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  1. 1. Hannah Pereira and Paris Stroud
  2. 2. BasicsLandmass? - Island.Climate? - Humid Subtropical and Continental.Location? - 800 miles east from Japan.Condition of Environment? - Extremely good.
  3. 3. Types of wildlife/sea life? - Sloths, chinchillas, and various fish found in the great reefs.Main crops? - Fruits, Wheat, and Corn.Imports? - Technology, Electronics, and Automobiles.Exports? - Fish, Oils, Fruit, and Gems.Calendar used - Gregorian calendar
  4. 4. Religion - Traditional or independent religionsEconomic system - Capitalist with the use of EurosLanguage - Most citizens speak English, Swahili, and Portuguese with English being the most dominate.Holidays - Independence Day is Otcober 23rd - Division Day is April 9th
  5. 5. Time Period - Late 1800’s to modern dayLife Expectancy - 90 yearsMedian Income - 85,000 €Infant Mortality - 18 out of 1000Literacy rate - 98%
  6. 6. GovernmentMonarchy Both West and East sides of the country are controlled by separate fully functioning monarchies. The rulers of each kingdoms are close friends and remain close after years of holding power.
  7. 7. Laws Environmental laws are important in Pacífica to continue the good state of the environment. Justice related laws are also prevalent in the process to maintain order.Immigration laws are also strongly upheld due to closed borders in the country.
  8. 8. History Pacífica was first founded as a Portuguese colony after the land was found on anexpedition from Guinea in the year 1648. Thecountry was booming with tropical resources and the people were peaceful and contentliving there, so the Portuguese called it Lugar Pacífica, or Peaceful Place.
  9. 9. History Once the colony had become self sufficient, the people of Lugar Pacífica asked for their freedom and were quickly denied. Thus, a rebellion began. The rebellion worked notlong after, the Portuguese wanting to end on good terms with Lugar Pacífica to maintain trade. After gaining their independence on October 23rd, 1728 Lugar Pacífica shorted their name to Pacífica.
  10. 10. HistoryAfter several years of Portugal and New Guinea trading resources and money for slaves (via slave trade), the amount of slaves in Pacífica rivaled the amount of Portuguese. When the Kenyan tribal monarchy were taken, their influence caused a mutual understanding with the colonist and the slaves rebelled as well, when the independence was gained, the Portuguese colonist and slaves went mad until the Portuguese monarchy was formed.
  11. 11. History After about 150 years of this, the Africanswanted to be represented by their own, so atreaty was formed giving the western land to the royal Kenyan bloodline to rule. The day this treaty went into affect is known as Division Day, and is a national holiday.
  12. 12. Clothing Clothing is mostly modernized in today’sPacífican society. Casual clothing is commonlyseen throughout the country’s kids and teens.Although, some more traditional Kenyans still dawn their native clothing. It wouldn’t be unheard of to see a traditionally dressedKenyan, most located in West Pacífica because the major ethnicity is Kenyan.
  13. 13. MusicMusic, like clothes, has modernized with the change of time. All genres are heard inPacífica, include anything from pop to tribal.Many people like to listen to many different types of music and no one really cares tostop them, unless, of course, your music is a bit too loud.
  14. 14. Food Traditional Kenyan food isa mix of all the differentethnic groups in the area.It mainly consists of corn,maize, potatoes, beans,and varieties of meat. Avery popular traditionaldish is Ugali which is aporridge made of maize,and Irio, a mixture of allthe traditional foods.
  15. 15. Food Traditional Portuguese food is mostly eaten in Eastern Pacífica. Most Portuguese consist of sea foods like crab, cod fish, and shrimp, but can also include cherese and peppers. A personal favorite Shrimp Mozambique
  16. 16. Members of an Alliance?Pacífica became a member of the United Nations a few years after itself formation during World War 2. Pacífica remains an important member of the United Nations even today.
  17. 17. Current Problems? Pacífica remains void of any seriousissues within their country. The island nation hopes to remain peaceful and maintain itself problem free state.
  18. 18. Eastern Pacífica TeenThe life of the average East Pacífica n teenager ismainly centered around enjoying time with theirfriends and family while also attending school 5days a week for 7 hours. They are very seriousabout their schooling because most jobs andcareers will not accept those with a pooreducation. They also spend their time listening tomusic, which is generally very modern. They alsotake on average 2 foreign language courses thatarent English, Portuguese, or Swahili, and enjoycelebrations of all cultures
  19. 19. Western Pacífica TeenThe average life of a West Pacífican teenagernearly mirrors that of an East Pacífican, but canbe more traditional. Along with their religiouspractices and modern schooling, many are knownto wear traditional African clothing or listen totraditional music alongside their families. Theyclosely try to uphold their original upbringings,but that doesnt mean they dont enjoy the samestyles of music, dance, and life that therebordering family does.
  20. 20. Future? Pacificas main goals for the future includeexpanding our own productions of technology and electronics along with working on alliances and trade with other countries. We also strive to be able to maintain our way of life for all the inhabitants of Pacifica.