotvos Lorand University, MULTIPED Centre for Multimedia and Educational Technology, Hungary• Lisa-Marie Blaschke, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany• Michael Auer, Carinthia University of Applied Sciences, School of Systems Engineering, Austria 6
  7. 7. NAP S teering Committee Ari-Matti Au vine n ,C h air, FinlandTh e ED EN He lga D orne r, Hu ngaryNAP – Ne tw ork of Ac ad e m ic s and Profe s s ionals is th e c om m u nity of ind ivid u al Els e b e th Kors gaard S ore ns e n, D e nm arkm e m b e rs w h o h ave b e e n nom inate d to And e rs Nom e , NorwayNAP b y th e ir ED EN m e m b e r ins titu tionsor ap p lie d for m e m b e rs h ip th e m s e lve s . Eb b a O s s iannils s on, S we d e nTh e NAP nu m b e rs ove r 1 1 00 S te ve Wh e e le r, UKind ivid u als , it is e le c ting its S te e ringC om m itte e e ve ry 2 ye ars and h as its D e b orah Arnold , Re p re s e ntative of th eown d e d ic ate d online c om m u nity w ith Exe cu tive C om m itte e , Franceall NAP m e m b e rs s igne d on, c alle d th e Pau lo S im oe s , Ad vis or to th e S te e ringNAP Me m b e rs Are a. C om m itte e , Portu gal Antone lla Poce , Ad vis or to th e S te e ring C om m itte e , Italy 7
  8. 8. http://www.eden-online.org/online/membership/easy-joining/ 8
  9. 9. http://www.eden-online.org/nap_elgg/pg/profile/morten 9
  10. 10. Open ClassroomAnnual Conferences 9. Ath e ns , 201 12 1 . O p orto 2 01 2 8. O p orto, 20092 0. D u b lin, 2 01 1 7. S toc k h olm , 2 0071 9. Vale nc ia, 201 01 8. Gd ans k , 2 009 6. Poitie rs , 20051 7. Lis b o n, 2 008 5. C op e nh age n, 2 0021 6. Nap le s , 2 007 4. Barc e lona, 2000 3. Balatonfüre d , 1 9991 5. Vie nna, 2 0061 4. He ls inki, 20051 3. Bu d ap e s t, 2004 2. C re te , 1 9971 2. Rh od e s , 2 003 Research Workshops 1 . O s lo, 1 9951 1 . Granad a, 2 002 7. Le u ve n, 2 01 21 0. S toc k h olm , 2 0018. Mos c ow, 1 999 6. Bu d ap e s t, 2 01 07. Bologna, 1 998 5. Paris , 2 0086. Bu d ap e s t, 1 997 4. Barc e lona, 20065 . Po itie rs , 1 996 3. O ld e nb u rg, 2 0044. Birm ingh am , 1 9953. Tallinn, 1 994 2. Hild e s h e im , 20022 . Be rlin, 1 993 1 . Pragu e , 2 000 101 . Krak ow, 1 992
  11. 11. EDEN 2.0 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Distance_and_E-learning_Network• Official EDEN Website• EURODL Open Access Journal• EDEN members social online community• EDENs Facebook Page orto• EDENs Twitter account ENP• EDENs Youtube Channel #ED• EDEN on Slideshare• EDENs Scoop-it page• EDENs Paper.li journal• LEARNOVATION Stakeholders Roundtable 11
  12. 12. EU project work• Foc u s o n innovative , s trate gic p roje c ts• Th e ED EN p o te ntial ac know le d ge d and u tilis e d in EU p rogram m e s• In the past 8 years: ED EN collaborated with 1 68 institutions in proj ects 12
  13. 13. Welcome to Porto! Welcome to the EDEN Family!HAVE AN EXCELLENT CONFERENCE! 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Plenary Session 1Chair: Maria Ligia Ribeiro, Pro-Rector, University of Porto, PortugalConference Welcome Addresses: Morten Flate Paulsen, EDEN President Ligia Maria Ribeiro, Pro-Rector, University of Porto, PortugalE-learning and e-Jobs for Every Generation Gyula Hegyi, Member of Cabinet of Commissioner László Andor, Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European CommissionE-Learning: One Bridge over the Generation Gap Isabel Leite, State Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education, Ministry of Education and Science, PortugalLearning, Knowledge and Wisdom for all in Late Modernity Bob Fryer, Campaign for Learning, United Kingdom 15