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Move Upmarket with Product Qualified Leads (PQLs)


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Have you heard about product qualified leads (PQL) but can’t figure out how to use the model to move your self-service SaaS upmarket?

Are you wondering whether the PQL model could help your sales team identify the biggest sales opportunities among your free trial or freemium users?

It absolutely can.

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Move Upmarket with Product Qualified Leads (PQLs)

  1. 1. How to Move Upmarket With Product Qualified Leads Identify High-Potential Trial and Freemium Users Your Sales Team Actually Wants to Engage With
  2. 2. Product Qualified Leads?
  3. 3. MQL Marketing Qualified Lead A contact who qualified showed interest through website visits, campaign clicks, ... SQL Sales Qualified Lead A lead who was researched and vetted through sales team. PQL Product Qualified Lead A user who has experienced the value of your product, typically through a freemium or free trial account.
  4. 4. Product Qualified Leads = A user who has experienced the value of your SaaS product, typically through a free trial or freemium account.
  5. 5. Who Gets The Most Value From PQLs? Self-service SaaS trying to move upmarket High volume of sign-ups with high variance in quality +
  6. 6. Why Even Bother? ● Identify great sales opportunities ● Proactively reach out to high-value leads ● Increase free to paid conversion rates ● Improve inside sales processes ● Sales Teams Love PQLs Identifying your best PQLs means you can focus on your best sales opportunities.
  7. 7. Matches Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) + Just experienced an “Aha” moment = High-Value Account Who Is Ready To Upgrade
  8. 8. The PQL Qualification Process Define the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Define Key-Events To Measure Activation And Engagement Combine the Two Iterate and Refine
  9. 9. Three Ways to Start with PQLs ● Segments in your CRM ● Filter out low quality accounts Simple In-House Dedicated Tool Custom Solution ● Fast implementation ● Scales with your needs ● Five figure budget ● Can take months to implement
  10. 10. Thanks for attending! Reach out to discuss more about PQLs and moving your SaaS upmarket! Moritz Dausinger @refinerHQ